A Guide to Choose the Best Longboards from Beginners to Experts

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Are you looking at the best longboard brands in 2019 for an amazing and adventurous ride, with extraordinary experiences? If yes, then here we are with the list of longboards which can thrill your ride and give you the best long boarding experiences.

15 best longboards for beginners and cruising

There are various types of longboards available in the market for different purposes like cruiser, hybrid, maple deck, downhill longboarding etc. And believe me, driving a longboard is one of the most fascinating things, it will let you talk with the wind. 

As comparative to walking, longboard will help you to grab the attention of the public with your skills. For the quickest longboards, contemporary highlights and sturdiness, we make it simpler to settle on the privilege longboarding decision. A gander at the best 15 best longboard brands creates some astonishing outcomes and makes your longboard buy substantially more significant.

Longboards are diverse in types and shapes so it can be hard to distinguish which one to get that will suit you the best. let’s have a quick look at the complete list of Top 15 best longboards which are reviewed by our experts. 

1. The Super Cruiser 44" Longboard

The best Super Cruiser longboard

The Quest Super Cruiser deck is one of the best cruiser longboards which estimates 44″ from start to finish and is 9 inches wide. While this length is perfect for most normal statures, for riders shorter than 5′ 6″, you may be keen on the shorter 34-inch form, the Quest Rorschach.

The components of the longboard make it more authentic like 7 inches aluminum trucks, ABEC 7 Speed bearing, Superflex bamboo, etc. The structure and make of the longboard are originally made by the company. The best longboard brands, working with a portion of the genuine pioneers of the Skate, Surf and Snow Board world, help rethink them utilizing the present best segments, extraordinary new workmanship, and innovation. 


  • Made with high-quality raw material.
  • Can take sharp turns 
  • Durable


  • Not eligible for international customers.
  • Heavy

2. Atom Drop through 41" longboard

Atom Drop through best for downhill carving

Molecule Drop-Through Longboard 41-Inch is an amazing board. It is one of a kind board as it offers most extreme security. It is intended for various purposes, particularly downhill development. The board configuration is interesting it is border fit as a fiddle. It is intended for low riding and it includes a covered maple deck. Because of the predominance of the board, its creators give a one-year guarantee.

It is most helpful during downhill and this is the reason it offers the best solidness. As far as quality, it is a best longboard as it offers 80 S grasp tape. The wheels are of unrivaled quality as it is made out of urethane materials. It has a solid orientation that is made out of the ABEC 9 brand. Moreover, it includes rapid oil.


  • The deck is completely maple overlaid.
  • Incorporates ABEC 5 heading with fast ointment.
  • The 9.6-inch wide deck gives you greater dependability.
  • Incorporates Reverse King Pin longboard trucks of 245 mm axles.
  • Accompanies High-Quality 80 S hold tape.
  • Incorporates 70×51 Wide-lip overly high bounce back urethane wheels.
  • This Longboard is incredible for individuals who love Downhill.
  • Incorporates a grasp tape with Sector 9 logo for included style.


  • The wheels of this longboard may appear to be delicate to you.
  • Just sufficient hold tape.
  • Stay away from an excessive amount of sliding as it might leave a spot on your wheels.

3. VOLADOR Cruiser 42" Longboard

VOLADOR Cruiser Longboard for complete cruising

The Volador longboard is incredible for speed and cutting and its 42-inch length is proper for cruising at great speed and for extraordinary lengths. This board is made of overlaid maple and is heat safe, which is only the correct sort for the hot climate or extraordinary cruising. The wheels are estimated at 70 mm and have a hardness of 78 A. The hardness of the polyurethane wheel gives an adequate measure of surface pressure and is incredible for flipping or sliding.

The item is light and accompanies well-greased up courses that are dependable and make the wheels turn relentless. The trucks are made of pass on cast metal. The board has a kick tail and nose, which is useful for cutting and sharp turns. The Volador Freeride Longboard is dropped through or has a lower focal point of gravity and is more steady than different sheets.


