Z Flex Longboard Review: Your Best Longboarding Companion

Z-Flex Longboards are what you need if you’re looking for a longboard that will offer unmatched stability and speed. With the Z-Flex longboard, I found it easy to cruise around on hills and down steep slopes without any fear of falling over or having our board slip out from under us. I’ll cover everything in this z flex longboard review so that you know exactly what to expect before buying your own!

Z-Flex is one of the most popular brands of longboards today, and it’s not hard to see why. The Z-Flex Longboard is the perfect balance between speed and stability that will make any rider feel more confident about their abilities on a board.

Looking at the immense popularity of these z-flex longboard, I thought to give these boards a try. I along with my team have used couples of models of Z-Flex longboards over the past couple of things testing it on different benchmarks to get the most out of it. Finally, I’m here to share our experience with these longboards in this Z-Flex longboard review so that you can choose the best Z-Flex longboard out of available options.

the complete z flex longboard review

What Is a Z-Flex Longboard?

Z-Flex has been the undisputed leader in skateboarding since 1976. Propping up this legendary board company is their innovative and creative designs, which continue to be cutting edge after all these years of serving as industry innovators.

The founders of Z Flex, Jay Adams, Stacy Peralta and Tony Alava helped shape skateboarding with their contributions. They were the first to introduce concave on boards as well as use urethane wheels which made them innovative.

Z Flex boards are considered to be one of the best on the market. The price may seem high for a skateboard, but you get what you pay for with Z Flex products and their quality is unmatched by any other brand.[1]

Being pioneers in this industry leaves them being among some of the first people that took it upon themselves to create these types of boards which have been embraced by millions around the world today; making them true innovators as they continue working towards creating new designs that will stand out from others within its category.

How Much Does A Z-Flex Longboard Cost?

The price of Z Flex longboard varies depending on what type you want. The most economical model is the Basic Starter version which costs $59, and this one comes with a standard deck and trucks for beginners to experience riding without any major investment. So, it all depends on your budget and what type of longboard you are looking for.

What types of longboard options offered by Z-Flex?

As mentioned above, Z-Flex Longboard is one of the most innovative longboard companies today. They have a wide range of boards for you to choose from so that you can choose the board as per your requirements and riding style.

Some of their most popular types of Z-Flex longboards that we’ll be reviewing in this article are listed below:

  • Z-Flex 38-inch pintail longboard
  • Z-Flex Drop through Longboard
  • Z-Flex 39-inch Roundtail
  • Z-Flex Jay Adam Pool Skateboard
  • Z-Flex 32-inch mini-pin
  • Z-Flex 27-inch cruiser
  • Z-Flex 23-inch mini-cruiser
  • Z-Flex 29-inch cruiser

Top 8 Z-Flex Longboard Review

Now you know what Z-Flex longboards are and why they are so popular, it’s time to review some of the best longboards from the brand as listed above. I’ve used these z flex longboard as my primary board for more than a week to give a complete and unbiased z flex longboard review of them. Let’s take a look at them in this z flex longboard review and see what we get.

1. Z-Flex Pintail Longboard 38 Inches Review

Starting with the one of the most popular and widely used longboard from the brand – Z-Flex Pintail Longboard. When it comes to board riding, the Z-Flex pintail longboard is a top notch choice. The quality construction provides for an incredibly smooth ride that’s perfect for cruising on and carving through tight turns with ease.

What sets this board apart from other boards of similar design are its 38 inches length and 9 inches width enabling riders to have more stability while moving around, as well as broad 27″ wheelbase which creates optimum foot platform when you want some wiggle room but still need support!

It comes with a 9-ply Canadian maple wood deck which is 38 inches in width that makes it stiff enough to withstand high speeds and sharp turns while still being flexible when going over bumps or rough terrain. With soft bushings that provide “soft cushioning” in between your feet and skateboard wheels, you can be sure to have an enjoyable experience every time!

Z-Flex 180mm reverse kingpin trucks with a 45° baseplate angle are used on the Z-Flex Longboard. This is about 10 degrees lower than the usual 50° position, making for an easier push and enhanced stability at high speeds.

The combined shape of these parts does not only make it more comfortable to skate but also significantly increases its functionality in many situations such as grinding rails or riding bowls that have tighter turns.

In addition to that, it also comes with 69mm wheels from Z-flex that have a soft, smooth feel that is perfect for riding over cracks without slowing you down. This features makes them an excellent option if your concern is getting around the city or avoiding rough patches on sidewalks and streets.

The Z-Flex pintail longboard is a firm and well made board that comes in multiple design options for any surfers needs. This board is ideal for people who want to use it for long time without any issues. The prices vary from under $100 to under $150, but all are worth the price because of their great quality!

