How to Clean Griptape on Your Longboard/Skateboard: A Complete Guide

Griptape is a necessary component of a longboard or skateboard deck, and it’s also the most important part. That being said, it needs to be cleaned on occasion.

This will ensure that your griptape lasts longer and performs better for you when you need it most. In this article, we’re going to discuss how to clean griptape on your longboard or skateboard thoroughly and adequately so that you get the most extended life out of yours!


How to Clean Griptape on a Longboard

One can clean their longboard grip tape in varieties of methods. But in this guide, we’ll be explaining the most practical way that can clean your skateboard grip tape without tearing it down.

Before we drive back to start cleaning your longboard grip tape, it’s important to gather all the things and tools that you’ll need to get this job done. Let’s check them out.

Things You'll Need

  • Soft wire brush
  • Dish detergent or window cleaner
  • Water
  • Bowl
  • Micro-fiber cloth or paper towels
  • Grip Gum or Rubber Cement Eraser

Cleaning Longboard Grip Tape

Once you’ve all things ready, it’s time to begin cleaning your longboard grip tape. Follow the steps carefully to get your skateboard grip tape cleaned like new.

1. Fill Your Bowl with Soapy Solution

Take half a bowl of tap water and add dish detergent to it to make a soapy solution. You can add lemon juice for a refreshing cleaning smell. You can also use window cleaner to avoid getting your handy soapy. Remember to take enough water so that you can clean every inch of your board.

2. Use Your Soft Wire Brush

Dip your soft wire brush in the bowl and scrub off all dirt and debris on the surface of the skateboard grip tape with a back and forth motion at an angle.

Things to Note:

  • When you are done painting, rinse your brush in the paint bowl.
  • Do not allow water to sit on the board or pool.
  • Don’t push hard on the skateboard’s grip tape as it can tear it down, and you need to replace them.

3. Dry the Grip Tape with Micro-Fiber Cloth

Take a micro-fiber cloth or paper towel and put it in your hand. Fold the fabric in half. Dab the soapy solution from your board with one side of the towel, then use the other side to wipe off excess water until you are left with a dry surface.

4. Dry it for at least 3 Hours

Leave your board untouched for at least 3 hours to allow the grip tape to dry. After this period, check your board thoroughly to ensure it is scorched and ready for further steps.

5. Remove any Residue with Grip Gum

If you see any residue from the water on your board, use a small amount of grip gum to remove it. Rub it across your board in the same direction as your skateboard grip tape to completely remove all the residue and make it crystal clear.

Other Methods of Cleaning Your Grip Tape

While the methods mentioned above with charm in cleaning your longboard grip tape, you can also follow these two methods mentioned below to get this thing done.[1]

Method 2: Belt Sander Cleaner

Belt sanders are made of rubber, which is not abrasive enough to do any damage. However, the belt will remove dirt and oil quite effectively from your dirty grip tape.

It would be best if you simply ruffled your board against a belt sander in the same direction as your grip tape. Although it would make your grip tape clean, it doesn’t reach too deep of your grip tape and might leave some residue.

Method 3: Rubbing With Toothbrush and Water

This is the most basic and most straightforward way to clean your grip tape. All you need to do is get a toothbrush, wet it with water, and scrub on the board in circular movements until all residue has been removed.

You’ll need to repeat this process several times to get the most optimal outcome and get your griptape cleaned. It cannot be delightful at first, but it’s worth the work. The time taken for this job to finish depends on the size of your longboard or skateboard.


Following the methods mentioned above, you’ll be able to effectively and efficiently clean your skateboard grip tape. You must do this so to maintain the board’s quality, along with how it feels when you ride on the board.

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