Best Quest Longboards Review 2021: Our Top 5 Picks [Editor’s Choice]

We all know that the quest longboard is one of the most popular longboards on the market. But what makes quest so special? And which are the best quest longboards to buy in 2021? This article will answer those questions and many more!

We’ll take a deep dive into everything you need to know about the quest longboards, from its features and benefits to how it’s different from other boards. In this review, we’ll cover five of our favorite models from quest longboards so that you can choose the best longboards currently available on the market. Let’s get started with an overview of the brand.

best quest longboards review

An Overview of Quest Longboards

Quest Longboard is a USA-based longboard company that became popular among longboarders because of its high performance. Their longboards come with a unique design and features that make them stand out from other brands on the market today.[1]

What’s so Special about Quest Longboards?

Quest is one of the most innovative board companies in terms of development. They’re always looking for ways to improve their boards, which makes them a leader in the industry.

Quest longboards manufacture top-of-the-line boards for downhill riding, cruising, and freestyle tricks. This means that quest can cater to any type of rider out there. You don’t have to worry about compromising quality just because you ride differently than someone else!

What makes Quest Longboards different from Other Brands?

Quest has a distinct advantage over other brands because they have the capability to produce high-quality boards with their cutting-edge technology. They use less expensive materials and charge lower prices than other companies in order to make these products accessible for everyone. This is what makes Quest Longboards unique!

Now you have a sound knowledge of the brand, it’s time to take a look at the features of quest longboards that make them stand out from the rest.

Features of Quest Longboards

Design and Range of Options

All quest longboards are designed to be extremely durable. They’re great for beginners and experienced boarders alike because they can withstand repeated use without becoming damaged. They have a range of options for all types of riders, whether you’re an avid cruiser or a professional racer looking for the speediest board around!

Overall Quality and Durability

Quest longboards are made from high-quality materials which ensure that they last for a very long time. They’re guaranteed to be waterproof and will not warp or bend over time, making them an excellent investment!

As per the users’ reviews, these quest longboards last longer than any other boards they had previously owned.

Riding Style

Quest longboard can be customized to suit your riding style. They offer cruiser boards for those who want a smooth ride, freestyle boards with more of an aggressive feel, and speedier race-oriented decks.

They have different boards matching the riding style of the rider so that one can choose the right longboard as per their riding style.

Quest longboard come in a variety of styles, from cruiser boards to speed-oriented ones. The design options are endless! They have different board shapes and colors which will suit any taste or preference.


The quest longboards are affordable and can be used for a variety of purposes. Quest longboards are cheaper than some other boards, making them the perfect choice if you’re on a budget or want to buy multiple decks at once.

If you are short on budget and looking for some of the best cheap longboards out there in the market, quest longboard have always something for you.

Now you know some of the highlighted features of Quest Longboard, it’s time to check out the 5 best quest longboards that you can buy for you as per your riding style or budget. So, let’s jump in!

5 Best Quest Longboards to Buy in 2021

While quest longboards make dozens of different longboards out there in the market, we have shortlisted the 5 best quest longboards that you can buy in 2021. So, let’s see our top 5 picks of quest longboard.

1. Quest Bamboo Super Cruiser Longboard Review

The Quest Bamboo Super Cruiser Longboard is a 44″ long, 7 ply deck that’s made with bamboo and hardwood maple. It’s the perfect board for those who are just starting to learn how to ride or want something that they can take out for a casual cruise around town.

The board is 8 pounds and has a max capacity of 330 lbs. It comes equipped with black grip tape on the top and bottom of the deck which helps you keep your footing while you’re riding it. This longboard is super flexible so you can get some good lean-on turns without having to worry about it snapping.

The 7-inch aluminum trucks are equipped with durable 70mm PU wheels for smooth, stable riding on any terrain. This longboard has ABEC 7 bearings and high rebound bushings for responsive, fluid turns. It is ideal for cruising around town or commuting to work.

