How to Get Better at Skateboarding: 10 Tips from Expert

Skateboarding is a fun recreational activity that people of all ages can enjoy. However, if you want to get better at skateboarding, there are some things you should do regularly.

Skateboarders who are trying to improve their skills need to focus on both board control and tricks in order to have the best time possible while they learn how to get better at skateboarding! The following article will give you 10 tips from an expert about how you can get better at skateboarding.


How to Get Better at Skateboarding: 10 Expert Tips

1. Master the Basics

Skateboarders need to be able to take their board off the ground, get back on it from a fall and turn in all directions. Skaters should start mastering these basics before they move onto more advanced skills like tricks or skateboarding obstacles!
One needs to master the basics before one gets to the advanced tactics. That’s how one should get better at skateboarding and be a professional skater.

2. Mastering the Balance

Balance is not just needed for skateboarding. It’s also required to be a good skater! In simple words, skateboarding is all about mastering the balance to perform the skateboarding tricks of one choice.

Skaters need to know how to keep their balance on their  skateboard or longboard to avoid falling off and injuring themselves. One way that one can learn how better at this skill is by practicing it when they are standing still first before they start skating.

Some tips to improve your balance on the skateboard:

  • Stance: Choosing your stance depends on the trick you want to do, and it has a significant impact on how much balance you need. You can either do a regular stance or goofy stance to maintain your stability.
  • Foot Placement: Keep your feet right behind the bolts in order to have a better balance.
  • Weight Balancing: You need to have your weight on the opposite foot of what you are standing on to keep your balance.

3. Take Challenges

Challenging yourself is something that will help you grab the skilled way quicker than ever. No matter what trick you’re performing just set a target to achieve and practice accordingly to master that skill and then move to another set of tricks. That’s how you’ll master every skill you want to try out.[1]

4. Give Yourself a Break

If you’re trying hard to learn a skill but can’t make it, it’s better to take a break from it and try another skill set. There’s no pressure on you to keep going if it doesn’t work out, and that’s how you’ll be able to master skateboarding skills much better. Try that trick another day, and you’ll be able to do that in a better way.

5. Watch Videos

One of the best ways to learn new tricks is by watching videos. There’s no need for you not to be able to find a video that has a trick that you want to learn.

With videos, it’s easier for you to get directions and do what the person in the video is doing instead of figuring out how they did it by just watching them perform their skill without any narration or steps being given. You’ll also be able to try a new one right away if you’re not sure how to do it.

Watching videos is more accessible than trying things on your own because you’ll have an idea of what you should be doing instead of having no clue and the directions being given for how they did that trick or skill set.

6. Learn Fakie

Fakie is a skateboarding term that refers to the alternative stance of riding with your back foot on the front truck and your front foot in line or touching the nose.

You should learn how to do this type of standing up skateboarding trick to becoming more accessible for yourself to get off ledges, transfer from one ledge to another, and do other tricks.

You might want to consider doing this type of trick because it will give the most stability to your feet. Doing this makes sure that you are balanced, so even if there’s an uneven surface or obstacle between where you’re standing on a skateboard, the chances are good that it won’t make a difference.

7. Practice with Your Peers

You must get some friends with skateboards and start to practice together. What a great way for kids to build self-confidence, control their fear of trying new things, learn how they react in different situations, and ultimately enjoy the process more.

8. Try to Perform Manual

It’s a great idea to try and learn how to perform manual tricks on your board because they’re an essential part of any skater’s repertoire. When you can do one well, it will make doing other tricks easier.

Not only that, but when you start performing them in front of other people, then the more confident you feel for future presentations. You can follow our guide on skateboard manualling to learn performing manual like professionals.

9. Come Out of Your Comfort Zone

Try a new skating style, like street or longboarding. Get out of your comfort zone and try something you don’t know how to do. You’ll be learning process from the pros- when they demonstrate tricks and how pro skaters ride down hills without fear.

10. Improve Your Style

Style is something that you really need to care about. If you have a good style, any trick you perform will look amazing. Keep practicing the tricks you perform to improve your style.

Wrapping Up

So, these are the tips that you should follow to get better at skateboarding. I hope it helps you and you learned something new today. Please share your views in the comment down below and let us know which tip you follow to improve your skateboarding.

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