12 Best Freeride Longboards Of 2021 [Review & Buying Guide]

Longboard freeride is a sport that involves riding down hills at a controlled pace while mixing fast carving, technical slides and switch-riding. There is a wide multitude of freeride styles but the line between Freeride and Downhill can be blurry.

Choosing the right longboard for this type of activity typically depends on several factors including your size, weight, skills level as well as the wide array of terrains you’ll be riding through.

Freestyle boards generally have a wider deck with added stability to help riders balance during turns but can also accommodate some higher-speed cruising as well.

But, if you want stability then you should probably go for a board that’s specifically made for this style. An ideal ride that’s both sporty and active would ensure you have fun all along the journey.

After all, it’s the right ride that paves way for your daring adventure. Isn’t it?

12 Best Freeride Longboards To Buy In 2021

complete list of best freeride longboards

Longboarding is an incredible way to experience freedom and natural beauty while still having fun on two wheels. If you’re ready to take your skills from the streets to high-end terrains, this article is for you.

In this article, we bring to you the 12 best freeride longboards that are the best of their league and tailor well towards specific styles of freestyle riding.

1. Volador 42 Inch Freeride Longboard Complete Cruiser

Tackle the most rugged terrains with the all-new Volador Freeride Longboard.

Constructed from an eight-ply natural hardwood maple that boasts a weight limit of 250 pounds, this tough and freeride deck provides excellent shock absorption while also providing a great grip for all your downhill freeride adventures.

With its adjustable aluminium reverse kingpin trucks that provide excellent manoeuvrability, along with wheels capable of handling rough terrain but soft enough for smooth rides down those streets, this board allows riders to explore new locales far away from home as well as any opportunity they have at their front doorstep.

The longboard deck is equipped with a low height, ensuring that you get the best of your ride. Its 70-mm wheels make for an ultra-luxe and smooth experience while guaranteeing its rolling resistance won’t be too high.

Shred the streets in style with the Volador freeride longboard skateboard that is designed to be as sturdy and comfy as possible. With its symmetrical design, you don’t have to worry about wheel bite no matter what angle or terrain you’re on!


  • The quality of this longboard is marvelous
  • Wide-Range of Aesthetic Designs
  • Great Riding Experience


  • The customer service isn’t the best

2. Playshion Drop Through Freestyle Longboard

Once you get started, it’s easy to see why longboarding has become so popular.

The Playshion Drop-Through Freestyle board is a durable and smooth ride with superb stability that makes for comfortable cruising around your neighbourhood.

A cushioned polyurethane wheel that can handle bumps while still maintaining great speed on hills or steep surfaces without wearing out too quickly. All thanks to the strong 5-ply maple wood deck that can support up to 250 pounds.[1]

The freeride deck is made of Maple hardwood, giving it a smooth feel and durability. It has adequate kicktails for beginners to learn on, while the bearings let them work up their skills without interruption from sliding or jerkiness in motion when they ride.

It’s no surprise why this longboard won the hearts of many boarders across the globe. With durable materials like maple wood along with quality bearing that makes cruising smoother than ever before- you can’t go wrong by purchasing this product to glide around.


  • Highly versatile.
  • Comes with a durable, high-quality deck
  • Symmetrical design
  • High-quality wheels


  • The quality of the deck could’ve been better

3. Minority Downhill Maple Longboard

For being the classical downhill drop model it is, we could say the Minority Downhill longboard does 100% justice to its name. Made of 100% 8-ply cold-pressed hard rock maple wood deck, you have a 100% guarantee when it comes to stability and sturdiness.

The board has a 37-inch wheelbase as well as 10 inches wide deck that are capable of accommodating riders who weigh up to 220 lbs. 

The 40-inch freeride longboard skateboard features an asymmetrical design that allows you to manoeuvre at any angle without worrying about the wheel bite at all.

The low gravity construction also makes riding fast or downhill easier on your body as you glide smoothly down hills with ease.

Designed by multiple artists, this is one true skating masterpiece. It offers you a more vintage or avant-garde look, unlike the normal longboards out there in the market.


