13 Best Dancing Longboards for 2021 [Ultimate Buyer’s Guide]

Dancing longboards are a new phenomenon that has taken the world by storm. These boards are specially designed to allow dancing on them without any risk of falling off and hitting the ground. 

And if you’re looking for one, we’ve got just the list for you! We have compiled a list of the 13 best dancing longboards in 2021 so that people can make an informed decision when buying a dancing longboard.

Doing freestyle tricks and movements on dancing longboards has become a popular form of dancing and entertainment for many people. A dancing longboard has been specially designed with an inch or two of elevation at its nose and tail so you can maintain stability while doing tricks. 

So, if you’re someone who wants to take challenges and learn dancing on a longboard then these specifically designed longboards are the best option for you.

13 Best Longboard for Dancing to Buy in 2021

best dancing longboards

While the market is full of varieties of longboards, finding the dancing longboards can be a tricky task for you, especially when you don’t have enough knowledge of these longboards. 

So, to simplify your buying experience, we’ve made this list of the 13 best dancing longboards to help you buy a dancing board without digging deep into technical terms. So read on, and find out which dancing board is perfect for you!

1. Playshion Drop Through Freestyle Longboard

The Playshion Drop Through Freestyle Longboard is a great longboard for dancing for beginners and experienced riders. It’s super stable, easy to learn on, and perfect for cruising around town. The drop-through design makes it very comfortable to push around. This board is also perfect for doing freestyle tricks!

The deck of this board is made from 8 ply maple wood which makes it strong but flexible enough to absorb impacts and shocks while riding. The concave deck has a slight curve that allows you to have better control over the board when making sharp turns.

It has a flexy yet strong maple deck that can hold up to 250 lbs and 4 inches of ground clearance. It’s lightweight at just 7 lbs, making it easy to carry around when you need to take the longboard somewhere else.

The board has 7″ aluminum reverse kingpin trucks that make riding more stable and easier. The trucks have an angle of 180 degrees, which makes the turning radius smaller than on other boards. This feature allows you to be in full control over your moves at any time, whether you’re going fast or slow.

The wheels are 70x51mm 78A PU wheels and ABEC-9 bearings ensure smooth rolling. It also has a kicktail at the back that can be used for performing freestyle tricks or making sharp turns. Overall, this is one of the best dancing longboards currently available in the market.

2. Seething 42" Longboard

Seething 42″ Longboard is the best dancing longboard. It’s made of high-quality Canadian maple and offers the perfect balance between toughness and weight.

The deck is 41 inches long with a width of 10 inches, which will give you enough space to dance on it. It has a max load capacity of 330 lbs so that you can enjoy your ride without worrying about the weight limit. This dancing longboard has a kicktail that allows for more flip tricks to be done with ease.

The 7-Inch aluminum alloy reverse kingpin trucks are perfect for stability at high speeds. The 95A PU bushings provide a stable ride with precise turning capabilities.

The 70mm 80A high rebound PU wheels roll smoothly over cracks and bumps in the road while providing superior traction on hills and uneven terrain. ABEC-11 bearings ensure your board rolls as fast as you can push it!

The Seething 42″ Longboard is an ideal choice for beginners as well as professional dancers who want to improve their performance by practicing on different surfaces like asphalt, wood, and cement.

3. FISH SKATEBOARDS 41" Downhill Longboard

FISH SKATEBOARDS 41″ Downhill Longboard is a great choice for beginners and professionals who would like to do some basic stunts and other dancing tricks. The board is made of 8 layer grade A Canadian maple wood with high density, which can hold 330lbs max load capacity.

It has an emery non-slip surface, which makes it easy to control the balance when you are doing your flip tricks. The board is a 41 x 9 inches full-size design, perfect for cruising or dancing around campus or taking on a long trip.

It has 7″ heavy-duty aluminum alloy trucks with steel axles. SHR95A super soft bushings are used for the wheels, which provide great turning performance and a smooth ride.

The 70x51mm HR82A anti-shock PU wheels are very durable and flexible, to give you a comfortable ride on any surface. Super smooth degree Abec-9 Chrome steel bearings are used for the wheels, which can support up to 350 pounds without any problem.

No assembly required makes it ready to use out of the box. Overall, this Fish dancing longboard is an ideal choice for anyone who is looking for a premium dancing longboard.

