Top 13 Best Longboard Helmets [Half Shell to Full Face]

Longboarding is undoubtedly one of the most exciting sports, especially among the younger generation. Most of the times, riders want to cruise around on their longboard to enjoy the wind without any hindrance. 

Although it might let you enjoy the ride to the most, you must take care of your safety too! According to recent research, longboarders are more prone to have a head injury in an accident than to skateboarders. That’s the reason why you should consider safety first before you ride a longboard.  

In case, if you can’t afford full safety gears, you must buy at least the best quality longboard helmets for your head’s protection. 

Best Half Shell to Full Face longboard Helmets

Top 13 Best Longboard Helmets - [Buying Guide]

To help you choose your ideal longboard helmet, we have compiled the top 13 best longboard helmets that you can buy this year. So, let’s check out the best helmets for longboarding which are currently available in the market. 

When it comes to buying the best longboard helmet, Triple 8 Sweatsaver Liner is worthy of considering. Triple 8 is one of the most reputable helmet manufacturers in the helmets industry while this Sweatsaver liner is their flagship productions. 

It is their most popular multi-impact helmets currently available in the market with an attractive design and excellent quality. This helmet is made up of rubber and has an ABS hand laid fiberglass shell for durability.  

It is perfectly crafted which make it perfect fit to your head. The best part of this helmet is it comes with an inner padding that absorbs sweat, while the flip up visor removes the smell of the sweat from the helmet. 

This triple 8 helmet has a 360-degrees wrap design that ensures that the interior eps liner sticks to its position and doesn’t separate from the helmet’s interior. As of now, this helmet only comes in a red and black option that looks magnificent. 


  • Multi-impact design for provide extra-protection 
  • Comfortable padding 
  • Adjustable strap for a custom fit 
  • Excellent sweat saver liner 


  • Noncompliant with U.S. CPSC standard

If you are looking for the best quality certified longboard helmet, this Triple 8 helmet is a perfect choice for you. It has been made to provide the maximum protection to the rider. It complies with the top-notch safety standards of CPSC, ASTM downhill mountain bike racing standards, CE EN 1078, and AS/NZS 2063. 

This triple 8 helmet is not only suitable for longboarding but also can be preferred for biking, skateboarding, inline skating, and roller skating. Like already mentioned Triple Eight helmet, it also comes with inner liners that properly ventilate the sweat and removes odor

It comes in nine different shades to select from. So, you can select the helmet of your choice that matches your longboard color to make an attractive combination. Also, this triple 8 is available in three different sizes. So, you can select the one that fits your head perfect.


  • Tough and Durable 
  • Dual certified helmet 
  • Multi-purpose 
  • Available at an affordable price  


  • Size might vary a bit 

If you are in search of a certified multi-sport helmet for you, your search might end here. You can use this helmet while longboarding, skateboarding, cycling, roller skating, as well as BMX biking. This is one of the most affordable certified helmets in our list of best helmets. The helmet is CPSC, and ASTM downhill mountain bike racing standard certified that ensures complete protection while riding. 

It comes with an anti-shock feature that bears all impacts. Apart from this, the shell of this helmet is made of PVC and PC materials, making it durable and sturdy. The inner body of this helmet has EPS foam liner that makes the internal lining for extra protection and comfort to riders. This EPS foam absorbs shock from any outer impacts and safeguards your head from any collision. 

With durability, this helmet also owns a spectacular and aerodynamic design. It has multiple vents all around the helmet that allows air to pass inside it, resulting in better ventilation and sweat absorption. It also comes in seven different colors to pick from. So, you can select the helmet of your own color choice from the available helmets.


  • Multi-Sport helmet 
  • Durable and Sturdy  
  • Adjustable strap for a custom fit 


  • Weak adjustable strap 

Punisher skateboard helmets (Pro Series) are one of the most sturdy , durable and classic helmets in market. This helmet is dual safety certified by ASTM F-1952 and CPSC-1203 that ensures complete protection from any impact. Like other longboard helmet in our list, it is also a multi-sport helmet and is specially made for longboarding, skateboarding, and BMX Bike.