  • The longboard is made up of laminated maple.
  • It is heat resistance
  • Wheels are wide enough to handle people with heavyweight as well.
  • ABEC 9 is used in bearings.
  • Suitable for people of all ages.


  • Not much durable
  • Not good for professionals and experts

4. Retrospec Zed 44" Bamboo Longboard

The best Retrospec Zed Longboard for cruising

The Retrospec Zed Bamboo Longboard is certainly the great shoreline style longboard that you’ve been searching for. The oversimplified appearance adds to the easygoing yet snappy intrigue. It’s much smaller than your run of the mill longboard, which makes it somewhat simpler to take sharp corners head-on.

Everybody realizes that style is a gigantic piece of boarding, which is the reason this model accompanies such huge numbers of various choices. Dark Pipeline, Golden Sunset, Marine Layer, Green Flora, and a huge range of different plans are accessibly available to you. Pick whichever arrangement best suits your taste and head out on the town.

Bamboo and 8-handle Canadian Maple wood are utilized to make this solid, lightweight longboard. Maple is a great material with regards to longboards, so observing it on this board should not shock anyone. It’s not extremely simple to break, yet you can bear without feeling like it gauges a million pounds. On the off chance that it’s not penniless, why fix it?


  • It has Anti bite technology.
  • It was supported high speed and high-end accuracy.
  • Its Canadian maple helps it to remain stable at fast speed.
  • It is shock resistance


  • The tiers are very tight.
  • Low quality of trucks and bolts. ( Click here to know more about good quality trucks you can buy with these longboards.)

5. RIMABLE Drop-Through 41" Longboard

The best Rimable drop through longboard for beginners

The Rimable 41 Inch Drop Deck is the thing that you get when you join a genuinely standard drop-through board with higher-end trucks and direction. This is the sort of board that is incredible for riding around town, yet that will likewise give you enough speed and control to weave through deterrents – or swarms – without jeopardizing your equalization. It has a high level of mobility that you don’t as a rule find in a longboard, joined with the sort of incredible development that you’d anticipate from a block that is intended to remain to genuine use.

The wheels on this board shouldn’t be overlooked, either. The brand unquestionably boasts about the board having an unfathomably smooth ride and that is certainly the situation here. There is next to no opposition while moving, which makes it simpler to take the board for a long ride or to develop speed when going downhill.

This could be hazardous. In any case, the board likewise offers a high level of control just as an entirely steady focus of gravity. That makes this board one of the uncommon longboards that take into account experienced riders as much as it does to amateurs searching for their first sheets.


  • It is easy to control at fast speed.
  • Wheel quality is amazing
  • Best downhill surfaces.
  • Durable and stable
  • Easy to carry while traveling.


  • Durability is not up to the mark as compared to other boards.
  • Some of the components are not made of good quality.

6. MINORITY 40" Longboard

MINORITY Maple Longboard best for speed rides

Minority longboards have picked up the trust of more than 20,000 riders. On the off chance that you are a tenderfoot, at that point, this is best longboards for you. You can productively rehearse the crucial riding abilities. On the opposite side, the powerful aluminum trucks for pounding draw in the talented riders.

Employ hard shake fixes the adaptable and stuns permeable Comfortable Desk alongside the extra help by an epoxy stick. This virus squeezed work area will give the rider of 200 lbs also to a chance to have a protected ride. The mediating curved formed kick tail and nose expands the width as well as appropriate for shocking physical exhibitions. The well-put kick tail and nose will give you unfathomable mobility.

On the off chance that you long to intrigue others with your impressive skating stunts, at that point, the Minority longboards will never give you a chance to down through their ideal turning and reaction timings.


  • Ideal for speed riding
  • Durable
  • Vintage Graphics
  • Adjustable
  • Avoid wheel bite
  • Can hold 220 lbs


  • Not stable all the time
  • Expensive

7. Playshion 39" Longboard

Playshion Longboard for for Comfortable Longboarding

This 39-inch long Drop-through longboard is a multi-work fun item, perfect for a wide range of riding styles. From free-form to sliding to cruising, this longboard will serve you best inside and out anticipated. Comprised of 8 employs of maple, it’s a solid and durable item with ideal flex in it. 