4. Minority 40" Downhill Maple Longboard

Minority 40″ Downhill Maple Longboard is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and have fun with friends. Whether you’re riding down hills or dancing around town, this board will provide hours of entertainment.

The board features low gravity construction, which makes it lightweight for easy maneuvering. It also has super strong 8-ply cold-pressed hard rock maple, making it extremely durable and sturdy.

The 37-Inch wheelbase provides ample space for both feet, while the 10-Inch width deck gives you plenty of room to stand or sit comfortably as you cruise around town.

The7″ aluminum reverse kingpin trucks make it easy to do slides or spinning. This longboard has ABEC-9 precision bearings that will last longer than other brands on the market. Each wheel is made of high-quality PU material that absorbs shock well and provides smooth rides over rough surfaces. [1]

Considering all the features of this longboard, it is undoubtedly one of the best dancing longboards currently available in the market.

5. WiiSHAM 42" Longboards

A 42-inch longboard that is perfect for cruising and dancing, the WiiSham 42″ Longboards are designed to be lightweight, flexible, and durable. The deck is made of 9 plies of Canadian maple with greater flexibility and lighter weight.

It features a classic kicktail shape that makes it perfect for dancing tricks or just getting around town. The max load capacity of this dancing longboard is 250 lbs that makes it ideal for riders of all size.

The 7-inch aluminum reverse kingpin trucks with steel axles give you more stability when you’re carving on hills or pushing your limits with tricks. You’ll also appreciate the 100A PU bushings, which keep your wheels locked in place so they don’t slide out from under you while you’re dancing.

The dancing longboard has a responsive concave design with nice and tight wheel wells so you can dance to your heart’s content without worrying about kicking the wheels out from under yourself.

The WiiSham 42″ longboard features 70 x 51mm 85A PU wheels that can roll over anything without getting stuck. These wheels are made with ABEC-9 bearings making it one of the best dancing longboards you can buy.

6. Volador 40" Maple Longboard

The Volador 40″ drop-through dancing longboard is an ideal choice for beginners as well as experienced dancer longboarders. It has a maple deck with 100% maple construction and high-quality grip tape.

The board is 8-ply, so it’s not flimsy like other boards on the market. It also features a drop-through design, so you get stability and easier pushing without sacrificing comfort or performance.

The deck has a max load capacity of 250lbs which means that it can take on the weight of heavier riders as well as lighter ones making it suitable for all ages and sizes. The grip tape on the board ensures maximum control and stability during your dancing longboard.

The maple deck with its geometric graphic and the reverse kingpin trucks are designed to give you maximum performance. The 7-Inch aluminum trucks are adjustable as 50 or 45 degrees, making them ideal for a variety of riding styles.

The 70mm 80A PU wheels are durable and high rebound for maximum speed. On the other hand, the ABEC-9 chrome steel bearings provide smooth rolling action while the high rebound PU bushings make them safe and durable.

The company offers a warranty for the board, so if anything happens to your dancing longboard then you will be able to get a new one without any questions asked making it an ideal board to give a try.

7. Magneto Longboards Bamboo Longboard

Magneto Longboards Bamboo Longboard is a great board for cruising and dancing. This board features 3 plies of bamboo fiberglass for strength and durability.

It has a 46″ x 9″ deck specifically designed to make it easy to dance on the board. The dual kick tails are great for performing tricks and making sharp turns. The bamboo deck is strong and durable while still being lightweight. The bamboo also has a natural anti-slip texture that makes it great for longboarding in wet conditions.

The Magneto Longboards Bamboo Longboard also features a shallow concave making it an ideal platform to dance on. A-Max load capacity of 275 lbs makes this longboard perfect for any size rider or weight class!

This longboard comes with top-mounted gravity cast aluminum trucks which provide you with more stability than traditional drop-through boards. These trucks have a 7-inch hanger and kingpin angle of 50 degrees so they are great for fast downhill rides or cruising around town. This longboard uses 90A PU bushings which are great for dancing on.

This board features 70mm Shore 78A high-rebound, urethane wheels so it is perfect for dancing or cruising around town. The ABEC-11 precision bearings offer super smooth riding. This longboard deck has an elegant arp turn shape that makes dancing even more fun and easy to do!

