Hoverboard Weight Limit - How Much Pounds Can a Hoverboard Hold?

How Much Weight Can a Hoverboard Hold

No doubt, weight limits is one of the most important factors to be considered while buying a hoverboard. This defines how much weight can a hoverboard handle without having any technical fault or any damage to the frame.

Every hoverboard has its weight limits set by the manufacturer for its flawless functioning. Some devices are made specifically for children, while some can withstand up to 350 pounds.

While most of the reputable brands include the hoverboard weight limits at the top in the specifications list, few don’t even bother to include this information. Therefore, you must consider some guidelines before you buy a hoverboard for you. Let’s see what instructions you should follow before making a final decision.

General Weight Limits

While buying a hoverboard for you, always try to consider those that are having UL-2272 certification as they have the exact body weight limits specified in the specification sheet. Currently, you can find self balancing scooter ranging from 4.5-inches to 10-inches wheels in the market. All of them have different weight limits as per their wheel size.

So, before buying any hoverboard, you must analyze your requirements.

You should exactly know how much weight the hoverboard you want to buy can withstand. At an average, the 6.5-inch wheel model can hold up to 220lbs while the larger models with 8 or 10 -inches wheel can withstand up to 300-350 pounds without any issue. So, that’s all depends upon your requirements while buying a hoverboard.

Best Choice for Kids

When it comes to buying hoverboards for children, there are some different weight scale to be considered. At average, most of the manufacturers recommend that the children must have at least 44 pounds before riding a hoverboard.

But why? This is because children having a weight below than the set criteria might fail to handle the speed and can be injured. Also, this minimum weight criterion is recommended by the manufacturers to help riders control the speed and momentum.

Also, from the hoverboard’s end, it should be of average wheel size and speed so that your kid can handle it easily. All in all, what are the best hoverboards for youngsters? What wheel size you need to buy?

Hoverboards between 4.5-inches to 6.5-inches are the best for children. They can withstand weight up to 200lbs. These are perfect for children as they have the right blend of speed and balance to help your kid ride the board safely.

What if you Cross the weight limits?

As noted above, certain weight limitations are set after the manufacturer has thoroughly tested each self balancing scooter. But what if you load more weight than the specified limits? Stacking a few more pounds over the limits doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your ride. If you charge 5-10 pounds higher than the weight limits, you might face some minor issues. Your hoverboard might run a little slower than the maximum speed, and your battery might not last for longer, but you can still enjoy your ride.

But in case, if you load 15 or more pounds over the limits, then you might face some significant issues. This extra weight might damage the motherboard, wheels, or battery. Even, it might bend or ultimately damage the frame when you ride on a rough road with lots of bumps. And so, you might injure yourself while riding the board with loads more than the weight limits.

Hoverboards with different Weight Limits

So, at last, which model you should choose as per the weight limits of the hoverboard? Here are some model arranged as per their size and weight limits.

  • 4.5-inch hoverboard weight limit: These self balancing scooter can withstand up to 120lbs (55KG). These are the best fit for kids who are at the learning stage.
  • 6.5-inch hoverboard weight limit: These hoverboards can hold weight up to 220lbs (100KG). These are the best fit for young children having some experience of riding boards.
  • 8 and 8.5 inch hoverboard weight limit: These hoverboards can hold weight up to 265lbs (120KG) or slightly more than that. These hoverboards are suitable for heavier riders.
  • 10-inch hoverboard weight limit: If you want to carry more weight than 265lbs, you need to go for 10-inch hoverboards. They can hold weight up to 330lbs (150KG). Here is our expert’s pick on best longboards to buy.

Here are the recommendations by our expert team according to the weight limits.

Best hoverboards with weight limit 120lbs(55KG):

1] Swagtron Swagboard Hoverboard for Kids

2] JIAWE Children’s Intelligent Folding Balance Bike

3] Segway miniLITE Smart Self-Balancing Electric Transporter

Best hoverboards with weight limit 220lbs(100KG):

1] Swagtron Swagboard Pro T1 UL 2272 Certified Hoverboard

2] HOVERZON S Series Self Balance Hoverboard Scooter

3] Hover-1 Chrome Electric Hoverboard Scooter

Best hoverboards with weight limit 265lbs(120KG):

1] HYPER GOGO Hoverboard

2] Gyroor Hoverboard Warrior 8.5 inch

3] EPIKGO Sport Balance Board

Best hoverboards with weight limit 330lbs(150KG):

1] Swagtron T6 Swagboard Outlaw


At last, we highly suggest you to check for the weight limits of the hoverboards before buying them and choose the best fit for you as per your requirements.

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