It comes with ABS protective shell and has EPS foam liner inside it for provide extra protection and comfort to riders. Besides, it designed to be aerodynamic and comes with proper ventilation along with 13 Air Cooling Vents that let the air pass inside the helmet helps you to remain cool while riding. It also has a sweatsaver, which absorbs sweat and ensures maximum cooling. 

Another good thing about this helmet is it comes in only one size but in nine different color options. It also comes with three different pads from which you can choose the best fit for you. So, no matter what your head size is, you can select the pads among the three for the perfect fit. Also, it comes with sturdy adjustable straps with quick buckles to quickly releases and fastens the straps. 


  • 13-Vent air cooling 
  • Offers good fitting 
  • perfect cheek pads
  • Affordable price 


  • A bit larger for kids 

Retrospec is one of the most reputable brands in the helmets industry. They are on among them on whom you can blindly rely upon while buying a helmet from their brand. This CM-1 Multi-Sport Helmet is one of their most exceptional production so far. This classic helmet is also dual safety certified with CPSC 16 CFR Part 1203, ASTM F1952,certification.

Unlike most of the modern helmet designs, this one is designed with a classic design that looks magnificent. Since it a multi-sport helmet you can use this for cycling, longboarding, skateboarding, etc. It comes with eight vents to keep you cool while riding. Additionally, it also comes with two sets of interchangeable cheek pads for a custom fit. So, you can select the pads that fit the best for you. 

It has ABS protective hand laid fiberglass shell and has EPS foam liner inside it for extra provide protection and comfort. To help you get the best longboard helmet, it comes in fourteen different colors to select from. So, you can select the one that matches your bike or longboard. Click here if you want know more about hoverboards.


  • Highly durable 
  • Affordable price 
  • Dual Safety Certified 


  • Size might vary 

Pro-Tec Classic Skateboard Helmet is the most robust sturdy helmets in our list. This longboard helmet  designed with latest   features that offers you the best protection and looks. Pro-Tec has been in this industry from the past forty years, delivering the best quality helmets for multiple purposes. This is one of the most attractive and safest longboard helmet available in market. 

It is the best choice for riders having electric skateboards that roll at breakneck speed than average. It has a high-impact ABS shell that absorbs all types of impacts, ensuring complete safety. This Pro-Tec Classic comes with two stages thick inner foam liner that adds extra protection and comfort. Besides, it comes with adjustable length straps with secure locking buckle for quickly releases or fasten the belt. 

This longboard helmet has the best in class 11-vents air cooling that ensure passage of air inside the helmet keeping the rider’s head fresh and comfortable.  It has Dri-Lex with foam lining that absorbs sweat and let your head dry while ridingAlso, this classic helmet is available to buy in four different color options. So, you can get the best one as per your desire. 


  • Maximum Safety 
  • Lightweight 
  • Adjustable straps 
  • Sturdy and durable 


  • Actual size may vary 
  • Strap’s quality could be improved 

If you are looking for full-face multi-sport helmet, this is going to be your perfect choice. It offers complete face protection that saves you from any accident. This is one of the robust longboard helmets and safest downhill racer helmet available in our can use it for downhill longboarding as we know that downhill longboarding is so high speed application. 

It has high impact ABS shell with a shatter-resistant flip-up visor that ensures complete protection and comfort to the rider.  Although it looks quite bulky in size at first sight, actually it is very lightweight weighing just 1.87 pounds. This helmet is available in four different sizes,  so, you can select the one that perfectly fits you. Full face longboard helmets usually comes with a removable visor. It is dual safety certified with CPSC Bicycle, CE EN1078 certification. So, you don’t need to worry about safety while using this full face longboard helmets; it ensures complete protection of your head. 

