Kryptonics Longboard Review: Should You Buy it?

Longboarding is one of the most popular trends of present times, be it performing stunts, or simply for commuting utilization. However, the aesthetics of this sport aren’t just limited to the basic stuff.

It’s absolutely mind-boggling how creative the longboarding community gets, and I love how it helps emerging longboarders and above all, helps them make something out of their regular longboarding routine.

Nonetheless, I’ve observed the activities of absolute beginners & even the ones who are just thinking about getting into longboarding, and as always, they seem pretty puzzled. Be it making the decision of which longboard to buy, or something else, they have not much idea about these things.

So if you own a regular longboard, aren’t as happy with it, are a budding enthusiast, or maybe even looking for a new one, this article will help you out for sure. My personal recommendation is Kryptonics Longboards, but as you read further, I’ll try to justify my statement, in a much more comprehensive manner.

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Kryptonics Longboard Complete Review

An Overview of Kryptonics Longboard

Kryptonics is an American company that produces skateboards and longboards. The brand was founded in the year 1965 and emerged as wheel manufacturers in the 70’s.

Kryptonics has been in business for over 50 years and they’ve become one of the most recognizable brands globally that produce exceptionally qualitative longboards, skateboard wheels, trucks (axles), and other related longboarding equipment.

They are the leading longboard producers in the world, and their products are not just popular among longboarding enthusiasts (and professionals), but also widely-worshipped among the Longboarding community. Kryptonics is sometimes considered slightly ahead in terms of pricing for a beginner to use, even though they do offer excellent quality at affordable prices as well.

Kryptonics is a highly coveted brand, mainly because of the exemplary & remarkable quality of their products. Their Longboards are produced with high-quality materials such as Canadian Maple Wood and premium aluminum trucks to ensure maximum durability without compromising on weight or speed.[1]

Kryptonics offers a wide range of longboard decks, and they have some excellent designs to choose from. What I personally find intriguing about the brand is the fact that they have a wide range of products, available in different sizes, hence it makes the process of personalization much easier.

The most significant thing that sets apart Kryptonics from other brands is the fact that they have longboards & respective gears and attachments for both beginners & professionals simultaneously. This is why everybody prefers them and chooses them over other brands.

My Favorite Kryptonics Longboards

While quest longboards make dozens of different longboards out there in the market, here’s my top 3 picks that I loved the most from this brand. So, let’s see my top 3 picks of Kryptonics longboard.

1. Kryptonics Spongebob Longboard Review

Kryptonics Spongebob 36″ Longboard is a quality mid-range Longboard that has some great qualities. At 8.75 inches wide, it’s the perfect width for beginners who are looking to start longboarding or skating. The dual polyurethane wheels and ABEC-5 bearings make this board fast and responsive while still being sturdy enough to carry up to 220 pounds.


  • Quite Responsive
  • Manageable & Maneuverable
  • 220 lbs weight limit
  • Sturdy & flexible deck
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Has a High-grade grip tape
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Great spinning mechanism


  • The Canadian Maple Wood is being used for the deck, which makes it durable & even more lightweight than its counterparts.
  • The Longboard has double polyurethane wheels which are perfect for every terrain type because of their versatility.
  • Maple wood is being used as the deck material on this one, which is why it provides durability without compromising on weight or speed.

2. Kryptonics Star Series 31 Inch Review

The Kryptonics Star Series 31 Inch Longboard is a great choice if you need an eye-catching board that can hold up to 220 lb weights for tricks. The black, dragon graphic adds an exciting touch to the 9-ply maple wood, (which makes it) easier to control and quick.

Kryptonics Star Series 31 Inch Longboard is a complete package for anyone who wants to do tricks with it. The ABEC-3 Bearings also function quite nicely. It also has an amazing spinning mechanism too, so you can perform tricks easily on this one!


  • Quite Responsive
  • Maneuverable
  • 220 lbs weight limit
  • Maple wood for durability
  • Great spinning mechanism
  • High-quality grip tape


  • Gear Bearings ABEC-III (Pins)
  • Adequately responsive, but more durable & controllable. This board is perfect for beginners who are looking to do tricks or learn the ropes of longboarding.
  • Recommended for: Beginners and intermediate riders that want an attractive deck at their disposal with decent speed as well as durability.
  • Canadian maple wood construction doesn’t compromise on either weight or toughness when compared to other hardwoods such as bamboo boards.
  • It has a black, dragon graphic that adds an exciting touch to the board.
  • Maple wood is being used which makes it lightweight and easy to control.

3. Kryptonics Drop-In Series Complete Longboard Review

Kryptonics Drop-In Series 31″ Longboard is popular among users because it has a durable (9ply) maple wood deck and round edges.

It also provides stability with its 5-inch heavy-duty aluminum trucks, and cool tricks are possible with 52×33 polyurethane wheels that have ABEC-3 carbon steel bearings.

The board can hold up to 220 lbs of weight, and beyond all such tiny elements, it also looks quite spectacular.


  • Reasonably charged
  • Feels like feather
  • Seamless cruising experience
  • Extraordinarily durable
  • Allows the user to perform several tricks flawlessly
  • Can be ridden on a bumpy or rocky surface
  • Speeds fantastically
  • 220 pounds weight limit
  • Available in 2 different designs
  • Adequate for all age groups


  • It comes with a 9 Inches maple wood deck and round edges.
  • It provides stability with its five-inch heavy-duty aluminum trucks, and cool tricks are possible with 52x33inches polyurethane wheels that have ABEC-III carbon steel bearings.
  • The board can hold up to 220 lbs of weight, and beyond all such tiny elements, it also looks quite spectacular.