The Quest longboard is a great board for those who are just starting to learn how to ride or want something easy and fun that they can take out for a casual cruise around town. It’s extremely flexible, so you don’t have to worry about snapping it if you get some good lean-on turns without having to stress too much.

2. Quest Zero Dark 40" Downhill Longboard Review

This board is perfect for beginners who are just learning how to ski. It’s a great option for those looking into cruising around the mountain and picking up some speed when they get more comfortable on skis.

The board’s stability also ensures that you stay safe as well by not riding too fast or going off any jumps before getting used to them! The design of this board is unique. Quest longboards have made the drop-through hole bigger for increased stability and a smoother ride, which means it’s easier to push around on your feet or with one hand if you need both hands free!

These wheels are a great option if you’re looking for some rolling speed with quick turns. These 70mm and 51 mm wide wheels can take on any terrain, whether it’s sand or mud! The wheel cutouts also prevent wheel bite to keep your ride running smoothly without interruptions from the board underneath throwing you off balance – unless of course, that was what you were going for in which case these aren’t the right fit.

In addition, the Abec-7 bearings are not quite as fast as some but they won’t slow you down when taking tight turns or cruising through smooth terrain. Whether riding smoothly over pavement, dirt, gravel; these wheels will give you an easy ride with minimal trouble!

Though the length of this board may not have a great turning radius, it is perfect for beginners. When you first get your new board be sure to loosen up those trucks! They are usually tight from the factory and will make learning how to longboard much more difficult.

Luckily for any beginner interested in downhill or freeriding; these features on this product are designed with them in mind making mastering tricks easier than ever before so don’t let that stop you from getting one today!

3. Quest Rorshack Bamboo Longboard Review

If you’re looking for a shorter skateboard as an alternative to the Quest Super Cruiser, look no further than their Rorshack Bamboo.

If your knees are hurting from all that longboarding and you need something easier on them, then go ahead and take advantage of this 34-inch board instead! The only difference is in its length; otherwise, it’s just like any other solid cruiser with bamboo construction.

The Quest Rorshack Bamboo longboard is a perfect choice for any rider who wants to take their game from the streets onto the mountain. This bamboo and maple hybrid deck comes with multiple plies of composite materials, making it strong yet lightweight enough for better portability on shorter trips.

The main features that make this board stand out are its superior grip tape along with an ergonomic design which helps riders stay comfortable no matter what terrain they’re tackling or how fast they’re going.

The narrow and long shape of this deck also warrants a thumb up. It’s impressive that it is still able to offer other features such as size, kicktails, etc., which are traditionally not found in boards with the same dimensions.

One of the perks to having a board like this one for riding on would be how easy it can make your ride feel by making maneuverability simpler so you’re always content during each trip!

It comes with 65 mm polyurethane wheels that allow the skateboard to accelerate faster than its competitors, but we did have some concern about how well ABEC 7 bearings would hold up over time. Though they served us well, it’s worth noting that replacing them after a while may be necessary if you plan to use this model as your go-to board for conquering different surfaces with speed and agility.[2]

This board is perfect for beginners because it offers features that you can only find in more expensive brands. The trucks are made of aluminum, which results in a better ride than the plastic ones often found on cheaper boards – making this an inexpensive investment with longer-lasting benefits!

4. Quest Tribes Pin Kicktail Longboard Review

This Quest Tribes Pin Kicktail longboard skateboard is the perfect addition to your collection. It has a classic black and red design that you can’t go wrong with, its bearings are super durable so they’ll last for years of riding without slowing down or losing any performance quality whatsoever.

You don’t have to worry about getting stuck on your board when you ride because the bearings are oversized. Aside from having a 4mm riser, these skateboard bearings ensure that riders enjoy their experience while riding around with ease.

This skateboard also has 70mm by 51mm 80A PU wheels made from polyurethane. These are durable and will not get damaged when exposed to the sun. With a durometer of 80A, these hard wheels ensure your ride is safe even on rough terrain!