2. Z-Flex Drop Through Longboard Review - Shadow Lurker

We all love the adrenaline rush that comes with speed, but some of us need something more. This Shadow Lurker range has everything you’re looking for to go fast and have fun doing it!

The lower center gravity makes this z flex longboard ideal for speeding down hills or even cruising around town on smooth sidewalks without worrying about getting stuck in cracks in the road.

It has a 41.5 inches deck made of 7 layers Canadian Maple with a max load capacity of 250 lbs. The printed grip makes it easy to handle the board on streets and rough terrain.

Its flip tail design makes it more stable while cruising or carving, whether you’re going fast or slow. With its kicktail, you can easily do tricks in any skating environment.

The Z-Flex reverse trucks are made of high quality aluminum which gives you extra stability and control while carving. They also feature 180mm hangers, giving you more room to carve on your board.

For those who like a little speed, this board comes complete with 83A Z-Flex Longboard Wheels that will have you cruising at top speeds in no time! This z flex longboard is made with high quality components that provide you with a smooth ride, so you can focus on having fun!

3. Z-Flex Roundtail 39″ Review

The Z-Flex Roundtail is the perfect board for riders who want to control their skills on a kick turn. Unlike pintail boards, this has an added functional kick tail that will provide you with more maneuverability of your skill set during any given ride.

The Z-Flex Roundtail is a longboard with an all new shape, designed just for you. It has a round and wide shape and design which is wider than the classic pintail shape that means your feet will be more comfortable while you’re commuting or cruising around town on this board.

Its big deck size combined with its wide kicktail provides extra foot space so that no matter what type of skating moves you do (or how often) these boards were made to keep up!

The nose of the Z-flex Round Tail has been redesigned from a traditional skater’s point of view to accommodate riders who prefer their decks larger in width, taller in length and are looking for bigger kicks without sacrificing maneuverability.

The Roundtail has a similar 9-ply deck construction to the pintail and is accompanied by Z-Flex’s agile 180mm RKP 45° trucks and 83A wheels, both of which are made from an Abrasion Resistant Z formula.

With its classic Z lifestyle aesthetic, the Roundtail is a surfing inspired board. Unlike most boards in this category that are simply built for surfing or skating, the round tail design makes it more kickable with enough foot space to make commuting over long distances less of an issue.

4. Z-Flex Mini-Pin 32″ Review

The mini-pintail is a more nimble and portable version of the pintail. With it’s shorter width, this board will be easier to maneuver around tight curves or into tighter spaces while still providing you with all your favorite longboarding features like good grip for riding ramps, boards made from high quality materials that won’t break easily even after rough street skating sessions. [2]

The mini-pintail is a more maneuverable and agile board but still provides similar stability at speed. A reduced wheelbase makes the pintail shape even turner, making it another great option for carving up hills or sliding downhill on mellow slopes where precision matters most.

The mini-pintail is the pintails little sibling. The deck of this board measures in at a respectable 7 plies and weighs just 4lbs, making it an ideal choice for those looking to explore new terrain without sacrificing performance or style.

The Mini is equipped with 180mm 45º quality trucks which means tight turns will require more precision than before because it features much smaller 63mm vs 69 mm (83A durometer)wheels – perfect if you’re looking for an extra challenge!

In order to make up for lost momentum when hitting rough patches or encountering steep hills while riding around town we recommend adding some skating wax since there is a lack of camber on this board.

The Z-Flex Mini Pintails are an easy way transportable economical choice if you’re looking for something smaller than a standard size but want some flexibility in terms of which obstacles can handle. These longboards also have power rails so they’ll last much longer when ridden on tough surfaces as well!

5. Z-Flex 27″ Cruiser Review

The ZX-Flex’s tiny cruiser is so nimble, retro-looking, and compact that you’d swear it was lifted straight from the 1960s! This 27″ x 7.785″ longboard has a 15.25 inch wheelbase–perfect for riding through skate parks or on your way to work in less time than ever before.

The Z-Flex 27-inch cruiser is perfect for those who want to have a fun and comfortable experience on smooth sidewalks. The concave design, along with the kicktail at the back edge of the deck make it possible to do some tricks as well.

It features quality 125mm Z-Flex trucks and 90A soft cushions, giving it a really smooth ride for cruising. The 60mm hard wheels with Abrasion Resistant Z formula are hard enough (90A) to withstand some serious tricks.

The deck is raised using 14 mm riser pads, which allow tight carves without risk of wheel rub or catching on your board when you make sudden movements in midair since they’re quite large compared to deck size!

This cruiser is intended for nimble, portable urban commuting as well as skatepark ramps and bowls. It has a low-slung frame, smooth rolling wheels, reliable brakes to make sharp turns on crowded sidewalks without fear of crashing into someone or something in your path.

