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Ryan Barnes

Pro Skateboarder, CEO Of Delongboard

Hey there, Welcome to Delongboard, your one-stop destination to get the best guides, tips, and tricks related to longboarding. At Delongboard, we have compiled a massive collection of guides, in-depth product reviews, and a few tips and tricks to help you master the longboarding skills. 

How I Started

I’m Ryan Barnes, and I have been profoundly enamored with skateboarding since my childhood. I have been skateboarding for the past 10 years. 

When I started skateboarding, there were not many resources available to get me through the newbie to the professional level. And so, I had faced many difficulties learning new tricks, choosing the right board, setting everything up and rolling, and many more. 

This inspired me to set up this blog to help others to get the answers to all their questions related to longboarding. Whether you are looking to buy a new longboard or messing up with your old one, hopefully, you will find something here that can help you to solve the puzzle. 

About Me

As you might have already got me a bit. I have completed my graduation in Information Technology from the University of Santa Monica. Since my childhood, I had a great passion for skating. I always thought to take this passion to the next level. My skateboard was something that I never forget to take it with me, whether its college or hanging on the streets with my friends. Until now, I had collected and traveled more than 15 skateboards from different companies and am looking forward to having some more. 


As mentioned above, my only aim to start this blog is to help other skaters across the world to get the best guidance before they get up to buy a new skateboard or if they stuck at any stage while longboarding. I do my level best to provide the latest and accurate information related to the longboard and its associated accessories. 

At Delongboard, I use to provide some real longboard reviews that are tested by me to give my most helpful and unbiased opinion about the product so that you choose the best out of it. All my reviews are well-researched to help you select the board that fits you the best. Below every review, I answer some of the most frequently asked questions so that you leave our site with the best possible information with you.

Testing Our Products

To provide you the most accurate and unbiased information about all the longboards and accessories, I take every single product through extensive and long-term testing. At first, I do much research to find the best products available in the market. Then I proceed to test them myself to give you my honest opinion on them. I’m very proud to say, all the boards and accessories mentioned on this site and thoroughly tested by myself.

I have purchased almost all the products that I had reviewed so far. A very couple of boards and accessories have been given to me as a sample to test and review. But yes, I only accept samples on the conditions to provide an honest review of them. I never take money or free samples in any condition to give positive reviews of the product. And so, I only feature the products that I solely believe that there is something that you should check once.

Our Address

Looking forward to reaching me? If yes, you can always reach me and give me your valuable feedback via the Contact form, or you can follow me on my social media handles provided on the Contact Us page.

Ryan Barnes,

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