7 Best & Cheap Longboard Protective Gear For Accidental Protection

To perform a top-end skating trick successfully, you have to first fall and fail through 100 unsuccessful attempts. And with that will comes bruises and gashes.

But falls can get serious and that is where you need to consider safety precautions for yourself. Never underestimate how much damage even just a simple fall from your longboard could cause!

At Delongboard, we care for our readers and do not want any of you to compromise on your safety and the exhilarating thrill of a longboarding experience.

The best way to keep longboarding safe is with the right protective gear.

Therefore, we have compiled this list of the best protective gear for longboarding. We’ve spent a lot of time conducting market research, collecting customer experiences and recommendations from professionals to conclude with the items mentioned in this article.

So, without further adieu, let’s get started.

7 Important Longboard Safety Gears You Should Wear While Longboarding

Complete List of Best & Cheap Longboard Gears

In this section, we cover the 7 main protective gears for longboarding. We will also go through an in-depth review of the best quality gear for each type of that protective equipment.

Let’s dive deep into the world of longboarding gears, shall we?

1. Helmets

Ever heard the saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?” Well in skating this couldn’t be more true. With all those falls and accidents that happen on skates, you need to make sure your head stays safe as well.

Therefore, a helmet is crucial to protect your head from any harm. That out of our way, it’s safe to assume that we want a helmet that not only absorbs shock but also doesn’t make us look stupid!

Helmets comes in two different varieties – full face helmet and half-face helmets. As the name suggests, the full face helmet covers your full face that ensures that your full face is safe. On the other hand, half-face helmets covers your face leaving half portion of your face open. However, you don’t want to buy a helmet that makes you uncomfortable either.

So, Instead of purchasing random off-the-rack helmets, you need to go for a helmet slide gloves specifically designed for your needs. These come equipped with special protection at the back that prevents concussion and other serious traumas.

Our Best Pick - OutdoorMaster Longboard Cycling Helmet

This classic helmet from Outdoormaster is made of ABS, EPS and an extra-thick foam that offer your head protection.

The Saket helmet is a classic lightweight design, with matte colours and that provides you with all the security features during your ride. It also has a dial adjuster to make it more comfortable for you during long rides.

The longboard helmet comes in two removable sizes for comfort that offers you more safety than other helmet slide gloves while riding on an electric board at high speeds.

Cool air vents and a padded interior makes you feel great and also protect your head while riding in warm weather. With 12 strategically placed ventilation ports, the helmet keeps you feeling cool even when it’s hot outside!


  • Dual-adjustment
  • Cushioned chin pad
  • ASTM and CPSC certified safety
  • Offers a generous lifetime warranty
  • Comes with an additional piece of liner


  • Can cause irritating wobbling
  • Not sturdy enough

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2. Sliding Gloves

Slide gloves won’t disappoint when it’s time for some real outdoor adventures. Slide Gloves will protect your hands from major injury while sliding down a hill. These gloves are perfect for longboarders and commuters alike.

They also provide you with grip, which is often lacking in slides without the right gear on hand. Keep these handy if you’re looking to get some miles out of those shoes or just want to be able to keep going day after day.

What makes a good glove is its sound construction, close and comfortable fit, and ventilation. Leather gloves are great for people who work with their hands. For something more casual, Cordura will do just fine because it offers durability at an affordable price point.

There is a myriad of materials and types of gloves out there that one might not know what to choose. If you’re still searching for the best, here is our personal recommendation.

Our Best Pick - Triple 8 Sliders Longboard Gloves

Triple 8 designs and manufactures the best longboard gloves. If you’re looking for a pair of slide or downhill-specific gloves, these are an excellent option. [1]

Reinforced with Kevlar fingertips, these slide gloves will ensure your safety by giving you flexibility while still providing maximum friction-free contact on any surface.

They come standard with replaceable PU palm puck, thumb puck, finger bar; as well as heavy-duty Velcro straps so they fit snugly around wrists without slipping off during challenging rides down steep hillsides.

These triple 8 gloves also allow riders unique freedom in carving lines into concrete roads fearlessly because there is no chance of skinning palms from any sort of collision.


  • Really durable sliding gloves
  • The pucks are of high quality.
  • Good for beginners
  • Fits perfectly on the hands


  • The fabric starts to tear.
  • Puck removing kit not included

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3. Knee Pads

If you’re a professional vert longboarder, it is only natural that knee and elbow pads are an essential part of your style. They help protect against injury while also being necessary for those intense high-ramp jumps.

One of the best features that are offered by knee pads is their support of your knees.

If you’re a longboarder and know how to pull off tricks, then this will be an excellent feature for you as it could prevent overstretching or injury in these areas.