Playshion has demonstrated its item to be the best blend of durability and fitting adaptability. The top notch trucks and wheels likewise work impeccably together to offer immaculate sliding and solidness.

Almost certainly, these mind-blowing highlights make Playshion longboards a solid rival of Volador longboards. Thinking about the overhauled models of Playsion, it won’t be right to expect that there is no closure to the challenge among Volador and Playshion longboards.


  • Lightweight 7-inch aluminum trucks, 90A PU threw red bushings
  • Tough and delicate 70×50 mm SHR 78 A Polyurethane Wheels
  • 8 handle flex hardwood maple deck with level and symmetrical structure
  • A starter longboard complete for children and grown-ups, 250 lbs weight limit
  • Measurements: 39×4 Inch of Deck Size
  • Wheels: 50 mm
  • Accuracy ABEC-7 Bearings accompany oiled


  • This board isn’t moving benevolent subsequently, not appropriate for traps by any means.
  • Direction requires successive oiling else they don’t work fine and cause more noteworthy grinding during rides.

8. Atom Pin-Tail 39" Longboard

The best Atom Pin-Tail Longboard for cursing

This Atom Pin-tail longboard gives you high parity just as soundness. It accompanies various scopes of shading, and you will almost certainly change the shade of various parts. It’s an ideal longboard and popular at its solace and shabby cost. When you see this longboard, you may promptly value its nature.

The Longboard will give you incredible preferences since you won’t get wheel nibble as the deck shape is Classic Pintail Longboard. Additionally, the cleaned aluminum trucks aid standard skating and voyage around effectively. This board can change direction quickly with no wheel nibble or wheel lock issues. The Stiff maple cover deck will hold you consummately while giving some great flex and it can lessen the weight on your leg joints, and permit you to go for a smooth ride. The longboard is intense and will hold you up even in most unpleasant maltreatment while riding.


  • The Longboard has a reduced structure with delightful realistic.
  • Ensured for a smooth and unquestionably most pleasant ride.
  • The longboard truly looks extraordinary.
  • The board is quick and useful for the learner, middle of the road and expert riders.
  • Adaptable and expedient cruising.
  • Agreeable cost and safe to utilize.
  • The trucks give the security you need when cruising at speed and turning corners.
  • Exceptionally Maneuverable


  • This board turns out to be truly precarious at rapid, and it tends to be perilous on the off chance that you don’t utilize defensive apparatus.
  •   This board is presented to strenuous exercises

9. Yocaher Speed Drop Down Stained Longboard

Yocaher Longboard best for professional riders

Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Stained Complete Longboard is the best for its quick and smooth riding, extraordinary security with a tight turning span. The Yocaher has committed to presenting amazing Longboards, and therefore, it is agreeable to use for downhill, cruising and freeriding. It is intended to accomplish the most extreme speed.

The exceptionally inward arch of this drop by guaranteeing that both the impact point and toes of the foot of riders remain bolted with it. The cut out of the deck enables the wheels to get the most extreme freedom. A rider can go without much of a stretch switch at whatever point he/she needs because of its bidirectional structure and no compelling reason to turn the board the whole distance.


The Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Stained Complete Longboard is giving you an incredibly simple riding. The focal point of the deck of this board is low and long enough with genuinely delicate wheels to give smooth and delicate riding. This outcome the low focus of gravity and keeps the body on it — no possibility of falling because of the very inward shape of this drop through. The ideal hardness level of the wheels is best for stuns and strain retaining the property. The excessively hard deck is very steady and gives secure, rapid cruising. Here you can read more about best longboard backpacks you can buy to carry your longboards.


