A Guide to Choosing the Best Longboard Trucks to Have Best Cruising and Carving Experience

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10 best longboard trucks for cruising & free ride

Riding on a premium quality longboard can be super fun! However, having a good set of trucks beneath your longboard can give you a pleasant joy of longboarding. Imagine, if you have a premium quality board that looks fabulous, grips well, and has super flex built into it. But if you don’t have a good set of trucks on your board, you might not experience the best longboarding that you expect. Here is information about the best longboards available in the market.

Here, we will help you to find the best longboard trucks that will give you the most pleasant ride you have ever got. For your convenience, we have selected the most popular sets of trucks available on the market. Will also be answering your FAQ’s to clear all your possible doubts

1. Sector 9 Gullwing Sidewinder II Longboard Trucks

Sector 9 best truck to generate momentum

Gullwing Sidewinder II from Sector 9 is the ideal choice for those who are looking for a good set of longboard trucks which is superior in all fields.

These trucks are the best companion for those who want to able to turn very smoothly, even at sharp corners. These trucks give the perfect blend of balance and turn that helps an intermediate as well as professional riders to cruise smoothly. They come in two width variants – 9 and 10 inches out of which the 10 inches variant is more stable.


  • Superior adjustability with two kingpins
  • Turns very easily
  • Great for Smooth Manoeuvrability


  • Can be paired only with selected boards
  • Requires risers and cutouts to set up properly


2. Paris V2 Longboard Trucks

Best Paris-V2 longboard Truck hard and durable

When it comes to buying the best longboard truck, Paris is a worthy brand to consider. This is one of the most popular and trusted brands in the world, while this V2 180mm longboard truck is their best production.

 This longboard truck offers the best stability and response that allows you to carve in the best possible way. The base plater can be paired with both newer and older models. The 50-degree radius helps you remain stable even at the sharp cut and turns. The best part of this truck is its build quality. It is made up of virgin aluminum and been treated with heat to reinforce them. 


  • Great stability while cut and turns
  • Available in different colour options
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • A bit expensive
  • They do make some noise at fast speed

3. Yocaher Longboard Trucks Combo Set

the best combo Yocaher Longboard trcuks set

If you have bought the deck and is looking for a complete longboard set, you must go for this Yocaher Longboard trucks combo set.

This combo set consists of both the trucks and the wheels and all its associated components in different colour options. The wheels are made up of tough quality plastics. This combo set also includes risers to help the wheels to avoid biting and catching into the ground as you ride. The trucks are perfectly crafted to give you great grip and balance while you ride on the deck. Overall, this is a perfect combo set for those who want to build their longboard from scratch. Click here to know more about 10 Best Longboard Backpacks you can buy to carry your longboard with your accessories. 


  • Comes with wheels, trucks, and bearings
  • Risers to help durability and aid the ride
  • Affordable price


  • Wheels are of average build quality
  • Trucks come in black colour only


4. Caliber Trucks Cal II Longboard Trucks

The best Super Stable Caliber Trucks

Caliber, the sister company of Blood Orange are one of the finest wheel makers. Besides, they also make the best quality longboard truck that gives superior movement to the deck.

With an already excellent Cal I, the company has made these trucks 40% stronger than the older one. With Cal II trucks, you can enjoy all sorts of longboard rides with great stability and response. The best part of this truck is, it comes with a superior quality bushing that gives extra stability and responsiveness while you cruise on this truck. One possible problem is going to be noise which you might face after longer usage. 


  • Available in different colour combinations
  • Premium quality bushings
  • Great Build quality


  • Circular kingpin holes instead of oblong
  • They do make some noise

5. Bear Grizzly Longboard Trucks

Bear Grizzzly longboard truck

Bear Grizzly is one of the most prestigious companies in this industry. They are known for making the best quality trucks and longboard equipment.Well, these 852 Gen 5 trucks are one of their finest productions.

 The thing which makes this truck different from others is it can be mounted in two different ways. It can either be stable or fast, making it ideal for both downhill and cruising. This truck has a 52-degree pivot angle that allows you to enjoy a stable ride. Well, one of its downsides is they don’t come with tools to help you assemble everything. So, you have to arrange those tools yourself.


  • Unique Design
  • Can be used in two different ways
  • Very fast and stable


  • No tools provided with the box
  • Requires risers and cutouts to set up properly

6. Cal 7 Trucks Combo Set

Cal 7 Durable Truck

Cal 7 180mm is also a longboard combo set that comes with wheels, bearing, and all the essential hardware that is needed to make a great longboard.

 Like most of the longboarding combo sets, it also comes in different colours to perfectly match your deck colour. The truck is made up of lightweight aluminum that gives it strength that let you enjoy pleasant rides. Besides, this combo includes 78A durometer wheels that are perfect for cruising on streets. If you already have an old deck or bought a new one, you should try this combo once!


