How to Drop in On a Skateboard: A Guide for Beginners

A skateboard is a type of vehicle that we all know and love, but the question remains: how do you drop in on one? It sounds easy enough just to jump off your board and land on another, but there is actually more to it. If you want to learn how to drop in on a skateboard properly, this guide will help!

Before we learn this new skill, it’s important to know what dropping in actually is. Let’s take a short intro to that.


What is Dropping In?

Skateboarders often use a drop-in to enter the skateboard ramp. It is done by entering at the top of a bowl which starts with the tail of your board on top of the bump in front. This is a beginner technique that is used to get more speed on the ramp or transition.

You will also use this in a vert-ramp, which are skate ramps with vertical sidewalls instead of just being flat at both ends. Verts are raised up, and there’s usually a gap between them too (hence why they’re called ‘vert’). Dropping in on half pipe or quarter pipe is quite difficult to perform especially when you’re beginner. So, it’s important to learn perfectly before execution.

So now you know what dropping in actually is, it’s time to learn this skill in a step-by-step guide. But before that, get yourself ready with the safety gear to protect yourself from any mishappening.

Safety Tips Before You Jump On to Drop-In

For anyone who is doing this trick for the first time should be ready for any mishappening. So, it’s important to get yourself the safety gear and follow the safety tips mentioned below.

1. Wear Helmets and Pads

This is an essential safety gear that you need to get. Helmets will help protect your head from any accidents or mishappenings, while pads on knees and elbows can prevent injury in case you fall down on your knee or elbow and make direct contact with the ground.

2. Follow the Official Rules

It is important to follow the official rules before you start doing this trick. You should always wear a helmet and pads and put one foot up in front of the other while skating.

3. Observe Before You Jump In

It is important to observe before you jump in so that the conditions are just right. By watching other skaters in action, you’ll better learn how you can actually perform the trick without taking up any more risks.

4. Start From Small Height

It is important to start from a small height so that you can get a feel for what it feels like before getting higher up. This will build up confidence in yourself and will help you master this technique.

How to Drop In On a Skateboard

Practice the steps given below to learn the art of dropping in on a skateboard.[1]

1. Get into Position

Place your board perpendicular to the edge at an angle with the wheels sticking out over the coping. Lower yourself onto your board, placing body weight on the tail and feet placed above or below it for lateral balance while raising your back foot off of it.

2. Drop-In

Shift your weight forward into the board and practice a small hop with your back foot to push yourself off of the flat surface, onto the transition.

3. Shift Your Weight to the Front

As you come off of the transition, shift your weight onto your front foot and quickly bring it back upon it as soon as possible. This helps maintain balance while lowering yourself down below the coping so that you are ready for another drop-in once you reach the end of this one.


By following the steps mentioned above, you will be able to drop in on a skateboard for the first time! However, keep in mind that this is just one way to do it, and there are many ways you can go about it. To master this skill, just practice it regularly, and you will get it with time.

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