How to Change Skateboard or Longboard Wheels: A Brief Guide

Let’s face it, changing skateboard wheels or longboard wheels can be a challenge. But with the right tools and knowledge, you’ll be able to do it like a pro in no time! We’ve created this guide for how to change skateboard wheels so that you don’t have to go searching online for instructions ever again. Let’s start off by discussing when you need to change the wheels.


When to Change Your Skateboard Wheels or Longboard Wheels

Skateboard or Longboard wheels are made to last longer, giving a fluent performance. However, they tend to wear down with time and daily usage. When you see your wheels getting small in size or getting flat spots, it’s high time to replace your skateboard or longboard wheels with a new set.

Changing your skateboard wheel is an easy yet trick job as it requires patience and the right set of tools. Well, this guide will take you through everything you need to know related to changing your skateboard or longboard wheels. Let’s start with gathering the materials or say tools that you need to get this job done.

Tools & Materials You'll Need

  • 1/2″ Wrench
  • Four 1/2″ axle nuts
  • Tray to store axle nut & bolts
  • Skate tool
  • 4 Wheels
  • 8 Skateboard Bearings
  • Bearing spacers (optional)

Time to Change the Wheels

Once you’ve all the tools & materials ready, it’s time to get your skateboard wheelschanging with the new ones. Let’s see how to do it.

Step 1: Remove Wheels

First, loosen the screws on your skateboard deck that secure both ends of the axle nuts with the help of skate tool. Now take out one end of your wheel from its socket and hold it in place with a wrench. Keep all the screws and bolts in one place so that you don’t miss them.

Step 2: Remove Bearings

Now remove the skateboard wheels and bearings but do not lose them. Take them out of your wheels using the axle of the truck. To do this, just slide the axle’s end inside the bearing and pry out the bearing.

Now flip the wheel and remove the second bearing following the same method. Put them in a tray so that they don’t roll away, and you’ll have an easier time replacing them later on.

Step 3: Put the Bearings into Replacement Wheels

Now place the skateboard bearings into your replacement wheel. You can do this by taking one bearing and placing it in the center of a new wheel’s axle hole, then pressing down on the edge that is sticking out to lock it in place.

Now flip the wheel and put the second bearing in the wheel. You’ll need to repeat these steps for both sides of your skateboard deck until you replace all three wheels.

Step 4: Mount the Wheels Back to Trucks

Now you have inserted all the bearings in your new set of wheels. It’s time to mount the skateboard wheel back to the trucks. Just insert the truck’s screws back into their holes in the deck and tighten them with a screwdriver. Now repeat the same process for the rest of the three wheels.

Wrapping Up

Following the steps given above, you’ll be able to change your skateboard and longboard wheels in a matter of minutes. Sometimes, replacing your skateboard wheels isn’t the optimal solution for your problem; proper maintenance can get your skateboard or longboard wheels like brand new.[1]

So, it’s all up to you to replace your wheels or to maintain them. However, when your wheels are really in bad condition, it’s better to replace them with the new ones following the steps given above.

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