How Long Does It Take to Charge a Hoverboard? – [Complete Guide]

Finally, you have ordered your coolest hoverboard and have been waiting for it to get delivered to you. We know you might be excited to get your first ride as soon as it delivered to you. But wait, you can’t ride your hoverboard without charging it for the first time. Yes, you heard it right. Like most of the electronic devices, hoverboards also needs to charge for the first time before you take it for a ride.  

So, the question arises, do hoverboards don’t come charged? To what extent does it take for a hoverboard to charge? How long will the hoverboard last once on a full charge? Well, read on this guide to get answers to all your questions clearly and concisely. So, keep scrolling to get more details over it. 

How Long Does It Take For A Hoverboard To Charge

Do Hoverboards Come Charged?

This might be the first question that might arise in your mind. Well, the answer is yes but with some limitations. Most of the hoverboard is fully charged and tested while being packed by the manufacturer.

However, it usually takes around a month to reach the suppliers for sale. And so, there is a finite chance of hoverboard battery loss during this period. But still, you will get at least 50-60 percentile of charging left when it comes to your hand. 

In the worst scenario, hoverboards can be left in the warehouse for a year or more. And so, there are chances that the battery of the hoverboard can be discharged to the extinct level. In this case, you might encounter hoverboards with discharged batteries. And so, you need to charge it before you can make it ready for the first ride. 

However, in most of the cases with electronic products, it is advised from the manufacturer end to charge the hoverboard battery to 100% on its first arrival. Doing so will boost the lifespan of the cells of the hoverboard. 


How Much Time Does It Take to Charge a Hoverboard? 

So, coming straight to the main question. Well, the time taken by the hoverboard to charge itself is entirely dependent on the type of battery it uses. Yes, the battery type is one of the most critical factors that directly affect the time taken by it to charge completely. Well, most of the hoverboards come along with a lithium-ion batteries that charges fast in comparison to lead-acidic cells. 

Apart from this, hoverboards usually take long hours to charge for the first time. Usually, it takes around 3-4 hours for a hoverboard to charge for the first time. You need to take care that it completely charges for the first time to boost its battery performance. After that, it might take 2-3 hours to charge completely. 

Hoverboards Charging Instructions

how long does it takes to charge hoverboard

Well, before you step into charging your hoverboard for the first time, you need to make sure to follow these hoverboard charging instructions to make everything goes well while charging. 

  1. Before you charge your hoverboard, make sure to turn it off by pressing the power button. 
  2. Now, make sure that all the charging pins aren’t damaged or bent. Once checked, align it perfectly into the charging dock. 
  3. Now, carefully insert the other end of the charging cord into the hoverboard charging port and then switch on the power supply. 
  4. As soon as you turn on the switch, you should the charging indicator turning red in color. 
  5. After it gets fully charged, the indicator will change to green from red. Now switch off the power supply and remove the cord from the hoverboard. 

How Long Will the Hoverboard Last Once on a Full Charge? 

Generally, a completely energized hoverboard can last around 2-6 hours. The ride time of a hoverboard depends upon many factors that are described below. 

  • The first factor is the brand and model of the hoverboard. Most of the premium hoverboards offer you longer rides once on a full battery charge. 
  • The ride time of the hoverboard also depends on what surface you are riding on. Let’s say, if you are riding on a smooth surface, the ride time of the hoverboard will eventually be increased as less tension is drawn to the motor of the hoverboard in comparison to the rough surface. 
  • It also depends on the weight of the rider. 
  • If you ride in hot temperature, the battery of the hoverboard will drain fastly due to overheating. 
  • It also depends on how actually you ride your hoverboard. 

In most of the cases, you can ride your hoverboard for at least 10-14 miles once on a full charge. You can eventually save your hoverboard’s battery by turning it off when not in use. 

Tips to Boost the Battery Life of the Hoverboard 

After reading this guide, you might be eager to know how to increase the battery life of your hoverboard. Well, there are some tips which you can follow to boost the battery life of the hoverboard to make it last longer for years. 

  • The first thing you need to take care of is never let your battery drain out completely. As soon as you get a low-battery warning on the battery indicator, turn off the hoverboard and put it on charging until it charges to 100%.
  • Most of the people let their hoverboard in charging for overnight. In this way, their battery overcharges frequently. Never overcharge your battery as it degrades the battery life of the hoverboard. Bring off your hoverboard from charging as soon as it charges to 100%. 
  • Charge the battery routinely to help its life expectancy.
  • Last but not least, always use the original charger for hoverboard charging. The original hoverboard charger is tested and manufactured for that particular hoverboard. Thus, never utilize another charger to charge your hoverboard. 

 Here are few cool accessories for your brand new hoverboard:

We hope you have got answers to all your questions related to charging a hoverboard. Have a pleasant and safe ride!

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