How Long Does a Hoverboard Battery Last: Everything You Need to Know

If you are looking to buy a hoverboard, you may be wondering how many hours of use you can expect from your battery. This blog post will explore how long does a hoverboard battery last and what factors determine how long it lasts. You will also learn about safety precautions that should be taken to ensure the best experience with your board!


How Long Does a Hoverboard Battery Last?

Let’s start straight by answering the main question. If you are talking about how many hours of continuous use, then the answer is approximately three to five hours. In terms of distance, a fully charged hoverboard can ride up to 10 miles. This time varies depending on how fast or slows your board goes and if it has lights that need power as well.

There are things can be done to get more use out of your battery. We’ll discuss them briefly by checking out the factors affecting the battery life of the hoverboard and how one can get the best battery life on their hoverboard.

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Factors Affecting the Hoverboard Battery Drainage

Several factors will determine how long your hoverboard battery lasts. Let’s explore them one by one.[1]

1. Hoverboard Type

The first and foremost factor is the type of hoverboard you’re using. The different types of hoverboards come with additional battery life. For example, some boards are just for fun and don’t have lights or any other features that will drain the battery fast. These boards last longer than the ones which emit light or play music while they’re in use.

2. Battery Brand & Type

Different brands and types of batteries will also affect how long the battery lasts. For example, lithium-ion batteries are known to be more power-efficient than other rechargeable batteries. So, battery-type will directly affect the battery lifespam.

3. Rider's Weight

The weight of the hoverboard rider also affects how quickly the battery drains. This is because more pressure on the hoverboard will cause a faster drain than lighter riders who won’t put too much pressure on it, and hence, there’ll be less power consumption.

4. Terrain

The terrain also plays a part in how long the battery lasts. The rougher the ground, the more challenging it is for your hoverboard to move, and hence, this will cause more power consumption as compared to a smoother surface where you can go faster without any problem.

5. Distance Travelled

This factor varies depending on how much distance you cover in a day. If you travel a lot by hoverboard, this will drain the battery faster than if you barely use it.

6. Charging Period

The speed of the hoverboard charging also affects how long your hoverboard lasts as some chargers may take more time to fully charge, which means that, in turn, there’ll be less power left for the actual riding.

7. Weather Conditions

Another factor that affects how the hoverboard battery lasts is the weather. If you are in a hot and humid environment, this will cause your device to consume power faster as it needs more energy to maintain a cool temperature inside. The higher the temperature outside, the less time your ride can last. On top of that, if you are in a colder environment, the lithium battery will also drain faster as it needs more power to keep you warm.

Tips for Long-Lasting Hoverboard Battery Life

Now you know the factors that affect the battery life of a hoverboard, it’s time to explore some tips that will extend your hoverboard’s battery life.

1. Use Original Charger Only

One of the best ways to make sure your battery lasts is by using a charger that was provided with your hoverboard. Not only will it keep you from having a faulty battery, but it also helps extend its life as well.

2. Ride Properly

Even with an excellent hoverboard battery, it won’t last forever. The more you ride your board and the harder you go on, it will also affect how long your battery lasts. Always remember to adjust speeds accordingly when riding in higher traffic areas as well so that each charge can last longer.

3. Keep Your Hoverboard Clean

It’s no secret that dirt and sand can do a lot of damage to your hoverboard battery. This is because it blocks the air vents that are so important for keeping your board from overheating. Remember always to wipe down any dirt or debris before you ride.

4. Charge Your Hoverboard Daily

Just because you’re not using your hoverboard every day doesn’t mean that it’s not essential to charge it every single day. This will only help keep the battery fresh and ready for when you do need to use it.

5. Avoid Overcharging

It would be best if you never overcharged your hoverboard. This is because it can lead to excess heat and wear on the battery that will shorten the hoverboard battery lifespan in the long run.

Hoverboard Battery Replacement

In case if your battery dies completely, you can replace your hoverboard battery. However, hoverboard battery replacement is available in only a few models to replace the battery yourself.

While one can easily replace the battery in some hoverboard, a few of them are harder to replace and requires some electrical knowledge to get this job done. In those scenarios, it is highly recommended to call the official technician to replace the hoverboard battery.

Wrapping Up

I hope this article helped you understand how long does a hoverboard battery lasts and how to replace the hoverboard batteries. Follow the tips mentioned in this guide to increase the longevity of your hoverboard

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