The Best Longboard Bushings in 2021: The Ultimate Guide

The best longboard bushings are the ones that you choose for your board! These bushings will be different depending on what kind of riding you want to do, so this article is here to help you make an informed decision. I’ll discuss the best longboard bushings and how they can help shape your ride.

I have put together a list of some of the best longboard bushing combinations available today, including our favorite choices and which type of rider they work well for.

In addition, I’ve given a brief overview about each one that I recommend to have so that riders can know precisely what they’re getting into when buying these products. So, with that said, let’s begin the guide with the most basic question of riders.

When do I need to Change my Longboard Bushings?


Longboard bushings tend to outwear over time. They also lose their responsiveness and start to feel “stiff” or “slow.” When this happens, you should change out the bushings for a new set of ones that are in good condition and can respond and turn quickly again.

How to Pick the Correct Bushings for Your Longboard

Once you know that your longboard bushings need to be replaced, you’ll need to find new ones. You can choose many options, which makes it hard for some people when they go shopping online or in person.

Well, there are some factors that you should consider to make things easy in finding the correct bushings for your board. Let’s explore each of them one by one.

1. Bushing Size

There are three main sizes of longboard bushings: Tall, Standard, Short. The taller the bushing is, the more responsive it is.

  • Tall bushings (110-115mm) are often used for freeride and downhill longboarding because they allow you to make sharp turns and also help reduce some of your speed in turn. These are best for boards that are over 36 inches.
  • Standard bushing sizes (95-100mm) are best suited for cruising, carving, and dancing boards. These are the perfect size for boards with lengths of 35 inches or 36inches. 
  • Short ones (75-85mm) work well on sliding decks but not as much with other styles due to their less responsive nature. These are best for boards that are between 31 inches to 34 inches in length.

2. Bushing Shapes


In general, there are six different shapes for longboard bushings: cone, barrel, standard bushing, stepped bushing, hourglass bushing, stepped barrel bushing. Let’s see each of the bushing shapes in detail.

Cone Bushing

Cone bushings are the most popular bushing shape, and it is also one that has a lot of different variations. Some cone bushings shape have an asymmetrical or “off-axis” profile to make rails more forgiving, while others can be symmetrical for a smoother ride over road surfaces. Cone bushings are versatile and can be used in many longboard setups including cruising and carving.

Barrel Bushing

Barrel bushing is a type of longboard bushing with an elongated barrel shape with sharp edges, which makes it perfect for carving because it provides stability at higher speeds or rougher surfaces while still being able to turn quickly. However, these types of bushing can be less forgiving and might give a shaky feeling.

Barrel bushings comes categorized into a few different combinations such as double barrel or barrel cone bushings which are the mixed of different bushing shape.

Standard Bushing

Standard longboard bushings are the typical type of bushing that is used for cruising. These types of bushings don’t excel in any specific area but provide a good ride on most surfaces and can be found at an affordable price.

Stepped Bushing

Stepped Bushings are a type of bushing that is made for cornering and has angled faces. They fit perfectly inside the bushing seat providing great performance to the rider. These longboard bushings are best used on slippery surfaces where more grip is needed or when you need to make sharper turns.

Hourglass Bushing

Hourglass bushings are the best longboard bushings for speed due to their low resistance. These bushing types can provide a high-speed and stable ride on pavement or paved roads while still being able to turn quickly.

Stepped Barrel Bushings

Stepped Barrel Bushings are a hybrid of longboard bushing types. These bushings are best for those who want the best qualities of Stepped Bushing and Hourglass Bushing without sacrificing any qualities.[1]

3. Bushings Durometer


Just like longboard wheels, the hardness of bushings can be rated on a bushing durometer scale. In general, the more complex the durometer, the better grip and stability you will get.

The bushing shape and durometer rating system is usually given as a number between 70-100A. The letter “A” signifies that it stands about hardness on the Shore A scale.

