Top 16 Best Longboard Backpacks for Riders

Longboards are great for spending your quality time while riding with your other fellow longboarders. However, they are quite bulky and is quite challenging to carry them when you are not riding.

Well, to help you in carrying these bulky longboards there is a wide range of longboard backpack options available in the market. These backpacks are stylish, sturdy, and make it easier for you to carry your longboards along with you.

Since there are lots of options available in the market, it can be challenging for you to choose the best one. Don’t worry! here is a complete list of best longboard backpacks you can buy.

Top 16 Best Longboard Backpacks list (Reviewed by Experts)

We are here to help you choosing the ideal longboard backpacks, Our expert’s have shortlisted 16 best longboard backpacks for you. We will be briefly discussing their durability, quality of material, carrying capacity, and affordability. So, read on to choose the best longboard backpack for you.

If you are in search of a stylish bag that gives you enough space to carry your board and daily essentials, this Mohave Skate Backpack is an ideal choice for you. The size of the backpack is made perfectly for both teenagers as well as for adults.

One of the best things about this skate backpack is that it comes in tons of color options to choose from. Besides, it uses a clasp system to secure your longboard while you are traveling. The thing which we like the most in this backpack is it has a different main compartment to store your laptop in your laptop pocket. So, you can always carry your laptop and longboard together with you.


  • Comes with an additional chest buckle
  • Separate compartments for carrying mobile, laptops, and other stuff
  • Good quality zippers


  • Quite expensive

GoRide electric longboard backpack features padded laptop sleeve along with large storage main compartment. It is an appropriate choice for school work and college too. Double bottle holders are there for outdoor activities and can be used for multi-purpose. Deep side pockets for storing spare batteries are also there.

The design is universal and almost holds most of the regular boards and mini electric longboards. It can hold up to the longboards having a height of 38 inches and weight up to 20 LBS. It also has fleece lined side pockets to put sunglasses and mobiles. The design is quite fashionable too. This comes up into color options black and black red a user can go for any of them. Throughout the bag, extra foam padding is there to promote extra comfort.


  • Quality product
  • Multi-purpose option
  • Storage compartments are good
  • Double board shoulder strap
  • Double bottle holder pockets


  • An expensive option

YS sport portable longboard carry bag is also an Ultimate option out there. The durable nylon fabric material is used to prepare the same, which is light in weight. It is an ideal choice for both longboard and skateboard both. It has adjustable shoulder straps that can be used as a one-shoulder longboard back as well. For casing caring and protecting the longboard, it is an Ultimate option out there.


  • Quality product
  • Budget-friendly
  • Durable option
  • Adjustable strap


  • Quality appears to be inferior

Coolplay professional longboard bag is specially designed for longboards up to 105 CM in length. It is a one-shoulder bag having a weight of up to 500 grams. The color of this skateboard backpack is black, and nylon 600D material is used to prepare the same. The padded shoulder strap are adjustable, and a player can adjust them according to the fitting as they require.


  • A quality product
  • Budget-friendly option
  • An appropriate choice for longboards
  • Light in weight
  • Water-resistant


  • Some users don’t find it to be durable

Dakine is one of the leading manufacturers of backpacks. This Dakine mission backpack is one of their best productions that is made to deliver and comfort while carrying your longboard with you. This Dakine  mission backpack is made up of the best quality imported material which is quite durable and easy to wash. 


  • Made up of best quality imported polyester
  • Easy to wash
  • Lot of compartments
  • Ideal for storing laptops and other things along with Longboard


  • This bag doesn’t have any hook to hang it.
  • It doesn’t have a water bottle pocket

Burton has established its name in the market by delivering tough quality backpacks that last for long years. This Kilo backpack is made up of imported polyester which is very durable and worthy. This skateboard backpack comes in different shades so that you choose the best one that matches your longboard. 

This skateboard backpack looks very stylish and is available in two different eye-catching design. There are two different main compartment given at both of the sides of the backpack to carry a smartphone, water bottles, or wallet. This is a heavy duty backpack also has a shoulder straps with adjustable sternum strap for comfortable carrying.


