Top 10 Best Drop Through Longboards [Buyers’ Guide]

As you all must be aware, longboarding isn’t just limited to being a sport that helps you burn a couple of calories here and there. It’s more of a lifestyle, a conventional yet diversified form of experiencing life.

It’s among those aesthetic elements in our lives that unite us with our tribe and yet represent our simultaneous individualities. Everybody has different experiences with their go-to longboards, indeed.

This is prominently why you must know more & more about your longboard and even other longboards, just in case. Considering the market is flooded with longboards and drop decks and different types of longboards, here’s a classified & comprehensive approach to helping you guys select the best drop through longboard that work exclusively for your pace & choices.

You can learn the tricks on the way, but take my word, choosing an appropriate longboard not only opens our gates to a couple of better pricing & quality options but it also strengthens our foundation and helps us learn tricks faster than ever.

10 Best Drop Through Longboard with Complete Reviews


Again, there’s a ton of selections to be made while purchasing boards, and speaking from experience, it can get quite messy if not paid attention to the tiniest bit of details. Let’s quickly have a look at the list of some of my favorite drop-through longboards and what aspect of each product impressed me right away.

With up to 10 color choices available, Junli Longboard not only depicts an aesthetically pleasing outlook but also turns eyeballs very fast! It’s lovely that it comes with seven inches or half a feet broad aluminum alloy truck, an ergonomic shape & ultra-high elastic polyurethane support pads too. The deck’s dimensions are 41-inch long x 9.5-inch & 70mm X 51mm 80A polyurethane for the wheels.

If you haven’t noticed already, this product is pretty beginner-friendly, and that’s precisely what impresses me the most about this product. It doesn’t get a wheel bite quickly, & above all points, it’s a ready-for-action longboard deck that’s basically got your backs during your early cruising times!

Be it downhill, speeding, or freestyle longboarding, it’s perfect! Even absolute beginners with not very balanced riding styles feel incredibly comfortable while riding, which stands Junli’s longboard out. For me, this particular longboard deck is among the best drop decks through longboard out there.


  • Enhanced Maneuverability
  • Designed for Beginner riders
  • Excellent in terms of being a downhill board
  • Aesthetically Pleasing Design Choices


  • Not the best in terms of keeping up with high speeds downhill

In terms of pricing, This Beginner-Friendly Longboard deck is an affordable option that fulfills your needs and doesn’t compromise the quality with its relatively affordable price tag. Indeed it’s got a pretty basic-ish design that looks quite simple but trust me; it’s fantastic when it comes to trying out some new tricks and even if you cruise every once in a while.

If you’re just starting your skating ventures, worry about having a wheel bite, and you also have a tiny tight budget, here’s the longboard for you to consider. I’ve done my research, and based on that, it’s also got 7 Inch Aluminum Trucks with a wheelbase just like the previous longboard, but it’s clearly more beginner-friendly.

Playshion Freestyle board comes with five color choices, so again, you got so much to choose from. Give it a shot, and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed:)


  • It goes faster than ever,
  • An excellent speeding mechanism
  • Brilliant customer service


  • The quality of the parts could’ve been better.

With nine different color selections to choose from, The Fish Cruiser longboard never stops impresses either! With the dazzling design and outlook, I personally it’s for a very particular type of people who vibe with it. You can’t simply purchase a skateboard without it having to vibe with your heart.

So I can’t just recommend it to the masses; look into yourself, and if this longboard seems like ‘The One’ to you to ride, then trust me, it’s got everything you could ask for.

First of all, it’s a 41 x 9-inch full-size longboard, hence suitable for most of you guys. Then, in terms of its build quality, Fish longboards are made out of Highly-dense 8-layers A-Grade Quality Certified Canadian Maple Wood. Let’s not make it hard for either of us; in a nutshell, it’s basically unquestionable in terms of beginners friendly longboards.

Regardless of all these remarkable qualities, it comes along with, it’s still among the cheapest drop decks & longboards on the list. There are the 70x51mm HR82A anti-shock PU wheelbase and even High-Quality Thick Aluminium Trucks 7″ Heavy-Duty Aluminum Alloy Trucks. So, don’t miss out!


  • A Beginner-Friendly design for more effortless cruising,
  • Value for money,
  • Pretty much rock resistant


  • It can be a little stiff initially

Remember, lower center of gravity is among the most fundamental points to be kept in your mind while looking for a reliable longboard. Apollo’s longboarders are known to focus on this particular point of lower center of gravity and thus helps its riders experience the fun of their life while talking to the wind! Just like the rest, it comes with eight color selections to choose from, but that doesn’t mean it’s any similar to the others.