  • The Longboard has a smaller and thick structure with wonderful realistic.
  • Guarantee an abnormal state of security, particularly for downhill.
  • The Longboard is intended for rapid.
  • The Longboard is quick and ideal for the middle of the road and expert riders.
  • Accessible in a wide scope of hues.
  • Ease and safe to rapid riding.
  • Give high solidness.
  • Bidirectional structure for simple exchanging.
  • It has a decent turning sweep.
  • It is completely gathered.


  • This Longboard has included with solid direction
  • This board is should have been backed off while turning.
  • Because of the thicker structure, it has less flex.

10. SCSK8 Stained Assembled Longboard

Stained Assembled Complete Longboard for beginners

SCSK8 has built up its pride among clients by giving them what each eye has foreseen from it. The SCSK8 Natural Blank and Stained Complete have numerous highlights that help it work and further win races. Its deck length and wheels mean this longboard can be used as a decent all-rounder. Its value begins at $30 that is about as shabby as could pay while as yet getting a decent quality item.

Holder made from Aluminum Alloy uncovers the strength that the longboard can continue even though it is used much of the time, with no consideration. Besides this, the light-weight of the board makes it plausible for one to get up on it easily and ride on it to the extent you like it to go. The light-weight further lifts comfort and heaven feeling even while riding on it for a few hours together.


● Highly durable and reliable
● Absolutely usable for beginners and the experts
● Corrosion resistant and strong construction
● Attention to detail Can be given


  • Barely any individuals objections about the direction
  • Not for experts
  • Does not accompany an additional pair of wheels

11. Atom Drop Deck 41" Longboard

Atom Drop Deck longboard best for downhill carving

This longboard will satisfy you while you get to have a go at bending in downhill or cruising. With this stunning toy, prepare to enter in an astonishing universe of longboarding. It has a low deck that implies you can without much of a stretch push it and appreciate a long separation boarding. You will appreciate many energizing highlights in it alongside strain-free one year of item warranty.

Who else favors a longboard that can’t pick up others’ consideration! Molecule consistently centers around the quality and plan of their item so with this longboard you will get an appealing and dazzling look. This exceptionally planned longboard will help you in counteracting wheel bite. This longboard will make your cutting all the more stunning and intriguing. You will love taking cuts while downhill or journey. Switch King Pin trucks will make your every turn and journey flawless. 

The drop deck Longboard furnishes a problem free riding with its astonishing edge shape. Providing extraordinary mobility to all degrees of client; the Atom Drop Deck Longboard will fulfill you with its declining and cruising capacity. It makes the method for riding smooth and stable with the delicate wheels. The 41 inches in length board gives enough space to be connected with the board and appreciate a long separation ride. 


  • The Longboard has a plan with excellent realistic.
  • It will give you high solidness.
  • The direction is great.
  • The board is commonplace for all degree of utilization.
  • Uncommonly prescribed for downhill and cruising.
  • Its standard top mount trucks will enable you to bend quicker.
  • Exceedingly Maneuverable.


  • The wheels of this longboard may appear to be delicate to you.
  • Just satisfactory grasp tape.
  • Maintain a strategic distance from an excess of sliding as it might leave a spot on your wheels.

12. SWAGTRON SwagBoard NG-1 Youth Electric Longboard

Best SWAGTRON Electric Longboard

As a result of the short length and lower handle maple, the deck has a smidgen of flex underneath your feet. On a scale, it is no place aboard, for example, Evolve may give you, however, it marginally flexes underneath you as you ride.

On the off chance that you recollect the huge reaction against hoverboards when they previously began overheating or the later Samsung Galaxy disaster, lithium-particle batteries can be temperamental now and again. Unintentionally, that is additionally why huge lithium-particle batteries are not permitted on planes. The main electric longboards that are permitted on flights must have a not exactly a 100 Wh battery. Watt-hours = Volts * Amp-hours. The more you know!

The 24 V lithium-particle battery controls the center engine. When contrasted with the Yuneec E Go 2 which has an outside engine, the Swagboard has an in-hub engine that legitimately controls the wheel. The benefit of this is there is no drive train between an outside engine and the wheel pivot which presents another disappointment mode. Center engines are less complex and one of the better engines to use on electric longboards. learn more about electric longboards. 


