How to Charge a Razor Scooter Without The Charger? – Full Instructions

When it comes to electric scooters, no one in the market can compete against Razor. Razor is widely known for producing high-quality electric bikes that offer superb performance. Apart from high-performance, Razor scooters are also known for a long-lasting battery that provides longer rides as compared to other electric scooters in the price range. 

With Razor scooters, you can ride for at least 10-16 miles once on a single charge. Amazing right? However, it is always recommended to charge the scooter before you take it for the ride. With Razor scooters, you get a scooter battery charger that connects with the scooter to charge the scooter battery.  

But what if your charger gets damaged in any case? Of course, you can go for a replacement from the company. However, it takes some time to replace a new charger with the defective one. But during this time interval, you can’t take your Razor scooter for a ride, which is quite disappointing. But wait, there are alternatives in which you can charge your Razor scooter without even using the original charger. You might be thinking that how is this possible? Don’t worry, we have described a step-by-step procedure to charge a Razor scooter without a charger. Read on to learn more regarding this. 

Charge a razor scooter without the charger

How to charge a Razor scooter without the charger 

Most of the people think that the Razor scooters can only be charged with the help of the charger provided by the company. But that’s not the truth. You can even charge your scooter battery manually without any charger. To charge your battery manually, you need to have a battery charger, screwdrivers, and power supply plug. You can get all of these from any mechanical store. Once you are done with the prerequisites, you are ready to move ahead. 

i. Remove the Battery from Scooter the Battery from Scooter 

Well, this is the first stage of our process. As you know, scooter batteries are placed inside the scooters that give power to the motor. So, you need to take the battery out from the scooter shell. To do this, take the screwdriver and open the outer shell of the scooter carefully. Then you can see the battery placed inside between two rods that hold the battery. Remove these rods by loosing the screws with the help of a screwdriver.

Now, you will have a better look at the scooter battery having two terminals of wire connecting the battery with the motor. Unplug both of these wires from the battery and pull it out from the case. Now place the battery aside to the scooter’s shell. Now head on to the next step.

ii. Recharge the Battery 

Now, we put the battery out of the case. Now take the battery charger that you bought from the store. This battery charger will provide a medium to charge your secondary cell with the help of the power supply. In battery charger, you will see two terminals with one of them having red cable while the other with black one. Here red wire indicates the positive terminal while the black terminal denotes a negative terminal. 

Now, connect the wires of the battery charger with the battery that you have taken out from the scooters. Remember to join the terminals of the battery with the charger carefully. Now, insert the other end of the battery charger in the electric power socket to start the charging process. Now, your scooter’s battery should begin charging. 

iii. Leave the battery for charging. 

Once the scooter batteries starts charging, leave it in the same state for some time. Well, most of the battery chargers come along with a charging indicator that helps you to check the charging level. Once, your scooter battery is fully energized, the charging level should turn green. In case, if your charger doesn’t have a charging indicator, leave it for around 1-2 hours to let it charge completely. 

iv. Remove the battery from Charging. 

Once the battery is charged completely, disconnect the charger from the power supply. Now disjoin the terminals of the battery from the battery charger and put it aside. If the battery is heated due to charging, leave it in the air for some time.  

v. Place the Battery Back into the Scooter 

Once the battery is in the normal state, now take it back into the scooter. To do this, put the battery inside the scooter where it was left before. Now connect the wires of the motor to the battery terminals. Now, screw the rods in which they were placed earlier in the scooter and close the scooter’s shell. Now, try to start the scooter by pressing the power button.  

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In this way, you can charge a Razor scooter without a charger. Yes, one more thing to note that, during this process, make sure to wear protective gear such as rubber gloves to protect you from shocks. Once you have charged your scooter, you are ready to ride it. But remember, it is always recommended not to charge a Razor scooter or to charge an electric scooter without the original charger as it degrades the scooter battery lifespan. 

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