How to Take Skateboard Bearings Out of Wheels for Cleaning?- [Step-by-Step Guide]

Does your skateboard wheels starts making a cracking noise or not rolling smoothly as they are supposed to do? It’s time to change or clean your bearings. Although taking bearing out of the skateboard is a quite simple and easy process, many people hesitate to do so as they have a fear of damaging the wheels. Well, if you also want to remove the bearing out of your skateboard, we have laid a straightforward and descriptive guide to help you do so very easily.  

But before we start on our guide about how to clean skateboard bearings, you need to have some tools that will help you in this process. So, be prepared with a skateboard tool or wrench, a piece of rag cloth, acetone or any cleaning solvent, and at last, lubricants. Once you are done with the prerequisites, you are ready to proceed to take out the bearings from the skateboard.

get bearings out of skateboard wheels

Here is the required list of equipment’s to take skateboard bearings out of wheels for cleaning with best deals available online.

1. Remove the Wheels

i. Unscrew the nuts from the wheel

At first, unscrew the axle nuts from the wheel that holds the wheel with the truck axle. You can do this using a socket wrench or skate tool. Also, remove the bearing shields (if any) from the wheel. Put these axle nuts, guards and bearing shields (rubber shields) at a safe place as we need them at a later stage. 

ii. Slide the bearing to the end of the axle

Now, slide the bearing to the end of the axle. Don’t take it out from the axle as we need to use the axle’s tip to pry out the skateboard bearings from the wheels. 

Note: If you have bearing puller in your skate tool, remove the wheel out of the axle and use that puller to remove bearings. 

iii. Remove the bearings out from the wheel

Now, slide the axle’s tip inside the skateboard bearing and use the leverage to pry the wheel from the truck. Do it gently and slowly as if you do it in a hurry it might damage your wheel. 

iv. Remove the second bearing from the wheel

Now, flip the wheel and reinsert the wheel into the axle. Now, follow the previous step to remove the second wheel from the wheel.  

Now collect all the bearings together to clean them. If you have a new set of skateboard bearings, throw them away as they aren’t of any use.  

2. Cleaning Skateboard Wheel Bearings

i. Wipeout dirt from bearing

Once you have removed all the skateboard bearings, its time to clean them. First, wipe out the outer dirt from the bearing with the help of the old rag. Do not use compressed air to clean the bearings.

ii. Remove the rubber guard from bearing

Take a small screwdriver or any pointed needle to remove the rubber guard or rubber shield from bearing. Gently slide the tool inside the guard to remove it. Although removing this guard is not compulsory, you can remove it to clean the bearings thoroughly.

iii. Soak the bearings in acetone or solvent

Now, soak the bearings for almost 10 minutes in acetone or bearing solvent to remove the stain and rust from the bearings. Shake it gently after every 3 minutes or more. You can also use 70% isopropyl alcohol to clean your bearings. But, more than 70% of isopropyl alcohol can cause rusting of skateboard bearings.

iv. Take the bearings out & Let them dry

Once the dirt is eradicated, take the bearings out from the jar and put in on a towel for some time to let them dry. Try to move all the balls in bearings to make them dry completely. 

v. Lubricate the bearings

Now, lubricate the bearings by dropping lubricants or speed cream on the ball of the bearings. Now, put the rubber guards back to their position.  

3. Placing Bearings back to the wheel

Once you are ready with your skateboard bearings, its time to put the bearings back into the skateboard wheels. Put the bearings horizontally in the stack available on the skateboard wheel and slide it inside the stack. Repeat the same process for the second skateboard bearing.  

Now, insert the wheels back into the axles. Now, put the axle nuts and screw it with the help of a wrench. Now, you are ready to ride again with a cleaned set of bearings.

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