6. Z-Flex 29″ Cruiser Review

It is not every day that you get to cruise around on a cruiser, and even if it does feel like riding an extended skateboard. The Z-Flex 29″ cruiser which is basically 29.5″ long offers the perfect opportunity for people looking for something with more speed due to its narrow shape and width 7.5.”

It has the same wheelbase as other cruisers at 7.5″, in spite of being much longer than them; this allows it to have a bigger nose area which can be used effectively during tricks such as ollies or kickflips–or any trick where one needs just enough space but wants their board under control because they are closer together compared to boards without wider noses!

The 29-inch cruiser is still a bit shorter than most regular street decks, making it very portable in a backpack. It has a wider foot platform than the 27″ – this, combined with its hotter nose and bigger kick, makes it more suited to bigger riders or those who have not yet perfected their skating on smaller boards.

The Z-Flex 29-inch cruiser is one of the most durable and versatile longboard on the market. It’s equipped with 5″ trucks, 60mm 90A wheels for stability, and 14mm rider blocks to keep you safe when doing deep carving or park tricks.

7. Z-Flex 23″ Mini-Cruiser Review

The Penny board mini-cruiser is a 23″ x 7″ miniature version of the original cruisers. This pint sized cruiser will fit in any backpack and can be taken anywhere!

The smallest size available, this Penny Board Mini Cruiser has all that you love about our larger boards but at a more convenient size for daily transportation or just to take with you on your next adventure.

The Z-Flex Mini cruiser skateboard is a small, yet powerful board that offers riders the same quality as larger boards. It features wheels and trucks of 127mm size with 63mm 87A wheel hardness to make for an all around fantastic experience on short distances.

The Mini-Cruiser from Arbor provides a more comfortable and stable ride for riders of all sizes. The board is lightweight enough to be carried easily, but still strong enough that you can feel confident jumping on it with your friends or riding down hills at high speeds.

With the ability to change riser heights so quickly, this mini cruiser becomes one size fits most which offers an advantage over other boards in its category – not only are they lighter weight because there’s less material being used; many also offer lower prices as well!

8. Z-Flex Jay Adam Pool Longboard Review

Z-Flex has combined their knowledge of carving longboards and skateboarding to create the perfect street cruiser. The Z Flex Jay Adam Pool Longboard is made for a smooth ride, good grip on any surface, easy turn radius, with just enough flex that you won’t feel like your spine will break in half after every jump or flip.

The Z-Flex Jay Adam pool skateboard is one of the most innovative boards in recent years. It features a 9.5″ wide deck, giving it unmatched stability for riding street decks and other types of longboards alike!

The 32″ length also ensures you’ll have plenty room to ride on your favorite hills while still having good control over speed thanks to its 15.25 wheelbase – which can be adjusted via pads at both ends so that riders with different body sizes can enjoy this board just as much without sacrificing any comfort or maneuverability.

Do you think you have what it takes to maneuver the Z-Flex pool board? This tough 7-ply maple deck and tiny (58mm) 97A wheels make this boy built for skating. With this baby on your side, you’re ready for anything!

Z-Flex has led the board industry in innovation for 50 years, and its newest design is no exception. Jay Adams himself pioneered the 9.5″ wide form, which is now produced in his memory to allow you a more personal link through an amazing metal flake finish that evokes memories of when he first started (which we believe looks like the classic Z-Flex of the seventies).

If you want to go from pool surfing, street skating and commuting all in one day then get the Z-Flex hybrid. This board is great for those of us who like a little bit of everything while keeping it for long time!

Wrapping Up

I hope this Z flex longboard review helped you find the best longboard from z flex brand. Z-Flex longboards are a great way to get into the sport of boarding and they can be purchased for an affordable price. The company offers three different types of decks, all with their own custom features that make them stand out from other boards. If you’re looking for your first board or want to upgrade your current one, this is the perfect brand!

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1: Are Z-Flex Longboards Good?

Ans: Z-Flex longboards are good because they’re less expensive, made with a durable plastic material, and have some of the best customer testimonials. Offering sleek designs with stable grip tape for increased comfort, it’s safe to say that this is the future of longboarding. You’ll never have to worry about upgrading again – these boards will last you years!

Ques 2: Are Z Flex Good for Beginners?

Ans: Yes, Z Flex is a good shoe for beginners, especially if they’re looking for something that provides good support and cushioning with a reliable fit. They’re also going to be affordable and relatively durable for a running show in the price range.

Ques 3: Are Z Flex cruisers good?

Ans: Yes, they’re a good option for beginners to get their feet wet. More often than not they will come with better bearings and other features that make them more expensive so it’s worth investing in these if you have the funds or are looking for something high-end.

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