The best feature of this helmet is it comes with full-head ventilation with ten helmet vents and three borrow ports. These vents allow air to pass inside your helmet for cooling. With a spectacular design, this longboard helmet comes in nine different color options so, you can select the one of your choice. 


  • Full-Face Protection  
  • Lightweight 
  • Highly robust and sturdy 
  • Shatter resistant flip up visor 


  • A bit expensive 
  • A bit tight fit 
  • A bit outdated and hard to find

If you are looking for the best-ventilated longboard helmet, this one will be the perfect choice for you. Flybar has been one of the renown brands in the industry. This particular helmet is CPSC & ASTM F1952 Safety Certified for bicycling, longboarding, roller, and inline skating, etc. This safety standard ensures that this longboard helmet is appropriately checked and has passed all the safety standards.

Moreover, this multi-sport helmet has a robust ABS outer shell and EPS foam inner linings that comfortably fits on your head and provides complete protection. Furthermore, this helmet accompanies an adjustable turn dial on the back of the cap to guarantee you get an ideal and snug fit. Also, the product comes in three different sizes to choose from. So, you can select the perfect fit for you and can adjust later with the spin dial. 

As we mentioned above, this is the best-ventilated longboard helmet in our list. It comes with 12 ample stylish vents to provide you with even airflow to keep you cool. So, you can enjoy your ride without getting wet by sweat. Also, it comes in nine different colors to choose from so that you get your helmet in your favorite color. 


  • Highly durable 
  • Lightweight 
  • Shatter Resistant Flip Up Visor


  • Hard to configure straps 

No products found.

S1 Lifer is one the best half-shell longboarding helmet in our list. This is the best longboard helmet for all ages and passes all the major safety tests. This helmet is CPSC certified, making it one of the safest helmets in the market. It is a multi-impact helmet that comes with ABS outer shell for durability that absorbs the impact and safeguards the head of the rider.

It is very comfortable as it has soft internal padding, which helps the helmet to easily fit on the head as well as provides comfort to the rider. S1 Lifer longboard helmet is available in different colors and sizes so, you can select the perfect design and model that fits the most to you. 

Like most of the half-shell helmets in our list, it also comes in a wide variety of sizes. So, you can measure your requirements and buy the helmet according to your calculated size. In this way, you can find the perfect fit for you.


  • Best fitting 
  • Dual safety certified 
  • Matt Finish 


  • Requires extra padding 

At last, this Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet is perfectly crafted for kids. This is the best gift for your champion rider to safeguard them from minor accidents. Like most of the helmets, it is also a multi-sport helmet that can be used for longboarding, skating, biking, roller skating, etc. 

This helmet looks elegant as its designed so creatively. The interior of the helmet is well-furnished, and the padding is thick enough for excellent comfort. It complies with CPSC standards that ensure this helmet has passed all the safety check.  

Besides, for proper ventilation, this product comes with 17 top and side vents that help rider keep a cool head while your kid rides his board. Apart from this, Razor V-17 comes in a variety of colors and designs to select from. This allows you to select the ideal helmet for your kids that perfectly fits with their longboard color. Click here to know more about top longboard backpacks to carry your longboards.


  • CPSC compliant 
  • Affordable 
  • Durable and Sturdy 


  • Not for everyone 

Triple 8 is a skateboarding helmet that has been certified as the “Sweat Saver” for everyone. It’s also certified as a high-impact-absorbing EPS foam skateboard helmet.

The sweat-wicking sweat saver fabric keeps you dry and comfortable. It is made of thick dual density soft foam, as well as a moisture-wicking sweat saver cloth. There are various color choices available, and they’re all fantastic.

It consists of a breathable mesh lining, an adjustable helmet strap with side release buckle, and two distinct sets of detachable washable eps liners for customizing the fit. Different size options are also there with this triple 8 helmet. A rider can go for any of them as per their requirement.