Why Kryptonics?

When you are looking for a Longboard, there are many to choose from. There is a wide variety of boards available with different features or qualities – some may be better for beginners while others are designed only for pro skaters. This is what troubles most enthusiasts in the community, and confuses them before they make any decisions.

One of the most established brands in skating, Kryptonics continues to produce quality products for both beginners and advanced skaters. As a market leader, there are some key features that make them significant contenders on the Longboarding platform.

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But why, why do I & millions of others in the community even love the brand this much?

It’s mainly because of their Durable decks, High-quality wheels, Sharp grip tape, Highly-appreciable quality of components, the overall building process, range of products, so on and so forth. There’s not a single reason why.

If only one chooses to try a Kryptonics Longboard themselves can you confirm the company’s finest legacy of 50 years indulged into crafting each product with absolute perfection. YES, it really is THAT poetic. But don’t take my word for it, give it a go, and I’m sure you wouldn’t be left disappointed.

Quality Components

The first thing to consider when looking for a longboard is the quality and type of materials used in its construction. High-quality, durable substances will provide you with high-quality service for a longer period of time. Let’s get straight to discussing Kryptonics Longboards and what they have to offer.

Kryptonics longboards come with maple wood deck that provides enough space for footing. Width is helpful for rookies and children, making this the right choice as it comes in standard size.

The high quality PU wheels provide a smooth ride and are designed for long-term durability with the help of carbon steel ABEC bearings that take care of sharp turns without fail.[2]

These longboards are much sturdier than similar products thanks to their strong, thick aluminum trucks. They can hold up to 220-250 pounds in weight–which is more than enough for adults and kids alike.

The last point of consideration when deciding to purchase a Longboard should be the design. Well, as for Kryptonics, these boards are certainly eye-catching and very well designed. I personally like them a lot!

Final Verdict

Kryptonics has been around for a long time, and they’ve always had an innovative outlook on Longboarding. They push the boundaries of what people can do with their boards by innovating new shapes, designs, and materials all the time.

If you want to learn more about how they got started or why we think they are so awesome, read this blog post keenly! I haven’t left any significant points, and so there’s no need to overlook them.

Don’t forget that if you don’t see your question listed in this article, you can always leave them in the comments section below. I hope you enjoyed reading our article today- let me know in the comments below if you like the brand Kryptonics just as much as I do!

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1: Do you think that Kryptonics is a well-respected & reliable Longboard manufacturer?

Ans: I believe my answer would be an easy 100% YES! It is indeed one of the most experienced Longboard brands with over 50 years of expertise and has amassed a tremendous amount of following because its quality hasn’t wavered for so many years.

You can get an affordable but good-quality board because they care more about rewarding their customers than solely making money.

Ques 2: Are Kryptonics Longboards Beginner-Friendly?

Ans: Yeah sure. However, if you choose to pick a random Longboard, I’d say no. Some Longboards are designed especially for professionals and might not feel as great for rookies. So if you’re a beginner and are starting from scratch, I’d recommend you to go for something that suits your needs.

There’s a wide range of beginner-friendly Kryptonics longboards, just like the ones I reviewed above, so I insist you scroll up and check them out. Maybe you even find something perfectly appropriate for yourself.

Ques 3: Which one should I consider for myself? A Skateboard, or a Longboard?

Ans: Well, I’m sure you saw this coming, but it DEPENDS! It depends entirely upon your skill level, your proficiency if you’re a professional, your pace, your preferences in terms of designs and looks, the size you prefer, the purpose you seek, the upgrades you might want to make in the near future, etc.

I can’t certainly recommend a singular longboard or skateboard for everybody, HOWEVER, I can surely mark the difference between the two to make it easier for you.

The main difference between a skateboard and a longboard is that skateboards are shorter and meant mainly for tricks, while longboarders generally prefer a longer design so they can cruise around the neighborhood.

A Longboard is helpful when you’re going on distances because it provides more stability than a skateboard will. If you want to start skating but have worries about falling off, this would be better for those who aren’t comfortable with skates yet or don’t know how to use them properly.

Longboarding has always been my specialty personally, however, I do feel like there’s something special in longboarding that keeps me entertained from time to time–so if I were only given the choice between one of these two types of boards then I’d say go ahead and pick whichever suits your needs best. LOL, I can’t choose one for myself, I love both equally.

Ques 4: Can you tell me exactly which deck is suitable for a skateboard or a longboard?

Ans: It is better to have eight or nine plies of wood as a deck material.  This will provide the rider with better control and more power.

Wood decks are lighter, thinner, and smoother than other materials used for skateboards or longboards such as maple or bamboo.

In general, a longer board is often necessary to accommodate taller riders while wider boards give you greater stability on rougher terrain.

Ques 5: Do you believe Kryptonics longboards are worth all the hype?

Ans: Yes, I do think that Kryptonics is worth all the hype. Mainly because of their quality and concern towards the customers.

In my opinion, Kryptonics is actually an exceptional brand considering the fact that they’ve been around for over 50 years and have stood straight in the industry. I respect the brand because they clearly put customer expectations at the priority and I’ve felt that on each and every single one of my purchases from Kryptonics.

The quality remains to be very high even after all these years with no compromise in their manufacturing process. This is why I always recommend the brand to beginners and professionals as well. Oh, and it’s not hyped, they’ve earned the trust over the years, which is why I trust them so much.

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