  • Appropriate for speed rides
  • Highly stable and sturdy.
  • Can accommodate riders up to 220 lbs.
  • Allows users to make a small turning radius


  • The quality of certain parts feels cheap.

4. APOLLO 38" Longboard

The Apollo Longboard offers an array of features to please both veterans and newcomers alike. Offered in a variety of colours, patterns, and sizes this longboard allows you to express yourself with ease.

Constructed from premium-grade materials like five layers of Canadian maple wood on top, bamboo on the bottom along with other sturdy elements, all of which collectively makes it one durable ride.

Designed and engineered in Germany, this longboard features seven-inch aluminum reverse kingpin trucks with rugged 69 x 55 mm HR78A wheels that promise to deliver a smooth and stable ride.

The deck measures 39 inches by nine inches wide which are perfect for any skill level. The drop decks of the board provides you with a perfect cruising experience and also offers more control when riding.

The grip tape on top will allow your feet to stick firmly in place, making it easier to manoeuvre around obstacles like cracks or curbs.

With so many options available there’s no reason not to get yourself or someone else one today!


  • Sturdy & Reliable
  • Looks & Feels Premium
  • Amazing cruising Experience
  • Stabilizes itself and the rider on a high speed
  • Perfectly balances the rider’s weight & center of gravity


  • Load Capacity could’ve been a bit more

5. Hana Longboard

With the beautiful bamboo and sleek design, a Magneto Hana longboard is not only stylish but also one of a kind.

The natural shine makes this board look like it was made from some sort of magical wood that you would find in Harry Potter novels.

Put the pedal to the metal with this drop decks style longboard. It’s perfect for cruising, carving and dancing – all thanks to its right balance of flexibility and stability.

The sleek shape of this longboard will make you feel like a professional surfer as it glides through water effortlessly on its 10″ inch wheels.

The 7-inch gravity cast heavy-duty aluminum reverse kingpin trucks are ideal for turning sharp corners or making tight maneuvers like flips in style!

There are also subtle tail kicks available if you prefer hard riding over sliding around on your board. With precision laser etching alongside the sand-grit finish at the top, every detail has been carefully throughout the design.

The Magneto Hana is an eye-catching and versatile board that can cruise the beach, dance down urban sidewalks, or do freeriding in style.


  • Highly functional and versatile
  • Sturdy aluminium trucks
  • Smooth Urethane wheels
  • Aesthetic bamboo deck


  • Packaging could be improved

6. Sector 9 Blue Wave Drop Through Longboard

Sector 9 is a name synonymous with quality, and the Sector 9 Blue Wave Drop Through Longboard lives up to that reputation.[2]

The deck features 100% Canadian maple wood, which makes it super durable and ready to stand up against any type of terrain you might face.

The 10″ gullwing charger trucks allow for a quick and effortless glide while the 72mm 78A offset TS wheels give you some great control over any terrain that comes your way.

With 1.125″ flush mount steel bolts along its deck, it’s easy to see how beautiful artwork has inspired every design decision made by talented artists.

Additionally, a 5-ply taco moulding process along with its concave or cambered design vouches for a board that offers much leverage and grip on the ground giving riders tons of manoeuvrability throughout their ride.


  • Transparent grip tape for extra traction
  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Adequate shock absorption
  • Capable of withstanding heavyweights


  • Slightly wobbly

7. Jucker Hawaii Original Longboard

The JUCKER HAWAII Longboard “Makaha” is one of the most popular longboards on the market, with its bamboo deck.

The bamboo layers not only improve the appearance but also give a dynamic flex to these skateboards, which are built from stone-finished trucks and have a clear grip top deck with lasered company logo.

The graphic design shows the Polynesian tiki pole inspired by the Makaho surf spot in Oahu – thanks to the wide track and soft 78A wheels rider can smoothly roll over both rough asphalt as well as smooth tarmac surfaces.

The deck is composed of 5-layer Canadian maple sandwiched by 2 layers of bamboo to give it a pleasant appearance and flexible feel.