  • Best in class polyester material
  • It has many small compartments for smaller items
  • It has shoulder harness for extra comfort


  • Zippers are quite noisy
  • Quite expensive

Eastsport Skater manufactures one of the best affordable skater backpack for a wide range of users. This particular backpack is stylish, sturdy, and has a lot of space available in it. This backpack has two Velcro carry straps that let you carry your longboard with you. You can easily adjust the size of the Velcro backpack straps to keep your longboard secure in its position.

This Eastsport skater backpack has enough room to carry your daily essentials such as small laptops with you in this laptop pocket. Like most of the backpacks in our list, this one also comes in different color options. It also has fleece lined side pockets to put sunglasses and mobiles. Well, the best thing about this skateboard backpack is its affordable price. It is one of the most affordable backpacks available in our list.


  • Affordable price
  • Lots of external compartments
  • Highly comfortable


  • Quality could be improved
  • Velcro straps are short for wide longboards

Burton Treble Yell Backpack is another best backpack from the company. This backpack is carefully crafted for both students as well as skaters to carry along their skateboard and other things with them. This particular backpack has a carrying capacity of 21litres. It comes with webbing straps for carrying your longboard with you.

It has a dedicated padded laptop sleeve that allows you to carry the most standard 15-inch laptop models. Besides, this backpack has a shoulder straps with adjustable sternum strap for comfortable carrying. It also has two side water bottle pockets that let you carry water bottles with you on your trips to remain hydrated. Click here to know more about 10 best longboard bearings  you can buy to  make your ride faster and smoother.


  • Highly adjustable shoulder straps
  • Sufficient internal compartments to carry your daily essentials
  • Available in different color options


  • Loose straps

The Dakine Atlas Backpack is one of the best backpacks of the company. This is another excellent choice for both skaters and students. As far as space is concerned, this backpack has enough space to carry a laptop, smartphone, books, foods, and much more. For the buyer’s convenience, the Dakine Atlas backpack has tons of pockets to store different kinds of stuff separately.

Like most of the backpacks, it also comes in nine different style choices. It also has a separate zippered compartment that has been built specifically for sunglasses. This main compartment securely stores your expensive sunglasses safe from any harm and scratches. Also, this skateboard backpack is available at a very affordable price.


  • It has a separate compartment for fragile products
  • Made up of good quality polyester
  • Sufficient space to carry a 15.6-inches laptop


  • Sternum Strap is quite short to carry wide longboards

If you are looking for an all-rounder backpack that can carry many things at a time, then this will be the right choice for you. This backpack is made up of imported polyester which is quite durable and sturdy. It has a huge internal space that can easily store lots of things. It also has a waterproof coating inside the backpack to prevent water to pass through.

One of the best things about this backpack is it comes with an attachable basketball net that let you carry your basketball with you. It also has an external USB with a built-in charging cable which you can connect with any power bank to charge your phone on the go. Besides, this backpack has a shoulder straps with adjustable sternum strap for comfortable carrying.


  • Ideal backpack for everyone
  • It comes with waterproof coating
  • It has USB built-in charging cable, basketball net
  • Affordable price


  • Straps are quite loose
  • Zippers can be smoother

Oakley is one of the most well-known backpacks makers. They are known for making the best quality backpacks that last longer for years. The material of this backpack is textured to give the backpack a more rugged appearance. It is made up of polyester linen that gives it extra strength to handle heavy things.

Although the bag appears to be small in size, it has huge space available that can carry all your daily need items with some spare pockets. It also comes with a sternum strap that evenly distributes the weight of the backpack for a more comfortable experience. It also has fleece lined side pockets to put sunglasses and mobiles. Overall, this is a perfect  and heavy duty skateboard backpack for students to carry their study materials along with their longboards.


  • It has a huge internal space to carry a lot of things
  • Quality of the backpack is excellent
  • Very comfortable to wear


  • The water bottle cups are very small in size
  • A bit costly

Penny is also one of the most popular skateboard makers in the country. They not only manufacture best quality skateboards but also makes sturdy backpacks to carry them. Although their backpacks don’t look as stylish as others, they are made to last longer for years. This backpack has been designed specifically for carrying all types of longboards no matter what the size is.

This backpack is made of Durable 600D Polyester material so that you can continue using it for years. It also has a special padded laptop pocket that can carry a standard 15.6-inches laptop safely. So, if you are looking for a backpack that can carry wide longboards, you must go for this Penny Backpack.


