White Wave Bamboo Longboard Review 2021

There are many factors to consider when buying a longboard. Is the deck right for you? Do you prefer drop through or top mounted decks? What size should your wheels be, and what is the best wheel material?

These questions may seem daunting at first glance, but they’re all important considerations that could make or break your experience with a longboard. For this review article, we will cover our thoughts on White Wave Bamboo Longboards in detail so that you can see if it’s the board for you!

the complete white wave bamboo longboard review

White Wave Longboard Review

White Wave longboards are designed in California by a group of skateboarders and surfers. They are known for their bamboo longboards, and we think that they have one the most aesthetically pleasing designs out there!

White Wave longboard is durable and are designed to last. The deck is a bamboo that is extremely sturdy and the trucks, wheels, and bearings can be easily replaced so your board will never become obsolete!

While the company has a specific range of longboard skateboard, White Wave Bamboo Longboard is one of the best boards of the company that have gained popularity among the longboarders.

The White Wave Bamboo Longboard is a great board for beginners because it has such an easy maneuverability, and its weight makes it really simple to carry around! The bamboo also offers some style points if you’re into that sort of thing!

Key Features of White Wave Bamboo Longboard

While this longboard is full of of great features, the most notable one is its versatility. The longboard can be used for a variety of purposes such as downhill racing, cruising and even freestyle riding! Let’s take a look at some of its highlighted features. [1]


white wave bamboo longboard deck

The deck is well-crafted and can withstand a lot. The materials are Canadian bamboo, which has the strength of steel but with light weight and flexibility along with layers of maple for warmth that will hold up through seasons’ hurricanes.

The sturdy yet lightweight construction makes it easy to move around as desired while keeping its integrity at all times thanks to Canada’s flexible natural resources. The Bamboos are strong yet springy while Canadian Maple adds durability without sacrificing any speed or weightiness in its construction.

The deck is a perfect size for cruising the streets. The length of 41 inches matches with its width of 9.25 inches, leaving enough room to move without bumping into anything and making it easy to steer through traffic. The rider can easily control the longboard when riding it because of its size!

The deck is printed using heat transfer printing. Heat transferred graphics ensures the durability of the graphics which also uses clear grip tape to ensure a smooth and slip-resistant surface on their decks.

Lastly, the weight of the deck will not be an issue when riding this longboard. The board can easily bear 300+ lbs, so it should have no problem holding you up!

Trucks & Bushings

white wave bamboo longboard trucks

One of the great features about this skateboard is its aluminum trucks. The 7’” size provides a smooth turning radius and it’s very easy to turn even on rough surfaces like gravel or asphalt because of how smoothly they are designed. You won’t feel any looseness when you ride them, which means that your turns will be more graceful with less effort!

The bushings make it easier on the rider and also help with making turns feel more fluid as well. This eco-friendly, ultra high rebound wood has won over riders of all levels due its durability and ease in riding; there are no worries about speed or strength when we’re talking about this lightweight material!


white wave bamboo longboard wheels

The wheels are perfect for a smooth ride with the right level of softness. They provide enough friction to grip roads but not so much that it becomes too difficult or painful on your feet. If you want more aggressive racing, then get hardier wheels!


The 60mm x 45mm high rebound urethane wheels with Hellion 2 bearings will provide the speed you need without any worry about slippage. The ABEC 9 rated ball bearings ensure that your movements are as fast and smooth as possible!

The Hellion bearings with built-in spacers are made for you. The incredible speed and silence will make it easy to forget about the resistance that other people experience when they push off.


  • High-quality bamboo and maple deck.
  • Lightweight and maneuverable
  • Load Limit up to 300 pounds
  • Smooth-rolling ABEC-9 bearings
  • Ensures smooth ride.


  • Packaging could be improve

Who Is It Suitable For?

This longboard is perfect for people of any level who are looking to get a new board on the market. It comes with all the latest updates in it and has an appealing design that will suit anyone’s taste: this would be your best bet if you’ve been searching for something fresh!

If you’ve never ridden a traditional skateboard, or if it doesn’t yet feel comfortable to ride on the edge of your board, then go ahead and try out an open-edge one! You’ll find that beginner riders will likely prefer this style because they can still kick off their back foot at any moment. And unlike with standard edges which may tire down wheels more quickly by causing them to catch in ruts – not so much with these ones!

Why I Like it?

White Wave Bamboo Longboards are a go-to for me because the eye appeal is unmatched, but there’s more to them than just pretty looks. The boards stay durable through their manufacturing process and don’t get easily damaged like some other brands of longboard in this price range may do.

The appearance is stunning with the natural bamboo and maple layers still visible. Although, in comparison to other more common types of furniture that are built primarily for aesthetics rather than durability it has a much stronger build quality.

Should You Buy White Wave Bamboo Longboard?

For the rider looking for a great bamboo longboard, White Wave Bamboo Longboard is an excellent choice. The deck has all of the qualities that will make it your favorite board: speed, stability and durability are just some of what you can expect from this reliable longboard.

This longboard is a great choice for those who want to keep their cool while riding. Not only can you stay in control of your ride, but it also comes at an affordable price! In short, you can absolutely buy this White Wave Bamboo Longboard without a second thought!

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1: Are white wave longboards good?

Ans: Yes, White Wave longboards are great for first time or casual riders who just want something cheap and reliable to cruise around with on the weekends.

Nothing fancy- just a good, solid deck that can take regular use without wearing out too quickly. New boards come at this price point with 70mm trucks and ABEC 5 bearings, so they won’t break the cobweb between your ears when you fall down for the 20th time this season. With style points like a neon logo on the top of the deck and an eclectic range of clear grip tape to give this board personality, even die hard riders will have one nice board to hit around in their spare time without wasting all their cash up front!

Ques 2: Are bamboo longboards good?

Ans: Yes, Bamboo longboards are considered to be good because they feel similar to regular Canadian maple longboards, but with the benefit of a more stable construction and less weight. Bamboo is also very durable, does not suffer the same wear patterns from weather like hardwoods do. These boards will last you much longer than their price tag would suggest. 

Ques 3: Do longboards have a weight limit?

Ans: The weight limit for longboards depends on the size of the board. Take a look at your board and you’ll find numbers that designate its length, width, and wheelbase. Weight ranges are usually listed for these dimensions–you might be looking for a rider weight chart like this one to answer your question. Bottom line is, if you weigh more than 240 pounds, then yes–longboards do have some weight limits!

Ques 4: Is bamboo heavier than maple?

Ans: Density is a measure of how heavy an object is for its size. Bamboo and maple fall in the same density weight class because they are both light woods with low to medium density. Still in some comparison, bamboo is less dense than maple.

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