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No doubt, hoverboards are one of the coolest trends in modern transport. They have become one of the most favorite toys for teens as well as for adults. While there are varieties of hoverboards available in the market, Lamborghini Hoverboard is one of the high-profile hoverboard among them that is available at a fantastic price.


Well, that’s not strange if you have never heard of it. Even if you have already heard about the Lamborghini Hoverboard before, you might be curious to know how they perform, their features, and their cost. Undoubtedly, you will get all your answers going through this Lamborghini Hoverboard review. This will help you make a better decision before you buy this hoverboard. So, let’s jump straight to our main story.

What are Lamborghini Hoverboards?

Most probably, this might be the first question that strikes to your mind after reading about Lamborghini hoverboard. Does Lamborghini Car Company make these hoverboards? Of course not! Lamborghini does not manufacture these self balancing scooter. The reason behind their name is its angular design that reminds us of the supercars made by Lamborghini.


Like most of the hoverboards, these are also available in different color and models. However, this brand manufacturer offers only limited models of this hoverboard. Out of these, two of the most popular Lamborghini hoverboard models comes in Black and Gold color models that have different sizes.

Features of Lamborghini Hoverboards

Features of Lamborghini Hoverboards​

Now, you might have got enough idea of the Lamborghini Hoverboard. So, what are the unique features specifications of these Lamborghini Hoverboard that makes them stands first in the competition? Let’s check them out!

1. Design

Let’s start from the design of this hoverboards. Lamborghini hoverboard comes with an ergonomic design that is made to give the best performance. It looks stunning like the Lamborghini Supercars. The body of the hoverboard is decorated by LED lights that look amazing at under low-light situation.

2. Superior Quality

No doubt, Lamborghini hoverboards are one of the excellent qualitiy boards available in the market. They come with the best quality frame made up of sturdy material for extra durability. These self balancing scooter are equipped with the best performance internal motors, and electrical components for long-lasting performance.


Since kids mostly use hoverboards, Lamborghini hoverboard follow some safety measures and come with advanced wheels sensors to ensure extra safety while riding. We tested the Lamborghini Hoverboard for a month and got no complaints in terms of quality. Overall, it has been one of the finest-quality self balancing scooter currently available in the market.


3. Wheel Diameter

When buying a new hoverboard, the most critical factor to be considered is the wheel diameter. If you are purchasing the hoverboard for your kid, you must choose the smaller the model with a smaller wheel diameter, else, you should select the larger one.  This is because hoverboards with large wheel diameter can handle large weight capacity.

As mentioned earlier, Lamborghini hoverboard come in two different models with different wheel diameters. The top-end model comes with 8.5-inch wheel diameter while the base variant comes with 6.5-inch wheel diameter. The best thing is irrespective of what the wheel size is, Lamborghini hoverboard come with self-balancing technology which is ideal for kids extra safety.

However, we prefer the top-end model with 8.5-inch wheel diameter as larger the wheels, better the grip. With a larger wheel diameter, you can comfortably ride on a rough surface. Still, you can prefer the best model as per your requirements.

4. Weight Limits

Its wheel diameter differs the weight limit of any hoverboards. In the case of Lamborghini hoverboard, the 8.5-inch model can hold weight up to 265lbs (120KG), while the 6.5-inch model can withstand up to 165lbs (75KG). 


This weight limit should not be crossed as doing so might create any malfunction in the hoverboard. Also, it can reduce the performance of the hoverboard. So, always choose the hoverboard by analyzing your requirements. If you are buying a hoverboard for your kids, you can select the 6.5inch model, else, select the 8.5-inch model.

5. Built-in Bluetooth Speaker

One of the best features of Lamborghini Hoverboard is the built-in Bluetooth speaker. This allows you to connect your device and play your favorite track while riding your hoverboard. If we talk mainly about the built-in speaker in Lamborghini Hoverboard, the speakers are of the best quality that runs on the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology. They produce crystal clear sound.

6. Max Speed

Many factors influence the max speed of the hoverboards. This include wheel size, motor, built-in safety limits, and most important the weight of the rider. Most of the hoverboards come with a specified max speed limit.


In the case of Lamborghini hoverboard, they were able to attain the max speed of up to 16mph in an all-terrain capacity. However, in our tests, the average speed achieved by the 8.5-inch hoverboards was 12-14mph.

7. Performance

When we talk about the Lamborghini Hoverboard, we expect excellent performance from them. Well, Lamborghini hoverboard do the same. They provide top-end performance at any circumstances. Thanks to its powerful motor that allows it to ride and climb steep slopes. They are two times more potent than any leading hoverboards in the market.


We have used the 8.5-inch model of Lamborghini Hoverboard for a week and got no performance issue with them. We have tried climbing to steep slopes and used at its max speed. In all the cases, it gives the best performance we have ever expected from it.