8. Hana Longboard Collection

The Hana Pintail longboard is the ultimate board for cruising and dancing. The deck has a classic pintail shape with wheel wells cut in the bottom of the deck to prevent wheel bite. The wheel wells are also great for dancing as they allow you to have more control while doing tricks.[2]

The board is 9.5 inches wide, making it perfect for dancing as your feet won’t feel cramped together when you are riding. It also provides a nice, wide platform for cruising around town or campus on sunny days!

The subtle W-concave provides just enough support without being too deep to restrict movement. This board is made of an 8-layer laminate with a hard maple core and a stunningly stained striped bamboo top that provide it strength and longevity so you may use it for years to come.

It features top-mounted gravity cast aluminum trucks and soft PU bushings, which provide comfort when turning the board. ABEC 5 bearings make it easy to ride on all terrains and 70mm Shore 78A wheels give you more speed and control over your ride.

9. Volador 46inch Maple Dancing Longboard

The Volador 46inch Maple Dancing Longboard is a perfect dancing longboard. It is a spacious 46×10-Inch deck that offers plenty of room for you to dance and spin on the board.

The 37-Inch wheelbase provides enough space between your feet so that you can easily learn how to dance on a longboard. This board has a Flexible 8-ply cold-pressed hard rock 100 percent maple deck which is very lightweight just 8 pounds so it will be easy for you to carry around with you.

It has an aluminum 7-Inch reverse kingpin adjustable trucks that are made with high rebound PU bushings. It also has 70x51mm 78A PU wheels and ABEC-9 precision bearings. The board can support up to 250 lbs of weight capacity.

The 46-inch Volador Maple Dancing Longboard is a great choice for the skater who wants to learn how to dance on a longboard. This board has everything you need and more!

10. Leeyoo 41-inch Longboard

Leeyoo 41-inch Longboard is a full-size longboard for dancing, cruising, carving, and other tricks. It features a vintage pattern on the deck with an emery non-slip surface so you can enjoy your skating safely.

This longboard is made of high-density 8-layer natural maple wood material, which is durable and sturdy to carry up to 330 lbs. This longboard is made of 100% natural wood, so you can rest assured that no harmful materials have been used to produce it.

It comes with a high-quality thick 7″ heavy-duty aluminum alloy truck with steel axles, which are much more sturdy and durable than the normal ones.

The 85A PU bushings are super smooth, and the ABEC-11 precision bearings ensure a fast ride. The 50mm anti-shock PU wheels are perfect for any terrain. No assembly required! 

It comes with 30 days refund policy against any quality defects, 24 hours friendly customer service for your questions and suggestions! It’s suitable for the beginner as well as pro riders who want to practice dancing or perform some tricks.

11. ANDRIMAX 41-inch Longboard

The ANDRIMAX 41-inch Longboard is perfect for dancing and cruising. Its 8 layers of Canadian Maple provide a strong board that can support up to 330 lbs.

The deck is made with waterproof emery sandpaper, so you can dance on it without slipping. With its no-slip bottom, this longboard will never let you down! The deck also features a kicktail at the back of the board which allows you to do kick turns and 180 degree turns!

It comes with a 7″ thick painting aluminum alloy truck and high rebound bushings, which are very durable and flexible to absorb shocks well.

With 95A 70mmx51mm high rebound PU wheels and ABEC-11 bearings, ANDRIMAX 41″ Longboard Skateboard is easy to control and super smooth riding on roads or pavements.

Overall, the ANDRIMAX 41-inch Longboard is the perfect longboard for dancing, cruising, carving, and commuting. It’s a great way to get around town!

12. Moose Krown Kicktail Longboard Complete

The Moose Krown Kicktail Longboard Complete is a pintail shape, longboard that measures 9-inches wide and 43-inches long. It has a Canadian maple construction with black 8- grid grip tape.

This longboard can carry up to 200 lbs of weight. This complete board is perfect for beginners because it’s easy to ride, stable, and durable. The Moose Krown Kicktail is a longboard that offers a smooth ride with its 6″ aluminum alloy trucks and soft polyurethane bushings.

With the help of its precision speed ABEC 7 bearings, this board can go up to speeds up to 40mph! It comes equipped with 65mm 81A PU wheels that are perfect for dancing or cruising around town.

This longboard comes in three different designs to choose from. This longboard comes in two colors: black and green. The green color is reminiscent of the grassy hills that surround your favorite skate park or beach break.

The Moose Krown Kicktail Longboard Complete is perfect for dancing because it’s a pintail shape longboard. This means you can do tricks, grind rails or curbs and ride fast without fear of wiping out because the board will naturally turn at higher speeds.