You’ll also have increased performance and confidence with skates on without any worries about returning home injured!

Our Best Pick - JBM Adult BMX Bike Knee Pads

Looking for a new way to have an amazing ride? Check out the full-end longboard gear. Whether you’re into high profile riding or just looking for some more versatility, these knee pads are perfect.

The pads will be able to withstand any type of board and surface with its strong grip elastic sleeve that doesn’t slip at all – which means your knees won’t get scraped up by falling off either.

Additionally, these kneepads from JBM is also suitable for longboarding, BMXing, Rollerblading and Ice skating as well.

Longboard knee pads are the perfect solution for adrenaline junkies and high-performance riders who want to enter the world of extreme longboarding.

For those looking for a new experience, these knee pads from JBM BMX Knee can also be used by enthusiastic beginners or even people skating on ice!


  • Durable enough to tear and wear
  • Stylish and affordable
  • Lightweight but durable
  • For high-performance riders
  • Suitable for enthusiastic beginners


  • There are multi-fit straps but takes time to tie
  • The adult size is too large for short people

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4. Elbow Pads

When you fall, your knees and elbows will take the brunt of it.

Hence, the design of elbow pads is such that they protect more than just your knees or elbows from harsh impacts with asphalt.

Rather, it also helps when navigating steep downhill grades by acting as a buffer for what could otherwise be significantly harsher falls onto concrete surfaces if not wearing safety gear like these pads.

Our Best Pick - Bodyprox Elbow Protection Pads

Bodyprox’s elbow pads are a great way to stay safe while longboarding.

The Bodyprox Elbow Protection Pads have been constructed with the latest in fabric construction and foam padding.

The breathable compression material that lines them will keep you comfortable while still protecting your elbows from abrasion, so long as they are not severely injured.

With a machine washability rating of 5+ years, these pads can be relied upon to protect your elbows for many years down the line without breaking or deforming.

A lot of people have started using them because they’re so much more affordable than any other option out there, and the fabric is very strategic in keeping these as comfortable as possible.


  • Very minimalistic.
  • I found the Snug fit makes sure that they stay in place.
  • I found them very affordable


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5. Wrist Guards

A long boarder’s hands are an essential part of their balance. Sharp turns exert a lot of pressure on the wrists and increase your risk for injury.

Wearing wrist guards will make any turn easy without putting strain or hurting your wrists in the process.

No rider wants to be without their wrist guards. Wearing them will help protect you from the bikes’ vibrations and bumps while still being able to grip your handlebars tightly for control.

A quality pair of these protective devices should have an elastic strap that secures it securely over your hand so they don’t move around during rough rides, even if gloves are worn underneath or not at all.

Our Best Pick - Triple Eight Wristsaver Wrist Guards

Wrist guards from triple eight comes down as suitable just for almost every type of longboarder.

These multi-sport accessories can be worn by anyone and come in two styles – the slide to wear butterfly design or a wrist guard with strap closure, three hook loops sets, and nylon mesh lining.

The wrist guards from this manufacturer are made of high impact-resistant elements that give ultimate shock protection, support, and dense closure.

The changeable ABS splints allow it to be customized for your needs while EVS cushioning offers a comfortable fit both on the inside as well as outside.

It has four sizing options with care taken in measuring each size so you can choose accordingly; 180 days worth of warranty guarantees against any unduly wear or tear thus making an even better deal.

Triple Eight wristsavers provides you with uncompromised protection and comfort while giving you an athletic vibe all along your ride.


  • Two standard models to suit the comfort and grip needs of wearers
  • Easy slide-on design that grasps on the wrist quickly
  • High-tech cushioning between the support splints
  • Supreme shock protection with the thick EVA padding
  • Snug-flit gloves with breathable mesh lining


  • Quality not as great as other products from the Triple 8 brand
  • Limited warranty

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6. Hip Pad / Padded shorts

Safety gear for longboarding is an absolute necessity. This protection not only guards riders against injury but also helps them maintain stability on the board by protecting their lower legs and upper thighs.

Without padded shorts, each movement of the rider’s feet would be uncomfortable against rough wood or metal surfaces at high speeds.

This could lead to skin abrasions or irritation which will eventually hinder riding ability because added friction can cause shoes to slip off during manoeuvres such as turning sharply while speeding downhill.

The most important thing that these protective clothes do is keep our ankles safe in case we fall – without padding around your joints, you risk breaking it when they make contact with anything hard like concrete after wiping out.

The market of padded shorts is riddled with a plethora of products that vary in quality. We’ve cut out the nonsense and compiled for you, only the best-of-the-best to suit your needs. Check it out.