The top side of the deck is covered in beautiful images of Hawaiian Tiki, Hawaii’s traditional carved wood sculptures depicting gods. For riding on your board, the top side has clear grip tape for traction and control.

The HAWAII cruiser lets you enjoy a longboard type experience in shorter length with its 20″ wheelbase that makes tight turns easy as well as smooth carving – all without losing stability when going at slightly higher speeds over small hills!


  • Stable at high speed.
  • Carves like a champ.
  • Highly versatile


  • Low Return time frame

8. Loaded Boards Dervish Sama Bamboo Longboard

The Dervish Sama is a performance longboard built for freeriding and commuting.

Simply put- the Loaded Dervish has everything you need to get up and go, with twin symmetrically-flared tail kicks that allow riders more freedom when they “freestyle.”

The board’s roomy deck also provides plenty of space to entertain small dancers or just take your time cruising across town!

When it comes down to flex options, there are many levels available to suit any riding style; from beginner up to advanced.

The longboard has a more pronounced concave profile which is one of its advantages. The board’s rider can use this to provide better control over the edge’s grip, giving them an advantage when they need it most.

As such, for those who are serious about their boards and want full control as well as getting off ramps with ease, there isn’t any question that the longboard is truly the best choice.


  • Available in 3 flex ratings
  • Stunning design
  • High-quality hardware


  • A bit Expensive
  • Not for heavier skaters

9. Loaded Boards Vanguard Bamboo Longboard

The Vanguard is the next iteration of Loaded’s signature longboard, Flex.

It boasts an asymmetrical shape and stance that balances centre gravity for a smooth ride over rough surfaces as well as control in turns. All credit goes to its ability to unweight during weighting manoeuvres.

The Vanguard is a tried and true longboard that does it all. With an improved concave, this board has deep flex to make carving easier when pumping the deck or turning on tight spots.

The cutouts provide better feedback within the radius for more control during your carve while also reducing stiffness between individual feet which means greater agility and responsiveness throughout turns.

The Loaded Vanguard is the first longboard that’s ready to handle your spontaneous intensity. This performance board will not only change how you experience topography but also drastically improve your downhill racing skills.

The board comes out-of-the-box with factory standard risers and a beautifully curved shape for carving.

Its ultra-lightweight bamboo deck means you can take it anywhere, making this perfect for commuters and people who want an easy ride on their way home from work or school!


  • Snowboard-like responsiveness
  • Balanced centre of gravity
  • Great Flexibility
  • Great for the Price


  • Not ideal for heavier riders

10. Santa Cruz Impact Drop Down Longboard

Santa Cruz longboards have been around for 45 years and are still the most sought-after boards in longboarding.

Today, over four decades later, these top-of-the-line longboard brands continue to be highly revered among those in the skating community as well as beginners looking to try out this sport.

The title for the best longboard in their league still rests with the Santa Cruz Impact drop down cruzer that exceeds the epitome of quality in all aspects.

Avid longboarders have commented on the quality of this board, with its Road Rider 78a wheels. They are soft enough to allow for good contact with the ground and a lower centre of gravity leading to stability.

Manoeuvrability is a key feature when riding this deck. The board responds to the rider’s movements and can weave in-between pedestrians and obstacles on the streets without any trouble at all! This 32 ¼ wheelbase guarantees that no matter what, your turns will be smooth as silk.

The 180 Road Rider downhill trucks add to the security and stability that a rider feels as they are going down.

The board’s design is for speed, but safety comes first. As long as a rider doesn’t go beyond their skill level though, there shouldn’t be an issue with careening down some of the hills in your neighbourhood!


  • Flexible, sleek, cutting-edge design and manufacturing
  • Low cost for a complete board
  • Professional quality


  • Bearings get a little grainy after a while
  • More expensive than some other boards

11. Sector 9 Rocker Complete Longboard

Sector 9 is one of the most reputable longboard producers, and its reputation for quality products is well-deserved.

The Rocker model has a slightly shorter length at 35”, but it also comes in wider than some other models on this list with dimensions at 9.5×35″.

