A Guide to Choose Best Longboard Decks for Cruising and Sliding

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If you have just landed in the realm of longboards, picking the correct items for you can be a troublesome errand. In case if you want to build your longboard with your own choices of decks, trucks, and wheels, the first thing you need to focus on the longboard decks which are one of the most crucial parts of a longboard that directly affects its performance. So, choosing the right deck for your longboard is very important to get the maximum performance while longboarding.  

best longboard decks for cruising and sliding

Choosing best longboard isn’t that easy as it sounds as the market is flooded with a wide array of decks that might confuse you while choosing your deck. So, to help you get the best longboard deck as per your requirements, we have compiled six best longboard decks that you can buy this year. So, let’s get on board to find the best longboard decks for you.

1. Loaded Boards Fattail Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Deck

Fattail Bamboo Longboard deck for cruising

When it comes to buying longboard or skateboard and its associated accessories, Loaded Boards is one of the most prestigious brands. This Loaded Boards Fattail Bamboo Deck is a modernized deck manufactured for most of the longboarding style. You can use this deck for carving, pumping, freestyle, freeride, and many more different types of longboarding styles. 

It comes with a decorative finish that gives it a fresh look. Apart from this, this longboard deck comes in three different flex options so that you can decide what kind of flexibility you are looking for. It is not only flexy, but also durable, and lightweight that allows you to perform different tricks and flips with your longboard. With this board, you are not going to compromise on the performance for sure. 


  • Flexible and Sturdy 
  • Lightweight 
  • Different flex options available 
  • Perfect for all types longboarding 
  • Stylish


  • No grip tapes 

2. Bamboo pintail Deck Longboard

Bamboo Skateboards Pintail Longboard

If you are looking for a quality longboard deck for downhill, this is the perfect option for you. As its name suggests, this longboard deck is made of high-quality bamboo that gives it ideal strength and flexibility for riding. It is also quite lightweight, making it easier to carry with you. 

The best thing about this deck is, you can customize it on your own way with paintings and stickers, thanks to the plain design. This deck is also suitable for cruising as it has enough flex to give you better flexibility on streets and off roads. So, if you are looking for a longboard deck for multiple longboarding styles, this one is perfect to consider. 


  • Made of good quality bamboo 
  • Flexible and lightweight 
  • Easy to customize 
  • Best for downhills 


  • No grip tapes 

3. Loaded Boards Bhangra Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Deck

Loaded Boards Bhangra Bamboo Longboard

Another longboard deck from Loaded Boards on our list. This is the most premium and expensive deck to be included in our catalog. If you are looking for a high-performance deck, this is going to be your best choice. This one comes with a kicktail that helps you perform different kinds of tricks and flips while riding. It also comes with grip tapes that help you maintain your stability while performing tricks. 

This deck is highly durable as it has two bamboo cores sandwich a thin layer of cork that absorbs shocks and vibrations. The board is highly flexible, lightweight, and fancy. It comes in two different printed designs. So, you can choose the one you love the most. Not only this but also it is available in two different flex configurations. So, you can select the flex you want depending on your weight.


  • Durable and Lightweight 
  • Flexible 
  • Best for tricks and flips 
  • Eye-catching design 
  • Available in different flex options


  • Grip tape not included 

4. Moose Old School Skateboard Deck

Moose Old School longboard deck Deck

This is another multi-purpose longboard deck on our list. The Moose Old School Skateboard Deck is an Amazon Choice product with hundreds of happy customers. You can use this longboard deck for cruising, freestyle or downhill, that’s all up to you. Don’t judge it by its classic design; this deck delivers the best performance at the best price. 

Thanks to its simple design that allows you to personalize this blank deck with your creativity to make it unique and remarkable. Furthermore, it has enough width to offer a comfortable and stable ride, even for riders having big feet. To make it more stable, the company delivers it with grip tape for a stable ride. Moreover, the deck is made of 100% Canadian Maple that gives it a perfect blend of lightness and strength.


  • Highly durable and lightweight 
  • Easy to personalize 
  • Stable and comfortable 
  • Excellent performance 
  • Grip tape included 


  • Concave might be a problem for some riders 

5. Fireball x Arbor Longboard Cruiser Downhill Skateboards

Fireball x Arbor Longboard Cruiser Downhill Longboard

When it comes to buying longboard accessories, Fireball is one such brand that doesn’t need any introduction. This Arbor Longboard Cruiser deck is one of the cheapest and best longboard deck to be included in our list. It is the perfect board for cruising, carving, and some light tricks. This is a simple twin-tip deck, which is ideal for most of the longboarding styles. 

Although the deck doesn’t come with any grip tapes, it is quite stable to ride even on shaky streets. It is made of high-quality woods, which is very sturdy and lightweight. All of the above, this longboard deck comes in different printed designs to choose from. So, you can select the one you like the most.


  • Tough and Durable 
  • Highly flexible 
  • Beautiful Design 
  • Perfect for cruising and craving


  • Grip tape not included 

6. Yocaher Aluminum Gold Longboard Deck

Yocaher Aluminum Deck for Cruiser

If you are looking for a fancy longboard deck at the best price tag, this is the perfect deck for you. It is one of the most robust and flawlessly made longboard deck as of now accessible in the market. The Yocaher Aluminum Gold longboard deck is made from sturdy aluminum that makes it stay active even on long riding. 