The longboard is a perfect balance of stability and durability, with the 7-inch aluminum material ensuring that it’s more than just steady on your feet. It also has open-wheel inches to help keep you upright in downhill situations for safety.

The board is also designed to avoid wheel bites. This feature makes the board durable and long-lasting as well as having a 7-ply hardwood maple deck for maximum durability, strength, and comfort on rough terrain.

The skateboard can accommodate heavier riders with ease because of its design which keeps it from breaking down even when riding on uneven surfaces or steep inclines.

The board is made with environmentally-friendly bamboo, ensuring that there are no toxins released into the atmosphere when it’s burned. It also has a grip tape to ensure your feet don’t slip off and for safety purposes as well.

This longboard skateboard is fitted with some great grips that make it resistant to slipping, which has been one of the most significant problems people have.

5. Quest California Native Spirit Longboard Review

This Quest California Republic Native Spirit longboard is a professional-grade board. It was designed and built to meet the needs of the most demanding riders.

The deck is made from 7 plies all cold Climate Hardwood Maple, which makes it sturdy and durable for everyday use. With a 40.98 x 9.02 inches dimension, this board has an excellent grip tape that provides great traction on any surface you ride on.

Lightweight at just 8 pounds, this board can withstand up to 280 lbs max load capacity while still being easy to carry around wherever you go! The Quest California Republic Native Spirit board is a great choice for first-time riders who are looking for something reliable with an incredible grip.

This longboard comes with 7-inch aluminum alloy reverse kingpin trucks, coupled with high rebound bushings, and precision ABEC 7 bearings. These trucks have a unique design that allows for easy grinds and an overall smooth ride.

In addition, it comes with 71mm and 78A hardness PU wheels. The 71mm is perfect for cruising around or going fast downhills while the 78A hardness is great for doing tricks such as ollies or kickflips.

Overall, this Quest California Republic Native Spirit longboard is perfect for downhill riding and cruising.

Final Verdict

Quest Longboards may be the most affordable longboard brand on the market, but they are not sacrificing quality or durability. The design and range of options for this company is also impressive with a variety of shapes and sizes to choose from.

If you’re looking for an all-around board that won’t break your bank account, take some time to explore these boards! Which style do you think would work best? Let us know in the comments below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1: Are quest longboards any good?

Ans: They are very good! They skate well, last, a long time, are durable, and have tons of great designs.

Quest has been making boards for quite some time now and they’re one of the safest companies out there to purchase from. I know that I ride my board every single day when the weather permits me to do so and it still looks brand new after all these years. A great quality product that always proves reliable – I would recommend this company to anyone!

Ques 2: How much is a quest longboard?

Ans: Prices for a Quest longboard range from $80 to $300.

A quest board is a cheaper, beginner-friendly option on the market with an average price of $120-200. Lower prices are usually so they can compete with more expensive boards that beginners will trade up for as their skills progress in the sport.

Ques 3: Should I get a cruiser or a longboard?

Ans: Cruisers are better. Cruiser boards are meant to be used for cruising or getting around town, commuting, and sometimes transportation. They’re wide with big wheel bases and soft wheels that make them easy to control on all sorts of terrain. Compared to a longboard, cruisers use trucks that give less overall grip at slower speeds but give more grip at higher speeds for faster turns.

Longboards are meant primarily as means of transportation (though it can also work for cruising). It’s narrow with low-to-the-ground decks designed specifically for tricks such as flipping and the 360 ollies. Longboards rely on high-speed truck technology that gives them much more cornering power than a cruiser even at slow speed.

Ques 4: How long are quest longboards?

Ans: From 37 inches to 45 inches long. Quest Longboards are found in two primary lengths: “short” for cruising around town or zooming to class and “long.” A typical shortboard will measure from about 3.5 feet (37-38 inches) up to 4.2 feet (41-42 inches).

Longboards range from 41 – 45 inches with the most popular length at 43 inches. The extra 6 – 10 inches on a longboard can deliver more control so you’re not reliant on momentum for your turns, but they also come with a slightly higher price tag.

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