How Many Calories Does Roller Skating Burn?

calories burned roller skating

Roller Skating is one such game that lets you remain active and fit. Although there are many health benefits of roller skating, one of the most beneficial ones is roller skating helps you burn calories. Yes, you read it right! If you want to burn calories in a very pleasing way, roller skating is one of the most exciting ways for you.  

All in all, you might be thinking about what number of calories do roller skating burns? Well, we will try to give you a very detailed answer to this question. Also, we will take a look at the factor on which calories burn depends on roller skating. So, read this article to learn more about this. 

How many calories does rollerblading burn

So, the straightforward answer to this question is, the number of calories burns in roller skating directly depends on some factors such as age, sex, health status, muscle mass, and fitness levels. 

At an average, a 30-minute of roller skates can help you to burn around 250 calories. This is just a general statistic of calories burn while roller skating. It can vary depending upon several factors that are mentioned above. 

i. Body Weight

Body weight is one of the most influencing factors for the number of calories burned while roller skating. The heavier the person is, the more calories he will burn in comparison to the lighter one. For instance, if two people are skating for the same time and covering the same distance, the person who weighs more will burn higher calories in comparison to the lighter one. 

ii. Type of Skating

The type of skating is another most significant factor that directly influences the number of calories to burn while skating. According to a survey report from Fitness Magazine, a person weighing 150lbs burns 482 calories an hour by doing quad skating. But on the same note, a person measuring 150lbs loses 600 calories per hour by rollerblading or inline skating. This means inline skating is much effective than traditional skating in terms of calorie burns.  

Apart from this, some other minor factors affect the number of calories burned while roller skating. If you want to track exactly how many calories your burning in every ride you can use following best gears: 

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Other Benefits of Roller Skating

Apart from burning calories, there are many other benefits of roller skating. Here are some benefits of roller skating: 

i. Build Muscles

By skating regularly, you will be able to build muscle as well. Roller skates helps to grow up several areas, including your abs, thighs, and also calves. If you have excess body weight, it will take some time to see the difference in the muscle definition, but as soon as you lose weight by burning calories, you can feel your building muscles. 

ii. Improves your Balance

Well, this is one of the most common benefits of roller skating. If you roller skates regularly, you will be easily able to maintain as well as improve your body balance. Your balance can directly affect your performance in other sports, as well as how you walk or run regularly. 

iii. Improves your Cardio health

Since roller skating is a cardio exercise, it will help you manage a perfect balance on your heart rate. This will improve your heart health. At a normal, roller skating can expand the pulse of the skater from 140 – 160 beats for every moment. In this way, you can maintain better heart health by skating. 

Apart from this, there are many more benefits of roller skating such as diabetic free life, increase in body strength, endurance, and the most important; it makes you happy.  

Wrapping up

So, at last, roller skating is one of the most adventurous and healthy sport. If you do it regularly, you can quickly lose weight by burning calories. Additionally, you will have the option to keep up a reliable and fit way of life. 

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