How to Calibrate Hoverboard: A Brief Guide to Reset Hoverboard

Hoverboard has become a household name in the past few months. These self-balancing scooter are seen as trendy, but there is more to them than just their looks.

Hoverboards require some maintenance and care to ensure that they will last long enough for you to enjoy them. This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to calibrate hoverboard so that you can use it with ease and avoid accidents!


When You Should Calibrate Your Hoverboard

Hoverboards should be calibrated when you notice that the board is not as responsive or moves slower than usual. This may be due to dirt and dust getting stuck in the wheels, which reduces traction on the surface of a hoverboard.

Calibrating your hoverboard could solve these problems in a flash. However, in case if it doesn’t, there are high chances that the gyroscope is not suitable anymore and needs a replacement. In that case, you can seek technical support from your hoverboard brand or order a replacement from the official website of your hoverboard.

How to Calibrate Hoverboard

Some hoverboards have a definite way of calibration. For them, just use their user manual to get your job done. However, for most of the hoverboards, you can follow the steps given below to calibrate them.

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1. Make Sure to Completely Turn Off the Hoverboard

The first thing you need to do is turn off the hoverboard using the power button method on the board itself. It is highly recommended to power off the hoverboard using the button on the board instead of just using the remote or mobile app to turn that off.

2. Place Your Hoverboard on a Flat Surface

Once you have turned off your hoverboard, place it on a flat surface. It is important to keep the board in an upright position as this would make hoverboard calibration easier for you.

3. Time to Calibrate

Now push and hold the power button for five seconds and release it when your board beeps. The lights of your hoverboard will start to flash, making sure that your hoverboard is underway its calibration process.

4. Wait for 30 Seconds

It will take around 30 seconds for your hoverboard to calibrate. You shouldn’t move the board during this time because it might ruin the calibration process and lead to other problems with the system of your hoverboard.

5. Switch On the Hoverboard

Now, press the power button to power on the board and lock the calibration. This will save the calibration of your hoverboard in the system.

Congratulations! Your hoverboard is now calibrated, and all the issues that you’ve been facing should be solved by now.

Calibrating the Hoverboard with the Smartphone App

If you have Bluetooth Hoverboard, you can calibrate a hoverboard right from your smartphone using your hoverboard’s app.[1] However, there is a risk involved in using this way to calibrate a hoverboard as it can fry its Bluetooth chip, and you might want it to get a replacement.

So, it is highly recommended to calibrate a hoverboard only when it’s needed. Also, you can follow the manual process to calibrate your hoverboard safely. Still, if you want to calibrate the board using your smartphone, follow the steps given below.

  1. Install and Launch your hoverboard’s app.
  2. Connect your hoverboard with your smartphone over Bluetooth.
  3. Put the board on a flat surface.
  4. Find and Tap the “Calibrate Board” section/menu.
  5. Now, carefully follow the instructions given there on the app to complete the calibration process of your hoverboard.

Time to Test

So now you’ve calibrated your hoverboard, it’s time to test it whether it’s working correctly or not.

To do this, just turn on your board and go for a ride on a flat and even surface. Make sure to wear your safety gear to protect yourself from any possible injuries. Now do some movements on your board and make sure both the wheels roll at the same speed.

If everything is fine and working properly, the board is successfully calibrated. If it doesn’t, you might want to get a replacement of the gyroscope. But before you order a replacement, make sure to seek some expert’s advice or take it to a technician who can check and bring out the possible reason for its uneven working.

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