11 Best & Durable Longboard For Heavy Riders In 2021

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Did you know that 60% of people in the US weigh between 200lbs-350 lbs? 

A lot of longboards have a maximum weight capacity of around 200lbs. This is great for most riders, but due to this very reason, heavyweight people have a hard time finding the right longboard for their size.

But don’t get surprised when we say it’s one of the biggest misconceptions ever!

When it comes to longboarding, weight does not matter as long as you practice every day and your inner spark for the sport stays lit.

Heavy riders need a longboard that will support their weight and be able to handle the pressure of tricks. It should also have high-quality materials, like bamboo and fiberglass resin to keep it durable.

In terms of trucks, you want something with stability when turning corners. Finally, in terms of wheels, the wheelbase has to have ample space in between them for better balance during downhill rides.

Complete List of 11 Best Longboards for Big Guys to Buy in 2021

Complete List of Best & Durable Longboard for Heavy Riders

Want to venture down hills or cruise around town? This article has you covered with plenty of options from beginner-friendly cruisers, all the way up to carving boards designed by veterans in the game.

We’ve compiled the best longboard for heavy riders, based on weight and height so you can find what’s right for your body type! Whether it’s carving or cruising that gets you going, we have suggestions to fit every rider on our list.

So without further adieu, let’s get started.

1. Volador 42 inch Freeride Longboard

Volador longboards are special because they come with top-end features at unbeatable prices.

These boards have amazing stability and balance, making them perfect for riders of all body types who want to cruise on a variety of surfaces while still maintaining control over their board.

You can cruise the streets with ease on this 42-inch freeride board. The deck is made of durable deck material and has a flexy feel, so it absorbs shocks like nobody’s business!

Beginners love its easy maneuverability because they don’t have to worry about getting too fast or turning at high speeds.

You’ll be on the road to a high-end adrenaline rush, cruising down any hill at lightning speed after you invest in these aluminum trucks!

The 7-inch reverse kingpin along with a T-shaped track of metal joins your wheels to the deck. These adjustable 50-degree reverse kingpin trucks are amazing for grip and control while taking sharp turns.

VOLADOR 42 inch wheels are made of polyurethane, which is perfect for all planes. The 78 A hardness level ensures a smooth ride and can last you with its durable design.

Gliding along with the board, you will feel like a bird soaring over fields of grass. . Whether you want to glide down hills, freestyle across the street or just cruise through town – this board will do it all making it one of the best longboard for heavy riders currently available in the market.


  • Easily manages crowded areas
  • Comes in a variety of colours, graphics, and patterns
  • Cost-effective


  • Difficulty in truck tightening

2. White Wave Bamboo Longboard

The White Wave longboard has the perfect design for carving, commuting and downhill riding. This light board is only 3.5 pounds but can hold up to 300 pounds of weight.

It’s a great choice as an affordable beginner board or for heavier riders who want something more lightweight yet durable.

The white wave longboard is a deck crafted with multiple layers of bamboo wood and Canadian maple.

This combination provides bigger riders with the ability to grip easily as they  provide smooth ride over sharp turns, while also providing stability for heavier riders who need support when going downhill.

The White Wave bamboo longboard is the ultimate board for transportation and cruising.

It includes 180mm (7 inches wide) aluminum reverse kingpin trucks, ultra-high rebound bushings which give a sleek style, durability that will last any type of rider’s needs as well as portability with its folding design.

To find the perfect longboard, you need one that can withstand your weight. The wheels and bearings of White Wave Bamboo Longboards are durable enough for heavy riders with high-quality ABEC 9 Bearings. They also have built-in spacers so they’re easy to change out if needed making it one of the best longboards for heavy riders. [1]


  • It has graphic designs with strong and durable parts.
  • Downhill security with high-quality wheels.
  • Strong grip and extra sturdiness.
  • ABEC 9 bearings
  • Best choice for heavier riders


  • Squeaky trucks

3. Magneto Bamboo Longboard

The Magneto Longboard Bamboo is made from 100% bamboo, making it an amazing choice for beginners to advanced riders. The high-quality material makes this board strong and durable along with a smooth riding experience.

You don’t need to worry about how much weight you have on your feet because it’ll work just as great no matter what.

