Volador 42-Inch Freeride Longboard Review

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When it comes to finding top-notch and affordable longboards for beginners, Volador Longboards are highly recommended by longboarders across the globe.

While the company has dozens of different longboards in its yard, Volador 42Inch Freeride Longboard is one of the most popular and top-selling longboards from the brand.

Despite being one of the best longboards for beginners currently available, you should have an in-depth detail of it before you dive in to buy it to know whether it’s the right fit for you or not.

So, to help you make the right choice, we have laid everything that you need to know about it in this Volador 42 Inches Freeride Longboard review.

By the time you finish up reading this Volador longboard review, you’ll have your answer whether you should purchase it or not. So, with that say, let’s dive in straight to the review section.

Volador 42Inch Freeride Longboard Review

Technical Specifications at a Glance

  • Dimension: 42 x 9 x 4 inches
  • Weight: 4 Pounds
  • Deck Material: 8-ply Hardrock maple deck
  • Trucks: 7-Inch adjustable aluminum reverse kingpin
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 250 Pounds
  • Wheel Size: 70x51mm 78A PU
  • Bearing’s Rating: ABEC-9 precision bearings
  • Wheelbase: 34-Inch

Features - Volador 42Inch Freeride Longboard

While Volador 42-Inch Freeride Longboard is one of the most affordable longboards currently available in the market, it comes packed with great features that are often seen in premium longboards. Let’s take a look at some of its top-notch features of this complete cruiser longboard.

Artwork & Design

The Volador longboards comes with some of the best artworks that one can find on longboards in this price ticket. It comes in 12 different artworks to choose from depending upon the rider’s choice.

The 42-inch body design is flexible as well as shock absorbent to provide the rider a smooth ride. With eye-catching artworks and ergonomic design, this longboard looks very appealing on the road.

volador freeride longboard artwork


Longboard’s deck is something that plays a vital role in performance and comfort. As its name suggests, it comes with a 42-inch concaved deck that is designed to glide easily through the wind for a smooth ride. With a unique symmetrical design and grip tape, it improves the overall grip and prevents wheel-bite at sharp angles.

The deck is built with a high-quality cold pressed 8-ply hard maple with epoxy glue that makes it durable enough to hold up to 250lbs of weight. With durability, the deck is also very flexible that offers smooth maneuverability to the rider.

volador freeride longboard deck


Trucks are one of the most important components of longboards that directly affect their riding performance. This Volador Freeride longboard comes with 7-inch reverse kingpin trucks made from genuine aluminum. These kingpin trucks are adjustable to different angles.

These aluminum alloy trucks come adjusted to 45-degrees that can be adjusted up to 50-degrees to enhance maneuverability. This Volador longboard has a base plate of 40-degrees that gives great stability and grip to the rider for a smoother riding experience to beginners which is settled with carbon steel bolts. With adjustable trucks, you can have a great cruising experience even at the sharp corners.

volador freeride longboard trucks


In the world of longboarding, the size and hardness of the wheels determine the quality of the wheels. The Volador freeride longboard comes with 70mm x 51mm 78A PU wheels. In simple words, the wheels are big in size and durable enough to roll at a rough surface while bearing the load of the rider.

These wheels are best suited for cruising on any terrain. One of the things that we liked the most about these wheels is their high-rebound performance that allows you to easily jump through the hurdles on your way. Overall, these wheels will provide you a smooth and long-lasting riding performance.

volador freeride longboard wheels


Bearings are something that makes the wheel move fluently by decreasing the resistance. The Volador longboard comes with high-quality ABEC 9 bearings that are made from Chrome Steel. With these high-performance bearings, you will have a smooth and reliable riding experience.


  • High-quality Maple wood deck
  • Highly Affordable
  • Offers great stability and grip to the rider
  • Fancy looks
  • Turn easily on sharp corners
  • Excellent load capacity of 250 pounds


  • Requires little maintenance frequently
  • Extra bearings isn’t that good.

Who is it For?


As we mentioned above, the Volador longboard is best for beginners who are just starting longboarding, trying to learn the tricks and turns. This is a simple yet easy-to-ride longboard that offers great speed, stability, grip, and maneuverability to the rider. Also, the price tag of this longboard is justified enough for new riders who want to get their hands on a longboard without breaking their budget.


Since the bearings aren’t that good for speed, this longboard is highly preferred for cruising instead of downhill riding. Also, one can easily learn the art of cruising on these longboards. This longboard is good enough for riders who want to take this board on daily casual rides instead of racing down the hill.

Final Verdict: Should You Buy Voladar 42Inch Freeride Longboard?

In this Voladar 42Inch Freeride Longboard review, we have considered every possible feature that this longboard offers to help you make your decision. As per our Volador longboard review, this Volador freerides longboard is the best match for beginners who want to grab a fancy longboard at an affordable price ticket.

With proper maintenance and care, this longboard can provide you long-lasting and smooth performance for years and can be your great partner for cruising down the streets.

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