This 2-in-1 vintage model from Burton allows you to carve and bomb downhills.

Its construction is utterly different, using 4 ply triaxial fibreglass for the rocker which elevates the toughness and stiffness of the deck by 3 plies of maple wood giving it a unique feel as well.

The concave shape of this board will keep your weight over the deck, perfect for those high-speed tucks and races.


  • The stiffest and toughest deck in this list
  • Can carve with freedom while keeping the centre of gravity low for balance
  • No wobbles at high speed


  • The bearings aren’t very rigid
  • Not neatly packed

12. Landyachtz Wolf Shark Longboard

The Landyachtz Wolfshark is a new and improved version of the original.[3]

The newest features include an edge design that allows you to ride it downhill with ease, as well as uphill for those who are more interested in exploring the terrain.

With Wolfgang Coleman at its base designing this board, we can be sure that his intentions were clear when creating what has been coined “absolute perfection.”

With its classic shape, this board provides stability on the concave deck that keeps your footing stable, while providing durability with 8 ply maple wood construction.

The cutouts in the design prevent wheel bites which help provide an enjoyable ride without interruption; meanwhile, wheels of 61mm x 54mm size give riders easy acceleration as they carve or cruise through their favourite terrain!

The latest edition of the Landyachtz Wolfshark boasts many improvements over earlier versions such as symmetrical designs and thicker edges.

All of these allow riders to enjoy downhill speeds while also being versatile enough for all sorts of riding style around town like freeriding along pavements.


  • Super durable
  • Comfortable riding experience
  • Flexible
  • Ideal for Freeriding


  • Quite expensive for a beginner


We have finally reviewed the best longboards for freeriding. We hope that you enjoyed reading it and had the maximum understanding of freeride longboarding.

Whether you’re looking for a good price or excellent quality, We have made sure to provide both. We hope you enjoyed reading it and learned something new about freeride boards and longboarding in general.

In case you’re still confused about the best board to choose, we would recommend the Volador 42 inch Freeride Longboard. this one won’t disappoint for sure. A good option for beginners as well as pros.

The Volador is a great all-around board that’s perfect for beginners and professionals alike. It has the manoeuvrability to get you through tight spots but also stays sturdy enough so it doesn’t feel like you’ll fall off at any moment.

Plus, how can you not love the killing looks of this board?

Now that you know freeride longboarding like the back of your hands, It’s hard to deny the benefits that this fantastic sport brings to us. Try playing freeride longboarding once in your life and you will see how cool it is when lots of eyes filled with admiration are on your slides.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1: What does freeride mean in longboarding?

Ans: Freeriding is a style of longboarding in which you ride downhill at low to moderate speeds, focusing on executing beautiful power slides to regulate your descent. Unlike downhill racing, which is focused on reaching maximum speeds, free-riders aim to execute slides, spins, and other technological capers for the sake of it as well as to regulate speed.

Ques 2: What's the difference between freeride and cruising longboards?

Ans: Cruising is when You plan to use your longboard mainly as transportation for commuting or going to stores and places around your neighbourhood, or across town. You will primarily be pushing and foot braking over smooth and rough pavement.

Freeriding on the other hand is when you ride downhill at speed while chaining slides to control your speed. Sliding involves turning your board sideways making your wheels skid, slowing yourself down and controlling your descent. Kind of like skiing or snowboarding.

Ques 3: Are Freeride longboards good for beginners?

Ans: It depends on your usage. If you want to feel the speed and rush of riding downhill and powering through slides, your beginner longboard should probably be a freeride board.

Ques 4: What is the best freeride longboard?

Ans: If you love freeriding and if you’re a newbie then VOLADOR 42 is the best longboard for you. You won’t feel any shakiness and wobbles while riding on slopes and down the hills due to its amazing speed, shock absorption and stability making it the best freeride longboard.

Ques 5: Can you do tricks on a freeride longboard?

Ans: Freeriding is all about the tricks and techniques. It incorporates many of the definitive techniques of longboarding, making it one riding style. This allows the rider to be free and to do all sorts of tricks the way he wants.

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