  • Best longboard for the apprentices with ideal speed and range.
  • Top highlights for remote throttle and voyage control.
  • Productive working between 5-degree-F and 122-degree-F outer temperatures.


  • The longboard has restricted utilities for the moderate level clients.
  • It may not be appropriate for experts after the finish of the preparing stage.

13. White Wave Bamboo Longboard

white wave bamboo longboard with concave and large kicktail

You can’t choose a board intended with the expectation of complimentary ride style to take a ride on harsh trails. The organization has a wide accumulation of sheets, which are intended for an explicit riding style. In any case, the organization additionally offers some uncommon models that can be utilized for each riding style.

The presentation of the Longboard bushings is straightforwardly influenced by the speed. If you are intending to take a quick ride during downhill dashing, at that point, it’s critical to pick hard bushings when contrasted with delicate bushings. The organization uses suitable bushings for various models intended for explicit riding styles, which ensures the bushings feel progressively responsive for each riding style and various paces.


  • Accompanies a directional shape, making it fitting for cutting and driving
  • Utilizations different layers of bamboo and Canadian maple wood on the deck
  • Highlights high-bounce back urethane wheels that are stun retentive
  • Simple to push and brake by walking
  • Brisk and simple to work


  • The course must be broken in for some time from the outset before they can roll easily

14. Sector 9 blue wave Longboard

best Sector Complete Longboard for beginners.

Sector 9 blue wave longboard is a great surf roused cutting and cruising Longboard. The board has brilliant inflexibility and it is appropriate for tossing out speed-checks and slides because of its flexing properties. Its more extended length deck expands the dependability of the board.

The board is ideal for cruising around, doing some cross-venturing, sliding and moving over uneven streets. The extraordinary quality and sturdiness of the board guaranteeing you huge amounts of fun with the board. The exceptional structure of the Longboard fulfills the greater part of the riders. The drop-through stage gives extraordinary freeriding knowledge.

The board is ideal for downhill rides and it needs to perform with the low focus of gravity. Sliding should be possible effortlessly because of legitimate stability. You can accomplish certain at any circumstance like cruising or during traps because they hold guarantees a firm handle. A3200 Jessup grasp tape is used to cover the front of the board, which is missing on numerous sheets. So you must be cautious when acquiring a blue wave Longboard. The tape is secured from head to toe with the hold that enables your feet to be situated in the best possible manner.


  • The Longboard has a reduced structure with beautiful realistic.
  • It has a curved and a solid hold tape.
  • Because of its trucks, it is truly steady.
  • Astonishing for smooth riding.
  • Gives appropriate wellbeing.


  • Try not to give sharp turning in flatland.
  • Weigh more than 200 pounds is hazardous in the board.

15. SCSK8 Speed Drop Down Longboard

The best longboard for Professional

Longboards may come in different sizes and shapes, yet they are mostly made of wood or bamboo. SCSK8 Professional Speed Drop is made of handle maple wood. Maple woods are the best for making longboards because they are the most grounded. 

The wheels of the board are PU wheels, which means, they are milder and greater and help in adjusting high skips. On the other, hand Aluminum is utilized to make the trucks, subsequently, they don’t rust. It additionally has an SCSK8 Pro Black Grip Tape on top.


  • Can support up to 220 lbs which is 99 KG
  • Comes in the range of hues
  • It comes as a pre-amassed set
  • Hard shake maple wood body gives it a solid manufactured
  • No rusting on the trucks
  • It is very tall and expansive


  • The heaviness of the item is high at 8.5 pounds
  • Does not accompany a truck instrument  (click here to read more about best longboard trucks you can buy)
  • No guarantee or substitution guarantees from the vender

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the best type of long board for beginners?

Among all the factors that you need to consider while getting long board is its type. As it can be Pintail, drop-through, drop-down, or cruiser long board and your job as a beginner is to know the specifications of each before choosing the right one. All of them differentiate on the basis of length, width, wheels, and bearings as well the construction.

