How Much Does a Skateboard Cost: Learn How To Buy One

Buying a skateboard can be a difficult task, even for experienced shoppers. Skateboards come in all shapes and sizes, so how do you know which one to buy?

This article will talk about how much does a skateboard costs, the different types of boards available, and what you should consider when purchasing your board.


How Much Does a Good Skateboard Cost?

The price of a good quality skateboard is influenced by many factors, including the type of board you buy, the brand you choose, and where you buy it from. Considering all these things, one must also consider their budget.

Some people may want to buy a more expensive board because they believe it will be better. This is not always the case as some of the cheaper boards have excellent quality and performance for beginners, so keep that in mind when you are shopping around.

Factors Affecting Skateboard Cost

Before we move over to estimating the price of a skateboard, let’s get through the factors affecting the price of a complete skateboard in detail.

1. Brand

The brand name of the skateboard will affect its price. Some brands are more popular because they produce better quality boards, while others may just be a trend for a season and then disappear.

We’ll give you some examples:

  • A top tier company such as Nike or DC is likely to cost around $200+
  • A mid-tier company such as Sector or Powell is likely to cost between $150-$300
  • An entry-level brand such as Santa Cruz could be priced at around $100

2. Type

The type of skateboard highly affects its pricing. Since each type is different from another, the cost of making and equipment also differs. We’ll take a brief look at the types of skateboards in just a moment.

3. Quality

The quality of the skateboard also affects its price. The better that it is made with high-grade materials, the more expensive it will be.

We’ll give you some examples:

  • An entry-level skateboard may cost $50 for a new one or much less if buying secondhand
  • A good skateboard may cost $100 for a new one or much less if buying secondhand
  • An expensive skateboard (usually over $250) will not only have better parts, but it’s also likely to be proprietary

Types of Skateboards

As mentioned above, one of the most prominent factors that affect the pricing of a skateboard is the type of skateboard you’re choosing. Let’s see the different types of skateboards we have and what makes them different from each other.

Street Skateboards

Street skateboards are the most common type of board, and they’re also among the cheapest. They are perfect for performing tricks on ramps or doing some basic cruising around town.

They are made to last longer and are more durable than the other boards, which is why they can be an excellent choice for beginners. The average price of such skateboards is around $50-100.

Classic Skateboards

Older skateboarders will be familiar with the classic longboard. This type of board has been around for decades, and it’s still a favorite among many riders today because they are incredibly versatile.

They can go up hills quickly and have excellent stability, but what makes them different from other boards is that they lack speed when going downhill or on flat roads. So, they are mainly used for cruising around the town. The average price of classics can range from $60-200 depending on the brand and model you choose to buy.

Professional Skateboards

Professional skateboards are usually made out of a mix of maple and bamboo, and other types of hardwoods. These boards are designed to be used by more experienced riders who need their deck’s extra strength, which makes them perfect for tricks such as flips or jumping over obstacles.

The average price range for this board can vary from around $200-400. A lot of this cost will depend on how high quality the board is and if it has any added features such as graphics or trucks that are compatible with your riding style.


Longboards are not new to the market as they’ve been around for quite some time now. Professional skateboarders even use them because of their versatility and how well they can handle different terrains.

A longboard is excellent if you don’t want a fast board or need something that will go uphill quickly without slowing down at all. The price of a new longboard can range from $100-500. It also depends on what components are included with the board, such as trucks and wheels.

How Much Does a Decent Skateboard Cost

Now you know the type of skateboard, the question that arises is, how much does a good quality skateboard cost?

On average, a decent and complete skateboard will cost you $70-$250 considering the factors mentioned above. But at the end of the day, it all depends on your budget and how much you’re willing to spend. If you choose smartly, you can save many bucks while buying the best skateboard for you.

Cost Required In Making Your Own Skateboard

Buying a brand-new skateboard is an easy-to-get option for anyone looking to get their hands on a new skateboard. However, if you want to save some bucks and customize the board in your own way, you can build your own skateboard.

Making your own skateboard will allow you to make a board of your choice, right under your budget, by picking up the skateboard equipment one by one. Let’s take a look at the parts you’ll need to make your own skateboard.

1. Skateboard Deck

The first thing you’ll need is a skateboard deck.[1] The type of board will depend on your preference, but make sure it’s made out of durable material and that the width suits your height.

So, how much does a skateboard deck cost? Just like skateboard pricing, the price of skateboard decks will also depend on some factors that are mentioned below:

  • Material
  • Thickness, length, and width
  • Graphic design
  • Deck manufacturing technology

On average, the skateboard deck can cost around $50 for designer decks, while the normal one can cost around $25-30.

2. Skateboard Trucks

Skateboard trucks are how you attach the wheels to your board. There are a variety of skateboard truck options with different heights, widths, and shapes that can affect how well it turns or reacts when riding downhill, but they all include kingpin bolts (the part that attaches into the deck) and bushings (spacers between the bolt and the board).

The average price of a skateboard truck can range from $12 to upwards of $100, depending on the quality and how they are designed.

3. Skateboard Wheels

You’ll need four wheels, two on the outside and two in the middle. Wheels typically come with grip tape already mounted on them, so you don’t have to worry about any extra equipment there.

There are three types of skateboard wheel materials: polyurethane, nylon urethane, and plastic composite wheels. The latter is for beginners because it’s cheaper to buy, but the wear-and-tear may not be as durable as other options.

There are also different shapes available depending on the type of board that you have. The prices vary and will cost more if they are customized, but the average price is around $19-25 for a set (four wheels).

4. Skateboard Bearings

Generally speaking, bearings will last longer than skateboard grip tape and even more rigid materials such as plastic or metal materials. Bearings can make boards easier to turn and can reduce how much effort you have to put in. A set of bearings starts at about $30 for a standard set, but you may want something with more precision or speed, depending on what your needs are.

Things to Note While Buying a Skateboard

Before you start making your own skateboard, be sure to note a few things.

  • Pick the proper hardware for your skateboard.
  • If you are looking for a board that will be durable but still flexible, consider buying plywood boards or any other type of wood material and have them reinforced with fiberglass.
  • If you want something more lightweight, try carbon-fiber decks–they’re just as strong as hardwoods, only lighter.
  • In the beginning, pick an essential grip tape that might cost around $5. If you want to upgrade later, you can upgrade with a premium quality grip tape that costs around $20.
  • Pick the right wheels as well.
  • When you buy a skateboard, you’ll have to decide what kind of wheels will work for your needs. If speed is essential to you, go with rigid plastic or urethane wheels that are 84-millimeter wide and 50 millimeters in diameter.
  • Go with high-quality trucks as it is one of the most critical parts of your skateboard. The best wheels won’t do you any good if they’re sitting at an angle or pumping up and down as you ride because one of the truck’s kingpins is bent.

Wrapping Up

Skateboarding can be a perplexing activity; the decisions involved in choosing a skateboard are never easy.

Some high-quality boards will only cost you up to $300, while those with celebrities draped over them might come with an unattainable price tag of thousands.

If you know what kind of board you want to purchase or which company you want to purchase from, it will be much easier for your wallet. I hope this can help when looking for how much does a skateboard costs.

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