The self-balancing technology is very intelligently tuned that help us to remain stable even at a rough surface. All n All, it offers excellent performance that one expects from a premium hoverboards.


8. Battery and Charging Time

Battery backup is another most essential factor to be considered while buying a hoverboard. This is because the more battery backup you get, the longer you can enjoy your ride. Surprisingly, Lamborghini hoverboard last longer than you have ever imagined. The 8.5-inch model regularly gave us 3.5 hours of riding time once on a full charge.


As for the charging time is concerned, at an average, the 8.5-inch model of Lamborghini hoverboard consumes around 2 hours 40 minutes. Charging time is same for the 6.5-inch model as both of them comes with the equal 36V/1.5Ah Li-ion Battery. However, the battery time might vary on both of these boards depending upon how they are being used.

9. Safety Measures

All the Lamborghini hoverboards come with UL2272 certification. The UL2272 certification is basically a safety measure that is needed to be followed by a hoverboard company to test and check the hoverboard from every single aspect. Hoverboards without this certification aren’t safe as that of with certifications.


So, it is highly recommended to you only to buy those hoverboards that come with the UL2272 certifications. Well, you don’t have to bother for Lamborghini hoverboard as all of them comes with UL2272 certification. That means, you’re getting the best quality hoverboard in all perspective.

How Much Does a Lamborghini Hoverboard Cost?

Now, you might be eager to know the price of these hoverboards. So, how much you have to invest in buying Lamborghini hoverboard? Currently, the price of the Lamborghini 8.5-inch hoverboard starts from $250 and can go up to $320 depending upon the availability. At the other side, the cost of the Lamborghini 6.5-inch hoverboard begins from $200 and can range up to $260.


As for my review, the price of each unit is justifiable as these premium hoverboards offer every feature that a buyer expects from a hoverboard. So, anyone who is comfortable spending some extra bucks but want to get a premium quality hoverboard, these Lamborghini Hoverboards are going to be their perfect match.

Best Lamborghini Hoverboards [Editor's Pick]

Although you may find many hoverboards on, there are only two authentic Lamborghini Hoverboard models available at Check them out here.

1. Gyroor G-F1 8.5 inches Hoverboard with Bluetooth

The Gyroor G-F1 8.5-inch is the top-end model among both of the models. As its name suggests, it has 8.5-inch wheel diameters that are best for better grip and comfortable riding.

This hoverboard can hold weight up to 265lbs (120KG) that is more than sufficient for any adult. It is made up of superior quality material that lasts longer for years.

One of the best features of this hoverboard is it comes with Bluetooth speaker that works on Bluetooth 4.0 technology. This hoverboard is UL2272 certified that guarantees best safety and is passed through all the rigorous tests.


Gyroor G-F1 8.5-inch Hoverboard with Bluetooth 4.0 comes with 36V/1.5Ah Li-ion Battery that offers around 3.5 hours of riding once on a single charge. At an average, it takes about 2.5 hours of charging time.

2. Lamborghini TwoDots 6.5-inches Hoverboard

The Lamborghini TwoDots 6.5-inch hoverboard is the base model of the Lamborghini hoverboard.

This hoverboard model is the best choice for kids as it comes with a smaller wheel diameter of 6.5-inches that makes it easier for kids to ride this hoverboard. This hoverboard model can hold weight up to 165lbs (75KG). Like its top-end variant, it is also made up of high-quality material to last longer for years.

The 6.5-inch Lamborghini Hoverboard also comes with a Bluetooth speaker that can be used to enjoy your favorite tracks on your ride. It also comes with 36V/1.5Ah Li-ion Battery that offers around 3.5 hours of riding once on a single charge. 


At an average, it takes about 2.5 hours of charging time. It comes with superior quality SUVs tires that offer excellent grips even on the wet surface. Besides, it is also IP54 Waterproof and dustproof resistance.


Overall, this is one of the best hoverboard one could get currently in the market. Although they are quite expensive as they comes from a brand which is highly reputable in the vehicle industry, it worth every single penny. So, anyone who is looking for a premium quality hoverboard, this one is going to feed their need.



  • UL2272 Certified for Quality Assurance
  • Builds on Latest Technology
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Excellent Battery Life
  • Equipped with LED lights to help you ride in the dark


  • Doesn’t comes with a compatible charger


So, this was my brief guide on Lamborghini Hoverboard. I hope this guide cleared all your doubts and gave you enough information that you need to know about Lamborghini Hoverboard. 

Both of the models are very premium in terms of quality and performance as you’ve already seen in the hoverboard review listed above. So, anyone who is just looking to buy a premium hoverboard can go with either of them depending on their personal preference. 

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