  • Multiple colour options
  • Budget-friendly option
  • Different size options
  • Dual-density soft foam


  • A bit of expensive

OutdoorMaster skateboard cycling helmet comes up with two removable liners ventilation. It is a durable option because it is built for both comfort and impact resistance with all the reinforced shell and shock absorbing Force.

It is a helmet for multi-sport, which clearly indicates that along with skating, it can be used for riding the bicycle as well. It has double adjustments, which are well attached and long-lasting.

Moreover, the material used is skin-friendly, so it will not contribute to any allergies. It comes up with multiple colour options. A user can go for any of them.


  • Budget-friendly option
  • Multiple colour options
  • Different sizes are there
  • Multi-purpose one


  • Some people complaint about the packaging

KORIMEFA helmet is for kids, youth and adults as well. It comes up in different color range, and a user can go for any of them.

Moreover, it features multiple air vent, which makes it be prepared with a special Aerodynamic design. It has breathable foam as well. The straps are adjustable, and according to the size of the head, a player can go for it.

Along with the longboard, it can be used for other purposes as well. It totally depends on how the user is utilizing the same.


  • Durable option
  • Budget-friendly option
  • Different colour options
  • Adjustable straps
  • Removable internal foam


  • People point out to be inappropriately packed

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I measure my head for a skateboard helmet?

Ans: You can measure your head for a skateboard helmet using a soft tap. Wrap the soft tap around your forehead. Then keep the tape at the same level from the front and back of your head and note the measurement. 

2. Do I have to wear a helmet on a skateboard?

Ans: Yes, of course! You should always wear a helmet on a skateboard as it ensures your safety if you, unfortunately, met with an accident. Helmets safeguard your head from injury. 

3. Is there a difference between skateboard helmets and bike helmets?

Ans: As for the comparison, bike helmet and the other one both are made up of EPS hard foam to provide safety to your head against impact. But the significant difference both of them is the level of impact. 

4. Are Pro-Tec helmets certified?

Ans: Yes, most of the Pro-Tec helmets are dual safety certified that ensures that Pro-Tec helmets are safe to use for protection while riding a longboard and also a skateboard. 

5. What is the difference between Full-face and Half-shell helmet?

Ans: The significant difference between Full-face and Half-shell helmets is the Full-face helmets covers entire face starting from chin to head while the half-shell helmets cover only head. Full-face helmets are more safe than half-shell and considered best downhill racer helmet as they are designed for high speed applications.

6. How can I pick the right size if I order online?

Ans: While buying longboard helmets online, the first measure you head using soft tape. Then on the product page, find the size tab and look for the helmet size that in which your measurement lies. 

7. What certification is best for skateboard helmets?

Ans: For any skateboard helmets, CPSC & ASTM safety certification is best as these certifications ensure that the helmet has been tested and passes all safety standards. 

8. When should I replace my helmet with a new one?

Ans: It all depends on you when you call a judgment to replace a helmet with a new one. There is a five-year rule which is considered as a general approximation to replace your helmet.

9. What is the difference between Hard-shell and Soft-shell helmet?

Ans: Hard-Shell helmets are better in terms of only protection but are not comfortable as their outer shell is made of sturdy material. At the other end, soft-shell helmets are good in protection as well as comfortable. 

10. Are there helmets that I can wear for more than one activity?

Ans: Yes, there are a couple of multi-sport helmets available in the market that you can wear for more than one activity. For example, Bell Sanction Adult Full-face helmet is the most safe and best downhill racer helmet​ which  can be a best choice for them who need a helmet for multiple activities. 

11. What does “Dual Certified Helmet” mean?

Ans: Dual Certified helmet is those that comply with both CPSC & ASTM safety certification. They are far better than a single certified longboard helmet as they guarantee complete safety. 

12. What is the difference between Multi-impact and Single-impact helmets?

Ans:  The fundamental difference between a multi-impact and single impact helmet is the type of foam used in them. Single impact helmets are designed to protect you from one crash while multi-impact ensures safety for multiple accidents. 

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