How Much Does A Real Hoverboard Cost?

While making up your mind to buy a new hoverboard, this might be the first question that arises in your mind – how much does  real hoverboard cost? Well, it is entirely irrelevant to answer this question in the real world as the prices of hoverboards varies by their type, technology, speed, functionality, and many more.

If we consider some new generation hoverboards, they might be quite expensive as they are loaded with advanced technology, hardware, and functionality. On the other hand, the expense of  self-balancing scooters calling themselves as hoverboards can be less expensive than that of those cutting edge hoverboards. 

So, if you are heading on to buy a new hoverboard and want some assistance on pricing, we are here to help you. We have given an in-depth analysis of hoverboard cost, factors you should consider, the value of real hoverboards, and also some of the best hoverboards at an excellent price range. So, let’s move on to learn more about the cost of hoverboards.

how much money does a razor hoverboard cost

What amount of cash does a hoverboard cost?

We are now going back to our core question. As mentioned above, the price of the hoverboards can vary greatly. If you want cheap hoverboards, you can get it easily around $120 – $180. On the other hand, if you’re going to purchase the best and advanced hoverboards, you need to pay around $800 or more. However, these premium hoverboards come with a lot of advanced features and mechanism that boosts the performance and lasts for longer years. 

Factors on which Price of the Hoverboard depends

As mentioned above, there are some factors on which the hoverboard price depends. Some of these factors are sizes, colors, features like led lights, functions, type, maximum speed, maximum load, connectivity, technology, battery capacity, etc. So, whenever you go to purchase a hoverboard, first, try to figure out your requirements, what you want from the hoverboard. Once you are done with your needs, you can then proceed to choose your ideal hoverboard. 

Here are the top 5 recommendations for children & adults considering all the factors by our expert team.

5 Best hoverbords For Kids & Children-

5 Best hoverbords For Adults-

How Much Money Does a Lamborghini Hoverboard Cost?

Lamborghini hoverboards are one of the most premia and widely preferred hoverboards available in the market. Even Lamborghini doesn’t manufacture these hoverboards, but they are called so because of their angular design that reminds us of Lamborghini Super Cars. 

Usually, you can find two models of Lamborghini hoverboards that differed by their size. Among these two models the larger one with 8.5-inches wheels costs between $250 to $320 depending upon their platform of availability, while the smaller one with 6.5-inches wheels costs between $200 to $260. 

How much does a Real Hoverboard cost?

Even though, you might have seen tons of hoverboards in real life having wheels on which they roll on the surface. However, they are not actual hoverboards, just looks like hoverboards. In reality, they are self balancing electric scooter calling themselves as hoverboards. They just run on the ground with the help of wheels, but they don’t hover at all.  

Well, we have found some of the hoverboards that actually hovers above the ground. They are some of the very first hoverboards that hover instead of rolling on the ground. You might not believe in your eyes watching these hoverboards hovering over the surface. But on the same tone, you also need to note that these are one of the most expensive hoverboards you might ever hear of.

Lexus Hoverboard

best lexus hoverboard

Lexus hoverboards were the first ones to redefine the meaning of hoverboard with a hoverboard that actually hovers over the surface. You can see its structure in above image. With the help of dried ice and a superconductor track, this hoverboard manages to lift itself and its rider above the surface. This whole thing was created and showcased in 2015. However, it was just a publicity stunt to make it more popular hoverboard.  And so, it didn’t go in productions for public usage. 


Best ArcaBoard Hoverboard

Arcaboard is one of the most versatile all-terrain hoverboards you will ever see. It merely looks like a flat wooden block that flies off to the ground, as you can see in above image. Arcaboard uses many motors to lift the board as well as the rider above the ground. So, you can change the movement of your body to control its direction and flow, this quality make it much more safe then others. 

This product doesn’t require special surface or a track. However, you have very little control over this board, which is terrible. Well, the most exciting thing about arcaboard is its price and features like led lights and all. Arcaboard is available at a surprising amount of $15,000 to $20,000 which is quite hard to afford for most people.

Omni Hoverboard

Best Omni Hoverboard

Well, if you are looking for a reliable working hoverboards then this is the first and most reliable working real hoverboards model.This product have already set the Guinness World Record for the farthest flight by a propeller-powered hoverboard. However, the public model of these hoverboards is still in productions, and we don’t know when they will actually reveal the real model. Its estimated prices is around $10,000 to 20,000.

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