Our Best Pick - Bodyprox Protective Padded Shorts

The snowboarder daredevil is often seen sporting their favourite gear on the slopes.

Protective padded shorts from Bodyprox are excellent for extra protection while skying, skating and boarding during extreme sports-worn under clothing to protect your butt, tailbone, lumbar spine area and thighs.

The pads were a lifesaver for longboarders who know what it’s like to fall and get hurt.

The strategically placed 14mm thick padding protected important areas of the body from injury, reducing injuries by 90%.

However, there was one downside: some threads on the stitching would wear off if washed in a machine.

This didn’t stop people from purchasing them though because they provided ample protection without an adjustable waistband that made wearing these flexible yet secure with their comfortable fit.

Bodyprox Protective Padded Shorts have proven to be a solid product for longboarding and other similar activities and has earned its spot among the “highly reviewed” products on Amazon.

Its price falls in the mid-range of our list as well, your hard-earned money spent on an item worth the investment. One more reason for you to rejoice.


  • Broader coverage with Eva foam
  • Premium soft and breathable fabric
  • Ergonomically designed to minimize discomfort
  • Extra protection for tailbone
  • No constant fidgeting and adjusting


  • Not machine washable
  • Slight issues with stitching

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7. Spine Protector

It turns out the correct way to protect your back from any injury by wearing a spine protector. You can’t afford for anything bad happen.

Spine protectors make sense as you start cruising around at higher speeds on open roads and at skate events.

Spine protectors become absolutely necessary as you get to those faster speeds and riskier situations.

A simple error of calculation could leave you in risk with permanently damaged spines; it’s always better safe than sorry when it comes to protecting yourself from these sorts of accidents.

They are usually very flexible, with cutouts that allow them to move naturally with your body as you bend and move around in different positions.

The best ones are made out of hard plastic combined with an impact-absorbing foam like EVA or Kevlar/D3O, which means it’s durable but still comfortable at the same time.

However, here is the best recommendation from our side.

Our Best Pick - Dainese Racing Back Protector

Dainese racing back protectors are designed to withstand the rigours of longboarding.

The 4-way stretch material is combined with special tensioners that control lateral bending, longitudinal motion, and stretching for optimum performance when you’re riding your board down a hill or in any setting where you might have falls on occasion.

The outer layer is made from perforated plates that absorb the high impact energy when you fall in order to lessen any force on your spine or ribs.

Dainese uses an innovative combination of articulating external plates with controlled mobility, localized comfort padding and temperature control to provide the best possible protection for a longboarder’s back.


  • Fits perfectly in the back pocket
  • Exceptional quality and design
  • Light weight and covers the critical areas of your back.
  • Does’t overheat due to clever design


  • Not comfortable enough.
  • Expensive repricing compare to other models

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Wrapping Up

That’s it for our protection gear review, we hope you are informed and are ready to pick a brand that suits your requirements and needs. Keep yourself safe rather than sorry and invest in some protective gear for your upcoming adventures.

With this, we believe have completed our role in giving you the safety you need, now it is your turn to get the products mentioned in this list of longboard safety gear and cruise on that longboard with a free spirit.

Investing in quality equipment today can save you time, trouble, or injury later on down the line. So get some safety gear for your next ride and chase down newer adventures.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What protective gear do you need for longboarding?

Ans: Once you have your longboard completely set up, There are few other items that you should consider adding to your arsenal which will help you pursue new tricks, terrains and techniques.
Below are a few of the must-have protective items –

1 – Helmets
2- Sliding gloves
3- Knee Pads
4- Wristguards
5- Hip guards
6- Elbow pads

2. Is it easier to longboard or longboard?

Longboards are designed specifically for turning and smoothly cruising at high speeds over long distances, while longboards have evolved to be more versatile. 

If your goal is some rail slides or kickflips, a longboard might do the trick better than a longboard; however, if you’re just starting on either of these boards it may make sense to start with something easier that won’t require as much balancing skills.

3. Should I wear knee pads for longboarding?

Ans: Longboarding is a blast, but it can also be dangerous. You may think you’re safe from danger on the roads of life because you’ve never fallen yet, but that doesn’t mean your immune to accidents.

Elbow pads and knee pads help prevent abrasions and injuries to the joints, especially when you’re starting. Investing in knee pads takes away your fear and makes you more confident walking down these crazy streets all day long.

4. How safe is longboarding?

Ans: Longboarding is a great option for beginners looking to get into the world of longboarding. Longboards are wider and more stable than regular boards, so you can go faster without falling off as much.

They’re safer because they have better control and balance at high speeds too! You should consider getting protective gear such as helmets, padded shorts or slide gloves if longboard riding becomes serious business for you to avoid injury from accidents like wipeouts on hard surfaces.

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