2) Are long boards easier to ride?

Well, it totally depends on the type of the activity you are going to perform and also how well trained are you. However, it may be difficult while initiating with the new rides and by the new riders. Also, some people believe that it is easy to ride a long board unlike the longboard because of the more room for the foot.


3) What is the best brand of a long board?

While buying a long board, you should never skip on quality as it can cost you your life, if things go wrong. So, some of the best brands that come with a reliability are- sector 9, Landyachtz, loaded long boards, arbor axis and atom long boards. So, make a choice after considering price as well as the quality.

4) What is the best type of long board for cruising?

For the worth of your money and of the top-notch quality- long boards for cruising are available in the market. The first one is Atom Pintail long board that comes in the size of 9.4 x 39.0 Inch. And, then there is a 44 Inch Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo as well the Yocaher Punket Stained Pintail complete.

5) How much do long boards cost?

An average long board’s cost will range between 90 to 150 Dollars for a complete set. In this price range, one can get a worthy long board that will last long and comes with great quality. Just check on the truck type and wheels too, as this is the core of any long boards to ensure the safety of the rider.

6) What is long boarding?

A longboard ride which comes with more stability, durability, and traction is what’s known as long boarding. All thanks to the large wheels and Durometers which are on the lower wheel. Those competitive races down the hill in which there can be a speed up to 60 miles per hour is amazing and worth a try once in a lifetime at least.

7) What are the best long boards for heavier riders?

From a plethora of options for the long boards, there are some special ones to support the heavier riders. After all, we all deserve to enjoy such sports despite our body type. The atom drop-through long board which is about 40 inch is a great option in this context of long boards. So, choose from considering your current scenario and preference to have ultimate safety.

8) Are longboards or long boards better for commuting?

The most easiest to carry while commuting is surely long boards, as when you are travelling, or simply dealing with the sidewalk surfaces. When not riding and you have to simply carry and move, then even longboards will be a favorable option. So, make a choice as per your situation to avoid messing up.

9) How to long board for beginners?

Basically, when one begin with the long boarding, the foremost thing is the right selection of the appropriate equipment for the same. Instead of simply falling for the long board, which seem alluring to your eyes, choose the one with the maximum benefits. This is possible by checking out the features of various types of long boards.

10) Is riding a long board easier than longboard?

Research says, none of the longboard neither the long board is bad for the adventure enthusiasts. But if we talk about the beginners, then the long board will be an ideal option. Reason being, they are meant for the cruising and provides the facilitation of the better riding experience.

11) What are the best cruiser boards?

Here are the top-rated cruiser boards which can be considered on your next adventure riding-

  • White wave bamboo long boards
  • Atom Drop Through long board
  • Swagtron swag board NG-1 youth electric long board
  • Atom Drop deck long board
  • Rimable drop- through long board
  • Sector 9 Blue Wave Lookout

12) What length long board should I get?

All the longboards come in various lengths and width as well the constructed in a special way, but one needs to make the right selection. So, while considering the length which is usually around 32-42 inches and 38 for taller people. So, be wise for this choice as per your body requirements.

13) What is a good size long board for beginners?

The beginners need to be extra cautious as per the research while getting started with the long boarding. So, for the assumption of the right long board size, one can suggest 28 and 32 inches, despite considering the height. This size can give you enough ease and at the same time will boost your confidence.

14) Is long boarding good exercise?

It is totally crazy how great is long boarding for your overall physical health as it can burn up to 7 calories per minute. Due to which this thrilling sport is a solid aerobic activity that provides the rider extreme type of flexibility. Also, it can be used to boost up the confidence and can be a great way to work out as a cardio exercise.

15) Is long boarding a good way to lose weight?

You will  be amazed and glad to know that long boarding- your favorite thrilling sport can be a helping hand in the weight loss. This is also beneficial to attain muscle strength and making your mind even stronger. At the same time, all the fitness enthusiast knows the value of flexibility in the easy weight loss process. And, being flexible can be a great gift of the long boarding.


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