If I was to consider solely the fundamental aspects of choosing a beginner-friendly longboard, this particular one would surely win my heart in a second. I absolutely loved the way how the brand has explained the science behind crafting this longboard and how it mainly helps you out as a beginner.

It might be relatively costlier than other longboards on the list, but trust me when I say this, every penny invested in this longboard is worth a dime! (specifically for beginners)


  • Quite a sturdy feel,
  • Absolute beginners can ride it swiftly,
  • High-quality longboard trucks,
  • Balances well and maintains a perfect center of gravity


  • The quality of the traction tape & wheels fitting could’ve been improved.

Probably the best board in terms of strictly budgeted pricing on our today’s list, Volador did a fantastic job crafting this magnificent product. I love how you can get this longboard at a price like $59 with a 9% discount! So if you have a tight budget, let’s have a look at what this longboard has to offer and if it’s even made just for you.

For the record, it’s 100% made out of maple deck, comes with all the standardized features and bare-minimum requirements, and yet as a cherry on top, The Geometric graphics printed on it are so aesthetically pleasing that they quickly make eyeballs turn. Definitely not a minimalistic design if that’s what you’re looking for.

Then again, it’s designed by keeping beginner riding styles particularly in mind by the makers, so it won’t be a problem if you’re starting from scratch and about to perform your first ollie ever. Oh, and before I forget, I personally enjoyed the outlook of this longboard and how it captivates your eyes into staring at it.

I would say you must give this longboard a shot, and hopefully, it does wonders to your skating journey!


  • It feels just about right while longboarding
  • Balances, speeds, and maneuvers seamlessly
  • Perfect for beginner riders


  • Wheels of some particular models can be a little stiff and rigid

Coming with a bamboo deck of 38.5″ by 9″ dimensions, Magneto Longboards is designed for seamless cruising & turning, be it a beginner or an experienced rider. I personally found it pretty impressive that it’s pretty flexible, sturdy, & reliable.[1]

Above all, these boards are offered in 5 different minimalistic & monochromatic shades that not only look awesome but also make you unleash the truest form of your existence from within. I did vibe well vibe this longboard, and I appreciate its overall vibe.

Very few people indeed faced issues with the bearings & the wheels, but that issue is encountered with particular purchases, not all of them. If you order this and face such problems, just ask for its replacement, and you’ll get yours in excellent condition.

The process is seamless & the support staff is beyond friendly. If it fits your budget, needs, and overall vibe, I insist you check this longboard out, and I’m sure you’re going to love each aspect of it.

Some points to be noted here are that this board smoothly stabilizes your movements, comes with qualitative trucks, an aesthetically pleasing design, a sturdy look, and all that at an incredibly remarkable price!


  • The longboard really is a value for money product
  • Customer Service is appreciable and exemplary
  • Made specifically for minimalists


  • The packaging could be improved

The main advantage of purchasing Leeyo is that it’s literally the most affordable longboard on our today’s list. Leeyoo’s 41″ Longboards sets multiple benchmarks in terms of stating that even though it’s pretty much inexpensive compared to the competitive products, it really doesn’t give the cheap feels.

Instead, on the contrary, it feels like a branded board, which is a compelling point considering the company claims it’s very well suitable for all kinds of skaters, be it beginners or even advanced skaters.

This is among the longboards I absolutely loved from the list mainly because it maneuvers effortlessly. For the record, if you hate the assembling part, worry not; Leeyoo packages the longboard in a very organized manner, and it arrives assembled. So just get it out of the packaging, and cruise it right away!

Think about it, this longboard, regardless of the pricing, offers you so much more value. It’s got High-Quality Bearings, Thick Aluminium Trucks, 7″ Heavy-Duty Aluminum Alloys, Super smooth 50mm anti-shock PU wheels, & different color options to choose from.

I really appreciate the makers for coming up with such a remarkable product.


  • Highly budget-friendly & affordable
  • Value for Money
  • Great for all ages


  • The quality isn’t the best and could’ve been improved.

I absolutely adore the colors this longboard comes with, especially with the lion prints. If you have a bold vibe and are a beginner rider looking forward to learning this new skill out finally, the experience of this board is beyond your expectations!