  • Soft Bushings: These bushings are best for riders who need to turn or prefer a soft longboard ride feeling quickly. The downside of the softer bushing is that it may be more challenging to maneuver on rougher surfaces like pavement.
  • Soft bushings (70A) are best suited for riders who need to make quick, sharp turns or those who prefer softer rides.
  • Medium Hard Bushings: These bushings are best for those who prefer a longboard ride with more stability. The downside of the stiffer bushing is that they provide less gripping and maneuverability on rougher surfaces like pavement.
  • Medium-hard bushings (90A) are best for those who prefer more stability and slower turning.
  • Hard Bushings: Harder-durometer will give you the most grip, but it cannot be easy to make sharp turns quickly on a rough surface.
  • Hard bushings (100A) provide the most grip but can be difficult to make sharp turns quickly on a rough surface.

Our 3 Recommended Longboard Bushings

Here’s my top 3 recommendations for the best longboard bushings. You can go with any of them as they are best-in-class bushings that add an excellent performance to your longboard.

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to upgrade your longboard without spending a lot of money? Well, then the Dime Bag hardware bushings kit is what you need!

This set of high-quality USA-made bushings will make your board riding freely and smoothly. They fit most longboard trucks. The kit contains softer bushings (88A-94A) used for lighter riders or riders who like loose kingpin trucks and stiffer bushings (95A-99A) for those who want things tighter.

The kit includes two top urethane bushings, two bottom bushings, four pivot cups, and eight cup washers for the installation of two trucks. The best thing about this product is that it has been made from the finest materials available in the market to ensure optimum performance.

These bushings greatly fits inside the bushing seat of your longboard trucks for maximum stability and performance. Overall, the Dime Bag hardware bushing kit will not let you down, so you can easily buy it with peace of mind.

Bones Wheels Hardcore Bushings are designed for the skater who wants to stay in control and be able to turn with ease. These bushings will allow you to turn your board with a smooth, positive feel that is not floppy or rigid.

The Bones Hardcore bushings have a patented center set design that provides optimal responsiveness, turning, and carving. You’ll have more control over your board’s rotation, allowing you to spin it in every direction.

One of the key features of the Bones Hardcore bushing is that it allows for easy maintenance because they are made from urethane instead of rubber-like most bushings on the market today. This is the same material as Bones Swiss and other high-end bearings.

All Bones Wheels products come covered under a warranty to provide you with peace of mind when choosing your wheels. Overall, this is one of the best bearings you can go with for your longboard.

Shorty’s Red Doh-Doh bushing are made with the highest quality urethane of any bushing you will find. They have a slightly higher rebound than normal bones, making them more responsive and allowing you to do everything from quick pops to long standees.

The rounded edges make these even more resistant to chipping, so your board will look better longer! One pack is enough for one truck. So, you can buy multiple packs if you need to replace bearings on various kingpin trucks.

These bushings are made to last longer for years sitting inside their longboard bushing seat. In simple words, they are perfect for riders who want a little more responsiveness in their bushing.

Wrapping Up

Longboard bushings are often overlooked. They’re something you change out when they wear down or to get a different feel for your board.

But have you ever considered how important the perfect longboard bushing is? If not, we hope this blog post has given you some insight into what to look for in selecting new ones and why it’s so crucial that your bushing fit well with your riding style.

With our three recommended options, picking the right set of longboard bushings should be easy! Still, if you ask us to choose one out of the three, I would highly recommend you to go with Bones Wheels Hardcore Bearings. However, at the end of the day, it’s your board; it’s your choice!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to change bushings on a longboard?

Ans: To change bushings on a longboard, first, remove old bushings by popping them out of the truck with a small screwdriver. Now, Pop in new bushing using long nose pliers. Lastly, put your wheels back on and enjoy!

Ques 2: What are the Best Longboard Bushings?

Ans: The best longboard bushings for your board depending on how you ride and what kind of setup you have. If I were to recommend the top three, my recommendations would be Bones Wheels Hardcore Bearings. They are perfect if you want a super responsive and lively ride that requires more speed.

Ques 3: What durometer bushings should I get?

Ans: Bushings durometer also depends on your riding style. If you want a fast board, get harder bushings. If you want a looser ride, go with softer ones.

Ques 4: How tight should Longboard bushing be?

Ans: The best way to know if you should tighten your bushings is by riding the board and feeling it out. If something feels too tight or loose, then adjust accordingly.

Ques 5: What hardness of bushings should I get?

Ans: The best way to know what hardness of bushings you want is by how often you ride and your riding style. If you are an everyday rider, go hard on the durometer so that it lasts longer.

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