The large deck is made of 3-ply bamboo which provides great flexibility, blended with fibreglass which helps reinforce the overall durability. For those who want to push and carve their way through turns, this board will be perfect for you!

The very best in quality trucks for skateboarders who are looking to carve up the pavement! These aluminum trucks have a 7-inch hanger and kingpin angle of 50 degrees, providing you with an engaging experience when it comes time to carving around corners or through city streets.

Magneto Longboards are crafted from premium materials like maple wood and replaceable trucks. 

Therefore, they last as long as your interests do – whether you enjoy cruising or dancing on these boards will not matter because they’ll be able to take anything life throws at them without breaking down which means no worrying about overweight issues either way. Overall, this is one of the best longboard for heavy riders available in the market.


  • Small, Durable and fast
  • Durable truck
  • Bamboo and fiberglass deck for flexibility and strength


  • Little kicks
  • Components starts to loosen quickly

4. WiiSHAM 42 inch Drop Down Longboard

The WiiSHAM 42 inch Drop Down Longboard is the perfect longboard for beginners and the big guys alike.

With its drop-down design and 42-inch skateboards that are perfect for cruising around town with ease, this board has everything you could ask for while still being affordable enough to make sure no one feels guilty about buying a longboard which is quite expensive!

The WiiSHAM 42 inch Drop Down Longboard is a great option for those looking to cruise across the boardwalk. Its flexible and lightweight Canadian Maple deck ensures that this longboard will be stable, fast, easy to control – no matter your height, Itsweight or shape!

No one likes to push a skateboard. The 7” Aluminum drop through trucks of this longboard helps you avoid that laborious task by making it easy for your legs to do all the work just like they should be!

WiiSHAM’s motto is “Get the best for less,” and it seems like they’re true to their word. The WiiSHAM Drop Down Longboard, which can be purchased at a discounted rate from Amazon, offers all of the functionality that any rider would need without running up your expenses too high.


  • Cheap and Best
  • Ideal for new riders
  • High-speed lubricated bearings


  • Deck quality could be improve
  • Quite dropdown

5. Atom Drop Deck Longboard (41-Inch)

Atom is a longboard brand that’s always looking to expand, and they’ve done just that with the release of their new Drop Deck for heavier riders. What makes this board so special?

It features some cool additional features like an adjustable truck system combined with shock pads in the centre for added comfort on those rough roads or hills.

The 39-inch deck of Atom Drop Deck Longboard is perfect for big feet. The versatile longboard can be used to ride downhill, in the streets and even on debris with complete balance while carrying thick weight.

The hangers of these aluminum trucks are made out of a metal alloy located in between the wheels and deck for increased control. The truck’s ability to adjust up to 50 degrees ensures that you can take sharp corners with ease – maximizing your performance on any level terrain.

The Atom longboard wheels have a modern design that is proven to be safe and easy to control. 

These wide, soft wheels come in three different hardness levels depending on the rider’s stance – 78A for those who want an average wheel (one with just enough grip), 84 A for bigger riders looking for more traction but still enjoy some flexion when riding over cracks or bumps, and 88 A if you prefer something very stiff yet grippy.

No matter what style of downhill action you are looking for, the Atom Longboard has your back. It’s one of the best longboards for heavy rider to get some distance on and enjoy leisure cruising with friends.


  • Perfect for mid-range heavy rider
  • Hard maple wood won’t be break easily
  • It has perfect grip momentum
  • Trucks will help magnificently during balancing


  • Mediocre trucks, wheels, and bushings.
  • Grip tape quickly wears out

6. Santa Cruz Lion God Rasta Drop Thru Cruzer Freeride Longboard

No products found.

Many longboard devotees are familiar with the term “Santa Cruz.” The Santa Cruz Lion God Rasta Drop Through Longboard Deck has already gained a following among aggressive riders, and for good reason!

This board offers a sturdy ride for the bigger riders that will get you to your destination quickly while looking dope at all times.

If you’re looking for a long deck on your next cruiser, this is a perfect choice. This will help improve your balance and stability with its larger platform that lets you cruise in confidence.

The Santa Cruz Lion God Drop Through Freeride Longboard is a long, sleek 40” board with great features for new riders. The metal part on the surface of this deck gives it an exclusive and classy look that will make you want to take your skills to higher levels!