  • Complete package to build your longboard
  • Truck quality is superb for the asking price
  • Affordable price


  • Longer bolts will be preferred for the risers
  • Bearings may need to be replaced on long term excessive use

7. SCSK8 Longboard Trucks Combo Set

SCSK8 best for all type of longboard

The SCSK8 is the perfect combo set for any longboard lover who wants to learn longboarding or at the beginning phase. This truck combo set bundles everything that you need to set up your longboard.

It comes in different colours to choose from so that you get the right matching colour of your choice. This trucks combo set gets perfectly paired with both old as well as new decks. The wheels included in this set are hard and stable. Installing this truck on the deck is very easy and takes barely 10-15 for the complete installation.


  • Includes every single hardware to assemble the trucks
  • Easy to install
  • Available in different colours


  • Bushings could be better
  • Bearings are just average

8. INDEPENDENT Skateboard Trucks (2 trucks)

Independent longboard Truck for all type of logboard

Are you looking for a skateboard truck that fits best for all kind of skateboards? Well, this Independent Skateboard will be the perfect choice for you. Independent Skateboard trucks have been trusted by many professional skateboarders

This skateboard truck is coated with Aluminum with 356 T6 Aluminum formula that makes it extremely tough and gives it extra strength. These trucks are stable that allows you to maintain the perfect balance on sharp turns. The best thing about this truck is it is available at a very affordable price. However, one of its downsides is you can only install these trucks on limited decks.


  • Excellent quality trucks
  • Remains stable even on sharp turns
  • Affordable price


  • Limitations on deck size between 7.4-8 inches

9. Thunder Polished longboard Trucks ( 2 Trucks)

Thunder Polished Truck with quick turn response.

If you are looking for longboard trucks that get paired with any of your boards, then this is the perfect choice for you. The Thunder Polished trucks are made up of high-quality material that makes it reliable for any decks.

The best feature of these trucks is they can be installed on any decks. The truck features solid Chromoly axles and kingpins that makes it last longer. With ergonomic design, these trucks offer the right blend of stability and performance. The height of the trucks lies somewhere in between high and low. Know more about best stable longboards you can buy.


  • Can be used with any decks
  • Durable and delivers high performance
  • Remains stable even on sharp turns


  • Height of these trucks could be longer

10. Surf and Rail Adapter by Waterborne

Surf and Rail Adapter with smooth fast pumping.

If you want to give your longboard or skateboard a high jump in its performance, you must add this adaptor on your board.  This Surf and Rail adapter can be installed on any board.

Installing this adapter on your board will increase its stability that let you surf easier than ever. With this adapter, you can carve, jump, and can control slides with the precision. This tool is made up of aluminum alloy that can withstand up to 1,500 lbs. So, if you want to give your old skateboard new capabilities, go and give this Surf and Rail adapter a try!


  • Made up of tough quality material
  • Adds great capabilities to your old longboard
  • Great for smooth carving


  • A bit expensive

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1: What size longboard trucks should I get?

Ans: Most commonly, longboard decks are 9-10” wide. And so, you should only buy longboards of 9-10” axles in size to get the best out of longboarding.

Ques 2: Can you put Longboard trucks on a cruiser?

Ans: The answer is a big Yes! You can easily put the Longboard trucks on a cruiser if you want to enjoy a smooth ride on the streets.

Ques 3: What degree are Longboard trucks?

Ans: The degree of Longboard trucks varies from 38-degrees to 52-degrees. The mean difference among two is a high-angle will lean less for the turn in comparison to the low-angle truck.

Ques 4: Do trucks matter on a longboard?

Ans: Yes, of course! Any longboard must have two trucks to add wheels to the board to make it able to roll on the surface.

Ques 5: Which way do trucks face on a longboard?

Ans: The truck on the longboard should be placed in such a way that the kingpin and the bushing should face inward, towards each other.

Ques 6: Do independent trucks have a lifetime warranty?

Ans: Yes, Independent trucks comes with a lifetime warranty that includes the defects related to materials, workmanship, or if they bend, break, the axles slip, or the truck stops working under normal wear and tear situation.

Ques 7: Why do Longboards have the trucks backward?

Ans: Longboards have their trucks assembled backward just to stabilize the longboards at high speed and helps to cruise smoothly.

Ques 8: What does wheel bite mean?

Ans: In longboarding, wheel bite means that the wheels of the longboard rub against the bottom of the deck. This in turn stops your longboard suddenly.

Ques 9: How do I tighten my truck evenly?

Ans: You can tighten the truck with the help of skate tool or any tool that fits on that screw given on the trucks.

Ques 10: Are drop through trucks different?

Ans: Yes, drop through trucks are different as the baseplate on the drop through trucks are mounted at the top of the board while the hanger is settled at the bottom.

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