13. WHOME PRO Dancing Longboard Complete

WHOME dancing longboard is a new kind of longboard, which combines the features of dancing and cruising together. It’s a great board for you to practice your dance moves on it or just simply enjoy the fun time with your friends.

The WHOME dancing longboard is made of 8 layers Alpine hard rock maple deck, which can guarantee its strength and durability. The 42×9-inch deck is also equipped with a kicktail that allows you to do some tricks on your board easily.[3]

Besides, the wheelbase of this dancing longboard has been widened up to 31.5 inches so that it can carry more weight and offer more stability. It can support up to 330 pounds of weight making it an ideal dancing board for people of all sizes.

It comes with an A356 aluminum alloy truck with a medium carbon steel shaft, which features an excellent strength to weight ratio. High-rebound PU bushings and 70x51mm 80A PU wheels give you a smooth riding experience. ABEC-9 precision bearings ensure the smoothness and speed of the longboarding.

The WHOME dancing longboard is one of the best dancing longboards on this list, which worth every penny with all these features that we mentioned above!


After careful consideration of the best longboards for dancing, we have come to a conclusion. The 13 boards that made our list are the most innovative and high-quality longboard in their respective categories. Whether you’re looking to buy your first board or replace one from years ago, any of these will be perfect for any occasion.

If you’re still confused about choosing the best longboard for dancing from this list, I’d highly you go with Volador 46-inch Maple Dancing Longboard as it is one of the most affordable yet high-quality dancing longboard you can ever find.

Make sure to check out our buyer’s guide and product reviews before making a purchase so you know what features matter most to you! Happy shopping!

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1: What are the best dancing longboard decks?

Ans: There can be a lot of variation depending on the style of dance desired. However, longboarding decks will usually run the gambit from solid to flexy and top-mounting options. Given these factors, one should include the user’s preferred type of dance or their ability to withstand impacts when choosing the best deck for them.

Ques 2: Are Dancing longboards good for beginners?

Ans: Yes, Dancing longboard are good for beginners. The weight and size of the deck are great for riders who are not too confident in their balance. The soft wheels make it easier to land a 360 in case you fall off.

The design also gives riders three points of contact which provides better stability than other boards which have four points of contact. You can go over cracks and bumps with less worry about instability as well so they are great for less than perfect sidewalks and pavements as well.

So yes, Dancing longboard would be a very good skateboard type choice for beginners or first-time heavier riders.

Ques 3: Can you dance on any longboard?

Ans: Yes, you can typically dance on any longboard, but you should be careful not to get hurt.

The longer the board is (and the straighter it is) the easier it will be to balance on. This is because as you bend over your center of gravity lowers and makes standing upright more challenging.

Some common mistakes are that people stand with their feet out too wide or turn one foot in which causes them to fall back after they raise up on their toes for a step or two- this can lead you right onto your tailbone, knees, elbows, neck, etc.

Ques 4: Are turning boards good for dancers?

Ans: Turning boards are a great way for dancers to increase their strength and flexibility. They’re an excellent training tool, but should be used in moderation. Too much turning can lead to chronic injuries.

Turning boards are great because they work your quads, hamstrings, and gluteal muscles in a way dancing do not- it’s the perfect complement! The best thing about these is that you don’t have to worry about balance issues while doing them.

Ques 5: Can you dance on a cruiser longboard?

Ans: Yes, but it is not as easy or effective.

As the cruiser only has a single kicktail, there is no following edge. Thus the dancer needs to do the work of both rolling and pulling upon his/her own with every move.

Additionally, because it’s longer and more narrow than a traditional board, dancers can’t lean back as much when they push themselves forward to help with balance like they could on a skateboard; instead of having to rely on their arms for propulsion out of moves which lead to significantly less flow in one’s dance movements.

Ques 6: How do I choose a longboard for dancing?

Ans: The best longboard for dancing is the one that most matches your style of dance. If you are a rhythm dancer, a deck with a lot of cutouts and tapped aluminum on the nose might be preferable, whereas a dancer who performs primarily for tricks may prefer something with more quarter-inch risers to clear obstacles easily and straight rails to create strong slides.

The best rule when it comes to choosing longboards, in general, is that there are no limitations and therefore no “best” answer. Ultimately, whichever board you choose will be up to personal preference. Consider your personality when purchasing an item as varied as a longboard!

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