This is one of the best longboard for heavy riders that will deliver an excellent riding experience for all riders of all body types. 

With top-notch components and a reputable brand, the board offers incredible value at this price point. Its construction quality and design are sure to please even the most discriminating riders making it one of the best longboards for heavy riders!


  • Stable
  • Durable
  • Easy to handle
  • Flexible


7. Yocaher Blank/Checker Complete Pintail Longboard

This Yocaher longboard has a pintail teardrop-shaped deck and is best for novice riders. It features the none concave design that delivers better balance than more advanced boards with speed drop decks, plus it comes with harder wheels to provide extra stability while cruising.

The 9-ply Maple Longboard Deck will make for a durable and comfortable ride. The shape is perfect for big guys who are beginners too. The wooden deck on the longboard provides durability, while the shape of this board makes it especially awesome to learn with.

This longboard is equipped with a heavy-duty aluminium alloy body, grade 8 kingpins and 125mm hangers that will give you stability. 

The 90A PU foam on the deck gives your feet cushioned support while riding this amazing board so that it doesn’t wear out too quickly!

The Yocaher longboard has Abec 7 bearings that are excellent when it comes to reliably pick up and maintaining speed. It also features a 70mm Q-Ball wheel size that can easily handle all small cracks, rocks, pebbles, and debris due to its 78A hardness rating.

For those of you who are heavier rider, this is one of the budget friendly and best longboard for heavy riders. The deck has an 8-ply maple hardwood to allow us 275 lbs. Plus its flat surface avoids deformation and bow efficiently!


  • Stable at high speed.
  • Carves like a champ.
  • Highly versatile


  • Low Return time frame

8. Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder Drop Through Downhill Longboard

A Sector 9 Aperture longboard is a great addition to any riders collection. Pros, beginners and heavier riders alike can enjoy this board’s features which include the gravity skateboard durable bamboo deck that provides stability as well as responsiveness from its trucks with an easy-to-ride platform shape for all types of users.[2]

This drop through deck has an extra-wide 36″ length and a 9-inch width, which is perfect for heavy riders and allows you to enjoy smooth rides on all types of surfaces.

It features a bamboo flex which dampens the ride, giving it an extra level of comfort while rolling over bumps or cracks in your path.

No matter how fast you want to go, this board’s drop throw trucks will not get caught up with friction from its wheels – leading your experience down smoother roads!

Each wheel has 64mm 8x trucks making it perfect on any type of surface. With ABEC 5 bearings in place, you’ll be rolling smoothly even if your speed increases or the pressure gets higher than ever before.

Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder is perfect for big guys and beginners alike. Thanks to its lightweight of 6.9 pounds, compact design, you can learn the fundamentals comfortably without being overwhelmed by the board.


  • Turns on a dime for hard carving.
  • Heavy-duty trucks and kingpins to handle weights.
  • Good for novice and heavyweight skaters


  • No room for a tail.
  • Wobbly at high speed

9. Loaded Boards Dervish Sama Bamboo Longboard

The Dervish Sama board boasts many features including being both lightweight and durable.

In addition to its durability, in the long run, there are also different flex options for riders who need more support while riding their Loaded Board such as Flex 1 (maximum weight capacity 270 lbs) or even if they have extra wide feet.

The bamboo and fiberglass construction of this deck gives it the ability to flex energetically. 

The large cutouts allow for hard carves, while the nose and tail kicks make all longboarding disciplines possible on this item.

The Dervish Sama is a perfect board for any extreme downhill riders out there. This ride has Paris 180-mm high-quality trucks, Loaded Jehu V2 bearings and 75 mm hard wheels that allow you to go as fast as your daredevil heart desires without the worry of crashing.


  • Comfortable deck for fat people.
  • 3 different flex ratings.
  • Symmetrical design.
  • High-quality hardware


  • Not suitable for sliding technique

10. Sector 9 Meridian Complete Longboard

Sector 9 is one of the well-known longboard brands for manufacturing and designing top quality fun boards for both young and adult riders.

The max weight of their Meridian Complete Skateboard is 260 lbs, making it a perfect choice for heavier riders. Though there’s no upturned nose or kicktail, this board strikes back with a slight concave to give you a little bit of flex so that you have better commuting/freeriding performance.