Just like the others, it comes with standard 7-inch or half feet long trucks, 70mm X 51mm 80A PU smooth & durable wheels, 7-inch trucks, and a perfectly crafted shape. What’s further impressive is the fact that this product has some of the best geometric patterns to choose from.

I’ve seen many reviews, and those positive reviews are the prominent reason why I tried it out. Trust me when I say this, it did not seem like an inexpensive & cheap drop-through longboard that literally sucks. Instead, on the contrary, it’s got fantastic truck mounts & the wheels justify the pricing of the skateboard very well.

Plus, the customer-oriented return policy of the company states that one can return the longboard within 60 days of purchase if one faces any quality issues. Beyond IMPRESSIVE!


  • Value For Money
  • A Budget-Friendly product
  • Fantastic replacement & refund policies


  • Some customers face packaging issues.

Another affordable board on our today’s list, Hyposomnia, offers a great product here that comes with multiple provocative reasons to make the purchase. First of all, even though the rider is a beginner or a pro in longboarding, it is suitable for everybody.

The standard 7 Inch Aluminum Trucks might seem like something everybody else is offering. However, the point to be noted here is that it faced the least amount of customer complaints and rather everybody appreciates its quality. Plus, even this one comes with a 30 days return policy, which isn’t as gigantic of a time period offered as the previous product, but it really isn’t less time at all.

The dimensions of the deck are 40.9 x 10.2 inches & its wheels are 70x51mm inches. I tried doing ollies, speeding downhills, 360s, inwards, and whatnot! It’s pretty impressive how this board carried it all effortlessly and did not appear stiff even for one second, even though it was a little rigid initially, but as I fooled around with it, things got a lot smoother.


  • Beginner as well as a professional, friendly board
  • Fantastic Quality of the parts installed.
  • 6 Fucky & Cool colors to choose from.


  • The board can initially be a little rigid.

I swear to god, this is #1 the most gorgeous looking board on our today’s list, especially the Lowrider New Yorker theme-based design. But what I loved, even more is the fact that it comes already assembled, so it’s like the board is inside the box waiting for you to unwrap it and start longboarding right away!

Yocaher has done a brilliant job here by using some of the best quality decks, wheels, & trucks. Yet provide it at such a reasonable price. Like some other boards off this list, I’d say this one’s just as valuable for money as I expected. For the record, it comes with a Concave 9 ply Canadian maple wood, which basically establishes a reliable foundation of this board.[2]

I checked all its colors out too, & I loved how these guys have offered the simplest of designs, along with some of the most incredible & funkiest designs I’ve ever seen. I highly recommend you guys check it out.


  • Good-Looking
  • Premium Quality
  • Ready to Cruise, no need to assemble it
  • Value for Money
  • Budget-Friendly


  • Fittings of these longboards after shipment aren’t as great and require tightening.


These were some of my personal favorite boards that I believed I must share with each and every one of you. Among the ten of these, my personal favorite here is the Leeyoo Skateboard, considering how it offers so much at a reasonable price, even lesser. It also has so many color options, and the board feels comfortable while longboarding. Hopefully, you liked the article. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1: Are drop-throughs suitable for cruising?

Ans: Drop through cruisers are used with the primary purpose of cruising. A lot of people misunderstand the product by looking at its shape and thinking that it’s only meant for tricks and fooling around a little. However, riders can do both on this and even enjoy the experience relatively more compared to a regular board.

Ques 2: What is the difference between drop throughs and drop-down longboard?

Ans: The most noticeable & significant differences between drop through boards and dropdowns are their distinctive shapes & varied experiences of cruising. In terms of stability and speeding, drop-down wins the battle, not by much, but indeed it does. What’s the greatest about drop-throughs is their responsiveness and a broader surface for comfortable placement of legs and seamless cruising.

Ques 3: Do you need special trucks for drop through longboard?

Ans: Not really. You might not need special trucks unless you have a specific goal in mind to fulfill. As a novice skateboarder or a cruising lover, there really isn’t a need to purchase and install special ones. But if you choose to do so, an additional truck can bring significant changes to your board and overall experience. For example, maybe it’s designed to increase the response rate of your board, maneuverability, balancing, cruising, or just about anything.

Ques 4: What's the difference between Pintail and Drop Through Longboard?

Ans: Some of the most noticeable differences among pintail and drop through boards include their shapes, longboarding experiences, purposes, placement of trucks, decks, & even the wheels. The trucks are placed on top of a pintail board, whereas they are placed alongside the decks on a board. Thus a person’s purposes determine whether or not they should go for a pintail board or a drop-through longboard.

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