  • Made up of durable 600D polyester
  • Can carry all types of longboards/skateboards+
  • Lots of space available


  • Zippers quality could be improved

GoRide Elite electric longboard backpack is a multipurpose bag and has a padded laptop sleeve that can be utilized for multiple purposes. It can be utilized for business, college, and school use too. It has extra storage in which users can put their helmets, and two large front pockets for traveling purposes are also there.

Front pockets are there, having additional space for storing batteries, foldable camera tripods, and other stuff. The design of the bag is universal, which can be used with any age group, and it is a unisex option too. It is prepared with extra form breathing throughout for a comfortable experience. It is an ideal choice for a longboard up to 44 inches long and 12 inches wide. The weight it can hold of the longboard is up to 30 lbs.


  • A quality product
  • Hideaway backpack padded straps
  • Breathable mesh and back padding
  • Padded backpack handle
  • It has padded shoulder straps


  • Expensive option

YO-YO STORE is a professional bag specially designed for boys. The size of the bag is 105 x 30 cm. The color of the bag is black, and it is quite light in weight as well. If you talk about a design that is not up to the mark but is a durable product to consider. It is a perfect choice for those who want to carry some additional stuff along because of the mesh pocket available on the top.


  • Inexpensive option
  • Durable product
  • Especially for boys
  • Can carry extra stuff


  • Design is not that good

DreamFire longboard carry bag is an ideal fit for 46 inches longboard having 14 inches width. It is prepared with nylon Oxford which is a durable material and 600D water-resistant.

It has an adjustable shoulder straps and side carrying handles for having an amazing experience. It has a multi-purpose pocket design with a zip so that users can store small stuff including phones and gloves. This comes up in a Unisex design which clearly indicates male and female both can use the same.


  • Durable product
  • Budget-friendly option
  • The size is great
  • Unisex design


  • Some users feel the quality is compromised

Dakine Wonder Pack is one of the most stylish backpacks available in our list. Don’t simply judge it with its appearance, it is very durable and has a lot of space to let you store your important stuff in it. The best thing is that this backpack is available in different color options so that you can choose the best backpack color for yourself.

This backpack has three exterior sections that let you carry different types of things separately in an organized manner. It also has cushioned shoulder straps with an adjustable waist belt for better comfort and fit. It also has bungee storage straps so that you can quickly flick your jacket or helmet without opening your bag.


  • Very stylish
  • Available in different colors
  • Special pockets for lenses and sunglasses


  • This backpack is quite expensive

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1: How can I choose the Best Longboard Backpacks?

Ans: You can choose the best longboard backpacks by perfectly examining the quality, space availability, and quality of the straps of the backpacks. Most importantly, you must choose a branded longboard backpack.

Ques 2: Can I carry a skateboard on an airplane?

Ans: Most of the Airlines allows you to carry your skateboard as luggage. However, you’ll find some Airlines that do not allows you to carry skateboards, but only in rare case.

Ques 3: How do I attach a longboard to a backpack?​

Ans: You can simply stretch out the strap given on your backpack and then you can attach your longboard between the straps and then fasten the straps to stick them together.

Ques 4: Are longboards easier to ride?​

Ans: Yes of course, anyone can ride a longboard but still you must be careful at the initial stages as you are prone to get disbalanced and crash.

Ques 5: Will a backpack hold a longboard?​

Ans: Yes of course, if you have a backpack with straps on that you can easily hold a longboard to your backpack.


Ans: The best longboard backpacks are those which have superior grips, excellent quality, and good housing space for carrying other essential on that.

Ques 7: Which is most convenient backpack in the market?​

Ans: Although there are many convenient backpacks available in the market, you can choose the any of the above backpacks that we have mentioned in our list.

Ques 8: Which is a good brand to order a backpack?​

Ans: There are many good brands available in the market to order a backpack for you. Still, you can go for Dakine backpacks as per our preference.

Ques 9: Is longboard backpacks are waterproof?​

Ans: Not all longboard backpacks are waterproof. Still, there are some backpacks which comes with waterproof coating.

Ques 10: What are the must have features in longboard backpacks?​

Ans: An ideal longboard backpack should be made up of best quality material, should have huge housing space, and must have long and grippy straps to handle your longboards.

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