Trucks on this mean machine are incredible; 10.0 inches wide Gullwing charger trucks that can handle a ton of weight and have been known to last up to 25 years! The shape is old-school Taco style, which helps you dig your feet when turning. 

Bearings, however, have ABEC 5 ratings with a warranty provided for the first twenty-five years as well!

The lower stance and drop-through design of the Meridian make it comfortable for riders to enjoy pushing around. The eight-ply maple deck offers balance at speeds, so you can push with confidence on this board without worry about tipping over.


  • Different colours
  • Sturdy deck with slight flex for better control
  • Beautifully crafted
  • Ride responsively and smoothly


  • The decal isn’t durable very much

11. Kahuna Creations Haka Rasta Longboard

The Kahuna Creations Haka Rasta longboard is the ultimate in control, stability and soul riding. Easy riding for heavy guys and longtime shredders alike – as smooth as glass.

The shape features a mile taco concave which gives you a great feel on your feet without sacrificing responsiveness when going fast or bombing hills!

This premium fully assembled longboard is just the right size for any large and in charge enthusiast with a max weight of 260 pounds.

It comes complete with 7 ply Canadian maple deck, 9″ Bear Grizzly trucks, 180mm wheels (wheel colour varies), taco concave shape that flattens out on the tail to ensure optimal control and is completely pre-assembled so you can take off into your adventure as soon as it arrives!

A Kahuna Creations longboard is the only longboard where you will find the thrill that embodies two passions in skating: surfing and street skating.

They are just as good for riding upwind on sidewalks as they are carving down an ocean wave, so every day can be like summer!


  • Perfect length for cruising.
  • Stable deck.
  • Wheel bearings seem to roll forever


  • Fairly loosened trucks


You may be a heavyweight person who’s looking for the most enjoyable way to get around. Longboards are perfect because they’re more stable and easier on your joints than other boards like skateboards or roller-skates, which can make it hard if you weigh over 250 pounds.

 Luckily, longboard manufacturers have made their task easy by designing specific models that cater directly to heavy riders!

In case, you’re still confused on choosing a longboard, we would recommend the white wave bamboo longboard.

The White Wave Bamboo Longboards are not only visually pleasing, but they also boast a long-lasting construction and high-quality materials. They’re made with the best trucks, bearings, bamboo and Canadian Maple wood to provide riders of all skill levels an enjoyable ride experience.

All of these factors collectively point out why White wave longboards are the best possible choice for every single big guy who’s a “wanna-be skating champ” of tomorrow.

This piece-to-piece inspection of the best longboards for heavy riders provides you with almost every possible detail about high-quality longboards. These masterpieces have no blind spots in the construction, and their remarkably unique features make them deserve every penny worth your investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1: Do longboards have a weight limit?

Ans: When it comes to longboards, they’re typically capped at 200-250 pounds. However, the weight capacity is also influenced by wood type and board length. 

8 ply bamboo longboards can support 250 pounds or more while lower quality boards with fewer layers only hold a max of about 100 lbs on average due to their thinner design.

Ques 2: What longboard holds the most weight?

Ans: Longboards are made with various building materials that give them differing capacities to hold weight. For instance, longboard decks can be constructed from material ranging in strength and rigidity depending on the desired use of the board. 

Therefore, if you want a smooth-riding commuter deck then bamboo or maple will do well for this purpose because they both provide flexibility as well as accommodate heavy weights up to 250 lbs.

Ques 3: What longboard can hold 300 lbs?

Ans: For a person with an impressive stature, they should go for the multi-ply maple boards or artisan bamboo ones. Both are lightweight and flexible to reduce shock while improving manoeuvrability.

For example, 8 ply of Maple sandwiched by layers of Bamboo will withstand up to 220lbs to 300 lbs easily because both materials are strong yet lightweight so that you can take them in your car as well.

If these don’t suit their needs then carbon fiber longboards are also available which not only is lightweight but super durable too!

Ques 4: How do you stop on a longboard?

Ans: Though there are dozens of ways to stop the movement while you’re gliding around on your board, as a beginner, the most ideal choice would be to perform a footbrake.

Footbrake includes placing your leading foot in front of the bolts. Push off and balance on your leading foot. Squat down slightly and lower your brake foot until it touches the pavement. Gradually shift your weight onto your brake foot, using friction to come to a halt.

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