Don’t judge this board just by its build material. Even after being manufactured with aluminum, it has good flex and absorbs shocks amazingly. This makes it ideal for cruising and commuting. You can also use this deck for downhill. The Yocaher Aluminum longboard deck comes covered with black grip tape that makes it more stable to ride. It comes in four different printed designs so that you can choose the best one from them.


  • Highly Durable 
  • Lightweight 
  • Excellent Look 
  • Grip Tape included 
  • Inexpensive 
  • Ideal for all types of longboarding 


  • Slippery Bottom 

Things to Take Care Before Buying Longboard Decks

Well, you might be thinking about what are the key points you need to consider while buying the best-suited longboard deck for you. So, let’s start with that first.  

While purchasing a longboard deck, there are many factors such as shape, length, width, material, and built must be considered to choose an ideal deck that offers the best performance and durability. Apart from this, it would be best if you also consider the style of longboarding you are going to adapt. Here are some factors to help you choose your ideal deck as per your needs. You can also consider longboard size chart to while buying longboard decks. 

1. Riding Style

Longboarding comprises of different types of riding styles that rider adapts as per his desire. So, before you move to buy a longboard deck, try to consider which riding style you are going to adopt.  

i) Cruising /Craving:

If you are looking for a longboard for cruising and craving, try to consider the decks in a smaller size with their size ranging between 28″ and 46″. It will allow you to cruise and crave easily on streets and steep turns.

ii) FreeRide:

Freeriding is one of the most widely used longboarding styles. If you also want to choose a freeriding style, try to consider longboard decks with their size ranging between 38″ and 42″. Also, if you are a beginner, go with drop-platform decks else go with drop-through decks.

iii) Downhill:

Downhill is another style of longboarding, which is quite risky to adopt and needs some training. Well, if you are trained enough to go for a downhill style of longboarding, try to consider decks ranging between 37″ to 43″. Also, if you are a beginner, it is recommended to go with drop-through decks else, you can go for top-mount.

2. Deck Shape

Longboard decks come in different shapes as per their stability and usability. It comes in three different shapes as follows: 

i. Twin-Tip:

This is the most common deck shape you will find in the market. These decks are very stable and make the ride more comfortable.

ii. Kicktail:

If you want to perform different interesting tricks, pop up and down curbs, and few more actions, then kicktail decks are best for you.

iii. Without Kicktail:

If you are a beginner and want to learn some tricks, then decks without kicktail are perfect for you. They are profoundly steady and sturdy. 

3. Deck Style

Different types of deck mounting styles are available in the market that can directly affect the performance of a longboard. Here are some basic types of deck styles: 

i. Top-Mount:

This is the most common deck style you will find. In top-mount decks, trucks are attached to the bottom of the deck with the help of screws. They provide better stability and control to the rider.

ii. Drop Through:

If you want to perform tricks and flips, drop through decks that are best suited for you. Instead of mounting trucks beneath the platform, a cut is made on the deck through which trucks are attached. They are more stable than top-mount but are harder to control, especially for beginners.

iii. Drop-Platform:

If you want to enjoy the freeride style, drop-platform decks are the best choice for you. They are most stable among the three types of decks, and so, these decks are perfect for beginners who are still at the learning stage. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1: What longboard deck should I get?

Ans: Choosing a longboard deck is dependent upon your requirements of what style you are going to perform. Well, an ideal deck range between 28-35″ long that are best fit for all types of longboarding. 

Ques 2: What board is best for cruising?

Ans: For beginners, the twin-tip longboard decks are the best fit as they offer maximum stability to the rider while cruising on the street. Also, one can go with decks without a kicktail.

Ques 3: What shape of the longboard is best for beginners?

Ans: For cruising, small decks are useful as they easily allow you to cruise and crave on streets and steep turns. So, try to consider the decks in a smaller size with their size ranging between 28″ and 46″.

Ques 4: Is a drop-through longboard good for beginners?

Ans: Yes, of course! Drop-through longboard decks are suitable for beginners as they are lower-centric that provides maximum stability to the rider. Also, it is easy to push around with drop-through longboards.

Ques 5: Can you do tricks on a drop-through longboard?

Ans: Yes, you can! Drop-through longboards are the best fit for tricks and flips. However, at the beginning stage, you might face difficulty while controlling them. So, before you perform some tricks, you need to take some training and pursue all safety measures.

Ques 6: Does the size of a longboard matter?

Ans: Yes, size is one of the most critical factors you should consider while purchasing a longboard. Longer the longboard, more stable it will be. However, the longer board you choose, it will be harder for you to perform tricks on that.

Ques 7: Do longboards have a weight limit?

Ans: Yes, all longboards have different weight limits depending upon their styles. For downhills, the weight should vary between 8.7 lbs. to 10 lbs. For dancing, between 9 lbs. to 12 lbs. For cruising, it should lie between 6.5 lbs. to 9 lbs.

Ques 8: What is the best brand of longboards?

Ans: There are many longboard brands available in the market. Some best longboard brands are Loaded Longboards, Arbor Axis Longboards, Sector 9, Yocaher Longboards, and few more.

Ques 9: Is Loaded Longboards a good brand?

Ans: Loaded Longboards have been manufacturing longboards and its accessories for many years. They are reputable and well-trusted brand producing high-quality boards that are long-lasting and offers excellent performance. 

Ques 10: What type of longboard is best for downhill?

Ans: For downhill, it is advised to choose either drop-through or top-mount longboards as they offer excellent stability and control. In terms of size, you can go for longboard deck size ranging between 37″ to 43.”