Easy to Ride: Is Longboarding Easier Than Skateboarding?

Skateboarding is a popular sport that is enjoyed by many. It can be easy and fun to learn how to do this fantastic trick-based activity with the right equipment.

Some people think skateboarding is too difficult or dangerous, so they turn instead to longboarding as an alternative. Is longboarding easier than skateboarding? That’s what we’ll discuss in this blog post!


Is Longboarding Easier Than Skateboarding?

Let me get it very straight; longboards, which are broader and longer with softer wheels, make it easier than skateboards to keep your balance. Skateboards have smaller, harder wheels with less space for feet, making it more challenging to ride or learn. If you’re new to riding on a board and want to progress faster, start out with soft wheels or you can even start with penny board.

Short Platforms are Harder to Ride

Small platforms have less space to get your feet on the board. They’re also harder to ride because your feet are lifted off of the ground, making them difficult to control.

In addition to that, shorter boards are harder to recover after a fall because they lack the leverage for pushing off. On the other hand, longboards with comprehensive drop platforms are easier to control and have a lot more space.

Large Platforms are Easier to Ride

Larger platforms are easier to ride because you have more space for your feet. They’re also more stable, making them better suited longboard for beginners and kids who want easy-to-ride boards.

Since longboards have large platforms compared to skateboards, they’re much easier to ride and offer a stable and comfortable ride to the riders.

Bigger & Better Wheels on Longboard

The larger wheels on a longboard make it so you can ride more off the ground, making them easier to maneuver. This is because they have more surface area, which creates friction with the environment. 

In addition to that, big longboard wheels are much smoother than small ones and create fewer vibrations in your hands when riding downhill or over rough terrain.

On the other hand, Skateboards have small wheels that aren’t that stable as compared to longboards. The shorter wheelbase is the main reason for this. When you’re riding at a slow speed or coming to a stop, you have to be really careful because these small wheels give you less traction.

Easier Slides on Longboard

Longboard slides are more accessible to do than skateboard slides. This is because longboards have a more expansive deck and wheels, making it so you can slide for longer distances.

The angled trucks on the longboard also help with this type of movement as they allow your front foot to slip out from under you while keeping your back foot in place.

There is also less weight on the front foot, which makes it easier to control. The expansive deck and wheels help with this as you can keep your back foot in place while sliding outwards.

Longboard Trucks Makes Turning Easier

The trucks on a longboard also make turning more effortless than on a skateboard. This is because the truck mounts are angled, thus creating two different axles which help you turn more quickly with less effort.

In addition to the trucks, the broader standing platform of longboards adds extra stability to the rider. The expansive deck and skateboard wheels help with this as you can keep your back foot in place while sliding outwards, making it easier to turn.

Finally, the weight is also distributed more evenly across both feet on a longboard, making controlling movement much more straightforward than for skateboarding, where most of the weight is shifted towards one foot.


For someone asking whether longboarding is easier than skateboarding, it’s fair to answer them with a big YES!

Longboards are much easier to ride than skateboards.[1] With less weight and a wider board, it is easy to control your movement while on the board. The angle of the trucks also helps with turning as well because there are two different axles that you can choose to use.

With so many factors working together, it is no wonder that longboarding is much easier than skateboarding. Well, as you know, nothing is impossible! So, you can better practice with either longboard or skateboard in skate park, half pipes, or close streets and get command over them.

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